WALNUT CREEK, CA – May 24, 2018 – Madmind Studio and Maximum Games today release a new gameplay clip for the upcoming unsettling descent into the afterlife, Agony, which will launch on May 29th for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC.

The new clip is a stark reminder of the terrors brimming within Agony’s surreal environments, each teeming with abominations devoid of anything but evil. Agony’s nightmarish corridors harbor dark surprises with every turn, weaving a hellscape only the bravest will endure.

Agony follows an unfortunate soul’s arrival in the depths of hell and his desperate search for the mysterious Red Goddess, a figure standing as the only chance for anyone to escape eternal damnation. Scores of bloodthirsty demons prowl the twisted pathways and grotesque locales leading to the Red Goddess, readily feeding on anyone who proves unsavvy with stealth or combat.

Escape is only possible by besting hell’s abyss of beasts, solving environmental puzzles and making clever use of the realm’s mentally broken sinners via possession to finally confront the Red Goddess and escape endless torment.

For more information on Agony, please visit http://agonygame.com.

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