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Did You Buy A Lisa When They Came Out?

BBSpot reports that Steve Jobs, in addition to offering an iPhone early adopter $100 in store credit, is offering a $7000 in store credit for anyone who was an early adopter of the Apple Lisa. All you need is your receipt and UPC from the box...

Live Action Robotech Movie

Engadget is reporting via the Hollywood Reporter that Tobey Maguire is going to produce and perhaps star in a live action adaptation of the popular animation series, Robotech. Yay?

Airbus 380 Bathroom

Gizmodo is reporting that the Airbus 380 has a window in it’s bathroom as well as designer lid! Airplane bathrooms make me nervous. I am always worried we will hit an air pocket while I am doing my business. Thats why I recommend doing...

Far Cry 2 Public Demo

Joystiq has an article up on the Far Cry 2 public demo at the Leipzig gaming conference (one of the big ‘uns now that E3 is gone). Far Cry 2 retains the original game’s open design with a 50 sq. km world where you can go anywhere...

Street Fighter 2 Gets Director

TheMovieBlog is reporting that the new Street Fighter movie has a director. Did we really need another Street Fighter movie? Did you come running out of the theatre as a kid going, ‘Hell yes that movie was rad!’? No. No one did.