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World of Tanks Holiday Ops Features Arnold Schwarzenegger

World of Tanks has just dropped a trailer for its eagerly anticipated festive event, Holiday Ops 2022, and it features a true action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger! For years, the forums and social media have been abuzz of tankers calling for Arnie to come to World of Tanks and while the team are keeping their cards close to their chest, it might just be the community’s dreams are coming true.

The trailer tells the story of Little Johnny and his letter, which had been left undelivered for almost 30 years. Even though it’s been three decades since it was sent, Arnold receives the message and knows exactly what he needs to do: get to his choppa and go visit Little Johnny. What happens when he arrives? Watch the trailer to find out!

“Working together with the team at Wargaming on this special event has been a great experience and I know it’s something that will get the players excited,” states Arnold. “I have a long history with tanks as I own the M-47 Patton that I drove in the Austrian Army when I was 18, so I know the thrill of commanding these steel beasts! After years of my friends on reddit asking me about World of Tanks, I’m happy we can finally give the fans the partnership they want. Holiday Ops is coming, so put the holiday cookie down and get ready to come with me if you want to spread the festive cheer this year!”

Holiday Ops is a fan-favorite event which occurs through the festive season and the New Year as players are tasked with adorning a special in-game village with a vast collection of decorations and other items of various styles. As tankers add elements to this village, the festive atmosphere will increase and for each new level they reach, they will be rewarded with great in-game goodies.

Keep an eye out for more information about Holiday Ops 2022 in World of Tanks coming soon.

Universal Studios Brings Back New Year’s EVE Event

Celebrate the new year and ring in 2022 at Universal Studios Hollywood’s festive EVE event, the biggest party in Hollywood, on Friday, December 31 with extended hours until 2:00 a.m.

EVE is included in the price of theme park admission and is a special park-wide celebration that invites guests to spend the day and party by night while enjoying its popular and award-winning rides and attractions.

What a way to celebrate as guests and partygoers can rejoice in new year festivities with a cast of leading characters, including Max, Snowball, Gidget, Chloe and Duke from Illumination’s all-new, award-winning “The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash!” ride or mark the occasion with prehistoric dinosaurs at “Jurassic World—The Ride,” featuring the stunningly realistic Indominus rex.

EVE is also the ideal location to bid farewell to 2021 as the world ushers in 2022 and new beginnings. Starting at 9:00 p.m., the theme park transitions into party central as multiple entertainment hubs will energize guests with live music and DJs, playing everything from pop, rock and hip-hop to EDM to Latin music. Plus, iconic photo ops around the park will allow guests to capture and share their memories of the special night. The event culminates with a traditional New Year’s Eve countdown and dazzling fireworks display.

A selection of food and beverages, including desserts, champagne, beer, wine and cocktails, as well as 2022 memorabilia will be available for purchase.

While ringing in the New Year, guests can enjoy the return of yuletide favorite, “Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” featuring “The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts TM Castle” which brings the iconic Hogwarts castle to life through an impressive light projection show. Family traditions continue with “Grinchmas” as guests can share the joyful season with The Grinch, his faithful dog Max and the Who-ville Whos.

Holiday entertainment at Universal Studios Hollywood runs daily now through Sunday, January 9, 2022.

  • To purchase tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood, which includes Holidays and EVE access, guests can click here.
  • Pass Members benefit from special offers for the event. To learn more and to purchase tickets, Pass Members can click here.

House Flipper Goes to the Farm with New DLC

This time, the House Flipper family will be joined by various farm animals — from cows and chickens to horses and piggies. Farm Flipper will give players the unique opportunity to buy and eventually fully customize their farm. Moreover, there will be a variety of different farm-flipping tasks that players will be able to complete. Toss a coin to your farmer, baby!

Add the DLC to your wishlist on Steam (


A farmer’s life consists of many challenging tasks, especially when they also have to get things flipping. Get ready for a farm makeover and prepare some proper living conditions for your animals! Feed and water them, and they’ll become great companions on your farming journey! Build extensions for your houses so you never run out of indoor space! Create your own plantations and watch your crops grow from horseback! A unique environment, new orders, a bunch of farm-themed items, your very own livestock, and more! All available soon in House Flipper: Farm DLC!

Powerwash Simulator Online Co-Op Update Allows You to Wash Friends

Today, boutique studio FuturLab released their latest update for Steam Early Access title POWERWASH SIMULATOR with Square Enix Collective. Published by Square Enix Ltd, the newest update features Online Co-Op, new Career Jobs, new Challenges and the highly anticipated Professional Duty Washer!

In the newest update, PowerWash and chill in Online Co-Op! Lend a helping hand to your closest pal in Career Mode or up to 6 friends can splash around in Free Play, tackling any job the host has already completed. We also have brand new Career Mode jobs; freshen up the feline features of the Mayor’s Monster Truck, then clean and ride on the Ferris Wheel down at the Fairground.

“Online Co-Op is a big step toward the vision we have for this game, and is one of our most requested community features, so we can’t wait to see the reaction,” commented James Marsden, FuturLab Founder and Creative Director. “Co-op brings people together, allowing players to enjoy the game with their friends, in a relaxing non-competitive environment.”

That’s not all for this update! We have more cool cosmetics to make the game your own, including gloves, washer skins and new character skins.

On top of all that, the most powerful power washer class ever has arrived! The Professional Duty Washer will make light work of previous dirt tiers, but watch out for new, oily dirt types mucking up the town. For a complete list of what’s new, check out our patch notes on Steam.

POWERWASH SIMULATOR lets players wash away their worries with the soothing sounds of high-pressure water. Players can build their very own power washing business and blast away every speck of dirt and grime they can find. With a unique take on the simulation genre, POWERWASH SIMULATOR focuses on player relaxation and escapism.

POWERWASH SIMULATOR is currently available on Steam Early Access here:

City Building Goes VR in Fast Travel Games Cities: VR

Fast Travel Games has today announced Cities: VR, the ultimate city-building and management simulator, is coming to Meta Quest 2 in the Spring of 2022. Made for VR, Cities: VR brings the definitive city-building experience of Cities: Skylines into virtual reality for the very first time.

Experience your architectural and urban-planning creations in the most immersive VR city building simulation to date. Step through the screen and control every aspect of city planning – design neighborhoods, construct buildings, direct the flow of traffic – all while you handle economics, emergency services, and more. As the mayor of your city, you’ll also need to provide healthcare, education, entertainment, and more to your growing population. Watch the city of your dreams rise from the ground up.

“Cities: Skylines is the ultimate modern city-builder, and it’s an honor to bring this franchise to VR,” said Erik Odeldahl, Creative Director at Fast Travel Games. “The city-building genre has huge potential in the VR market and we couldn’t wait to work on this IP. We’ve spent a ton of time, research, and energy to translate Cities: Skylines to VR in a way that is both approachable for new players and a new challenge for Cities veterans. We can’t wait to see what players build!”

Cities: VR Key Features:

  • Build and Manage Your Ideal City – Get hands on with an immersive and comprehensive city-building simulation like no other. Control every aspect of urban planning – from the downtown center roadways to utility line placement in suburban districts – and build your ultimate city.
  • An Immersive & Scenic Simulator – Experience your creations in the most immersive VR city building simulation to date. Raise the city of your dreams from the ground up through an unparalleled level of presence, immersion and hands-on gameplay. See your skyline rise from an expansive bird’s eye view, or become a part of your creation to watch your city come alive from the streets.
  • The Definitive City-Building VR Game – Cities: VR takes the core gameplay experience of leading city-building simulation Cities: Skylines and brings it to life like never before.
  • Easy to Pick Up – A detailed, easy-to-follow tutorial will take players through the basics of city building in VR. Precise and tactile feedback and a palette of tools at your fingertips makes for an easy-to-use control system.

Cities: VR is a new take on the leading city-building simulation, Cities: Skylines, and is both a great entry-point to the franchise and a compelling new experience for Cities: Skylines veterans. This experience keeps the core gameplay elements of the franchise intact, while offering a unique approach to the simulation through VR. The game is being solely developed and published by Fast Travel Games, who has licensed the IP from Paradox Interactive.

Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition Now Available

The improved edition of the award-winning* action-adventure platformer Oddworld: Soulstorm is now available at retail or digitally on Xbox Series X I S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and Epic Games Store for $39.99.

Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition includes dramatically improved gameplay mechanics and motion code, audio balance improvements, seven additional months of polish, improved Slig and follower AI (more intelligent and responsive), as well as all previously released updates and brand-new content.

What’s Soulstorm’s Brand New Content?

Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition’s added content is a separate challenge game mode accessed via the main menu once you complete the game.

Xbox players will go hands-on with Vykkers Labs, a throwback to classic Oddworld 2.5D gameplay featuring short puzzle-filled levels. Earn leaderboard prestige for speed runs or zero-death performances. For those who don’t recall, Vykkers Labs is a large airborne lab used for pharmaceutical testing on animals and run by the sadistic Vykkers.

PlayStation and Epic Games Store players will experience Toby’s Escape. Like Vykkers, it is a throwback to classic Oddworld gaming short puzzle-filled levels to master. If you have played Soulstorm, you’ll know Toby from the train, but how did Toby escape RuptureFarms and become the train’s conductor…find out in Toby’s Escape.

What If You Already Own Oddworld: Soulstorm?

For the millions of gamers who already own Oddworld: Soulstorm on PS5®, PS4®, and Epic Games Store, you will receive the Enhanced Edition as a free update.

Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Collector’s Edition for Xbox

Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition is available at retailers and online at The physical retail edition is available in both standard and Collector’s Edition. The Collector’s Edition comes with an exclusive embossed metal case, 9” Abe figurine, 160-page art book, three art prints, a mining company keychain, tattoo and tribal stickers.

More information at @OddworldInc, @OfficialOddworld, TikTok, @oddworldinc, YouTube or sign up for our newsletter at

World of Warships Blitz Getting Exclusive WH40K Content

World of Warships Blitz, the leading mobile naval action MMO with 30m+ downloads worldwide and a Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award under its belt, is about to treat its players to exclusive content inspired by the rich and grimdark Warhammer 40,000 universe. Starting December 2, steer mighty Naval Battleships in the name of the Emperor of Mankind or for the Blood God!

World of Warships Blitz players will be able to take charge of two brand-new Tier VIII Battleships: the Ragnarok and the Ignis Purgatio. They each come with a unique camouflage and a custom voiceover Commander who provides an additional upgrade to their ship when equipped.

Justinian Lyons XIII, a valiant Imperial Navy officer of pious military lineage, is in command of the Naval Battleship Ignis Purgatio. This sea-roaming stronghold has the For the Emperor! skill temporarily boosting the range of its secondary guns and anti-aircraft weaponry, and can bear the unique Protector of the Faith camouflage.

The sworn enemy of Justinian, Arthas Roqthar the Cold, is a Khorne Aspiring Champion who commands the Naval Battleship Ragnarok. This seaborne citadel of Chaos possesses the Let the Galaxy Burn! skill that can increase its top velocity and its main gun accuracy and reload speed. The vessel can wear the unique Primordial Annihilator camouflage.

“We’re very excited to bring these unique ships, Commanders, and camos to our players”, says Alex Sou, World of Warships Blitz Product Manager. “Warhammer 40,000-inspired content was appreciated by the World of Warships PC and consoles communities, and we’re excited to add some of the grim gothic atmosphere of this renowned universe to the World of Warships Blitz setting. We hope that our community will enjoy limited-edition offers as well.”

The unique content can be obtained in the game’s Premium Shop, via the Blitz Pass and Crates.

What side are you on? Procure your mighty Naval Battleship, shell your adversaries with powerful salvos, and turn the tide of battles to rule the waves!

Fishing: North Atlantic Enhanced Edition Out Now for PS5 Xbox Series X and PC

Independent developer Misc Games recently announced the release of Fishing: North Atlantic Enhanced Edition for Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Major improvements include RTX support, PS5 DualSense controller support, as well as the addition of new fishing boats, officially licensed in-game items, customized start options, and the ability to transfer game saves from previous gen to current gen consoles.

Those who own Fishing: North Atlantic on consoles can purchase the Enhanced Edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at an 85% discount ($5.49/£4.10 — normally $37.99/£28.40) until March 24, 2022. Owners with the existing Steam version will receive the Enhanced Edition as a completely free update, while those with previous gen consoles can take advantage of a minor update to the base game that includes various bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

Watch the Fishing: North Atlantic Enhanced Edition teaser trailer here:

The sequel to the popular fishing simulator game Fishing: Barents Sea, Fishing: North Atlantic is set off the coast of Nova Scotia, where the ocean is boundless, unpredictable, and teeming with tuna, swordfish, succulent scallops, and crawly crustaceans. You’re invited to take on the role of captain responsible for commanding a crew of fellow anglers keen on returning to port with a bounty of fish, crab, and lobster. This is one of the most deadly careers in the world, where ocean swells are as rife with risk as they are riches. It’s up to you to monitor GPS and sonar signals for fish habitats, avoid brutal storms when possible, and order the crew to toss deep line buoys and crab pots overboard at the appropriate moments. Be sure to study those maps carefully: this is as real as it gets.

Key Features of Fishing: North Atlantic Enhanced Edition:

  • True to Life Detail: Now featuring stunning RTX support, every island, inlet, harborfront, and rocky crag is meticulously crafted after real-world map data of Nova Scotia. Players will have their hands full navigating the open waters of the Canadian maritime province.
  • Ship-Shape Vessels Abound: With over 27 available ships, all of them based on real vessels, including a brand new trawler and the legendary “Andrea Gail”, players will have plenty of ways to traverse the Atlantic. There’s even officially licensed equipment from Hermes, Scanmar, Skipasyn, Pronav, NorSap, and Breeze to be found on deck!
  • Hooks ‘n Lines: Catching swordfish is quite a bit different from trapping lobsters, which is why harpooning, trawling, deeplining, and many more fishing techniques are part of the game. Players will learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to be a commercial fisherman and haul in a fortune!
  • When it Rains, it Pours: The Enhanced Edition introduces a new volumetric weather system, which includes intense rain, snow, heavy cloud cover, and thunderstorms. Captains and their crew will need to maintain careful watch of weather systems in order to keep their boots firmly planted on board.
  • Gone Fishin’: A new custom start option means players can decide how and where they’d like to begin their commercial fishing career. Start options include which fishing vessel to begin with, what habitat size they’d like to explore, as well as their starting fishing season, down to an exact day of the year.

EVE Online: Capsuleer Chronicles First Issue Out Now

In 2014, Dark Horse Comics and CCP Games brought to life new stories from the world of EVE Online for fans across the globe to enjoy. Now, Dark Horse is pleased to continue that partnership with EVE Online: Capsuleer Chronicles new four-issue miniseries from the universe of EVE, launching digitally on December 1, 2021.

Creators Melissa Grey, Sam Maggs, Dexter Vines, Kieran McKeown, Sebastian Cheng, and Nate Piekos explore never-before-seen stories from EVE Online featuring explosions, space battles, dying, and being reborn—again and again and again!

A new threat has come to their star cluster, an ancient and inhuman civilization demanding New Eden’s empires either submit to conversion or die. Despite their differences in loyalties, these four Capsuleers battle tooth and nail to save each other and all of New Eden, hoping to buy just enough time for reinforcements to arrive.

“Beyond any of the technological pinnacles achieved among its stars, the world of EVE is unwaveringly human. There are no aliens; from the vast Empires, to the ruthless Drifters, to the enigmatic Triglavian Collective, each of EVE’s factions is a different branching descendant of humanity. Every ounce of the drive and tenaciousness of our modern mankind survives and thrives in the people of New Eden, forming a web of ideals, politics, and conflicts that will always be at their core familiar to us – laying the foundation for a universe like no other.” – Uriel Anteovnuecci

EVE Online: Capsuleer Chronicles #1 of 4 arrives December 1, 2021, and is available through Dark Horse Digital and wherever you get your digital comics.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Early Cretaceous Pack Coming Soon

Discover a stunning array of Cretaceous animals with Jurassic World Evolution 2: Early Cretaceous Pack. Expand your park with four thrilling prehistoric species, including land dwelling dinosaurs, and marine and flying reptiles. These majestic species feel more alive than ever as they preside over territory and display brand-new behaviors when interacting with each other, fighting for dominance and reacting intelligently to the world around them.

This Early Cretaceous Pack features:

  • Kronosaurus is named after the King of the Titans, Kronos, as it is one of the largest ever pliosaurs, a carnivorous species of marine reptiles with powerful, paddle-like flippers to help it capture its prey.
  • Dsungaripterus is a small and stout pterosaur, easily identified by its distinctive head crest and its long, upcurved jaw.
  • Minmi is a small, tank-like dinosaur belonging to the ankylosaur family. Unlike other ankylosaurians, it has horizontally oriented bone plates running along the sides of its back, making the Minmi well-protected against predators.
  • Wuerhosaurus is part of the stegosaurid family of dinosaurs. It sits low to the ground in order to feed on lower vegetation and uses tail spikes as a defence against any potential predators.
Jurassic World Evolution 2: Early Cretaceous Pack will be available December 9 on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GeForce Now, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for a suggested retail price of $7.99.The Jurassic World Evolution 2: Early Cretaceous Pack requires the Jurassic World Evolution 2 base game to download and play. Jurassic World Evolution 2 is available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GeForce Now, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for a suggested retail price of $59.99.