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Jurassic World Evolution 2 First Dev Diary Released

Frontier welcomes you to the very first developer diary for the much anticipated sequel, Jurassic World Evolution 2.

In this first installment, join Game Director Rich Newbold, Executive Producer Adam Woods, and Lead Designer Jim Stimpson, as they share a deeper look at the game. Explore new locations, enhanced management features, and of course, meet the stars of the show – the dinosaurs.

From what makes Jurassic World Evolution 2’s dinosaurs the most realistic yet, to how players can get creative with new customization options, the team talk us through the game’s exciting new features. Take a closer look at new flying reptiles, staff members, dinosaur management features, guest types, and much more as we showcase Jurassic World Evolution 2.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 will be launching in late 2021 on PC, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

Chernobylite Console Release Date Announced

Video game publishers All in! Games and Perp Games together with development studio, The Farm 51, are pleased to announce that Chernobylite, the highly anticipated sci-fi survival horror RPG, will be released for PlayStation 4 (Digital+Physical) and Xbox One (Digital) on September 7th, 2021.

Chernobylite will be available digitally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One storefronts for $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99. Fans eager to get their hands on a physical version of Chernobylite for PlayStation 4 will be able to purchase a copy from their local retailers on September 7 in North America, and on September 10 throughout Europe for an SRP of $34.99 / €34.99 / £29.99.

The physical retail edition of Chernobylite on PlayStation 4 will feature a physical map of the Exclusion Zone, digital postcards, a digital artbook ‘The Art of Chernobylite’, and more!

“With the PC launch right around the corner, we’re thrilled to reveal that we’ve locked in Chernobylite’s console release for this September,” said Piotr Żygadło, CEO at All in! Games. “Working on our first simultaneous physical release together with Perp Games has been a great experience so far and a huge milestone for All in! Games. We are confident that Chernobylite will be one of the most exciting indie games of 2021 and intend to continue to give it our full support.”

“It’s humbling to see how Chernobylite’s original concept, an interactive VR documentary, has become a full-blown video game, soon to be available across a variety of platforms,” said Wojciech Pazdur, Director of Development at The Farm 51. “We can’t wait for people to start exploring the hauntingly beautiful recreation of the real-world Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.”

About Chernobylite

Chernobylite is a science-fiction survival horror RPG, set in the hyper-realistic, 3D-scanned wasteland of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone. You’ll take on the role of Igor, a physicist and ex-employee of the Chernobyl Power Plant, returning to Pripyat to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his fiancee, 30 years prior. Compete with a hostile military presence and other stalkers, face supernatural creatures as well as a harsh and unforgiving environment in your search to uncover the truth. Get ready for a thrilling adventure of survival, conspiracy, horror, love, and obsession. Will you survive your fears?

Arrow Video August Release Lineup

Arrow Video has unveiled its August lineup of video launches! “As we enter the dog days of summer, Arrow continues to turn up the heat. On August 3rd, Arrow will kick things off with the release of The Sergio Martino Collection. This 3-disc set features three classic films from one of Italy’s most celebrated genre filmmakers. George Hilton stars as an insurance investigator trying to get to the bottom of a strange string of murders in The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail. This early ’70s giallo effort was praised by The Terror Trap as “one of Martino’s best crime thrillers and validates the notion that the director is indeed capable of creating high-intensity nailbiting moments.” Next, Martino takes on Edgar Allen Poe in the wonderfully titled Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key. Martino borrows elements from Poe’s “The Black Cat” to craft this tale of a series of murders around the estate of a degenerate author and his wife. In The Suspicious Death of a Minor, the murder of a prostitute leads to the discovery of a trafficking ring with ties to powerful people. All three films come with 2K restorations from the original camera negatives.

On August 24th, Arrow will release two titles. First up is 1969’s Blind Beast. This story of a blind sculptor that kidnaps a young model with the help of his mother comes courtesy of director Yasuzô Masumura. Dubbed a “fascinating curiosity” by Sight & Sound and “continually astonishing” by SFX magazine, Blind Beast is a strange slice of erotic horror from one of post-war Japan’s most important filmmakers. Also coming from Arrow on August 24 is the UHD 4K release of Dario Argento’s classic giallo starring Academy Award winner, Karl Malden, The Cat O’ Nine Tails. A newspaper reporter and a retired journalist work together to get to the bottom of a series of killings in the director’s second effort. This straight forward murder-mystery offers an early glimpse into the style and technique that would later become Argento trademarks.

Arrow brings the month to a close with two titles on August 31st. A cult of senior citizens recruits the children of a desert town to worship Satan in director Bernard McEveety’s The Brotherhood of Satan. This low-budget horror entry was notable for giving theater patrons a packet of seeds during its original theatrical run. The seeds were labeled as “Satan’s soul” and claimed to offer protection “from the Black Magic of The Brotherhood of Satan.”

The month’s final title, also hitting on August 31st, is David Lynch’s Dune. One of the legendary director’s most polarizing films, this controversial adaptation of Frank Herbert’s beloved novel has acheived indisputable cult classic status over the years. There is no denying that it is a spectacle to behold with a wonderful cast, and it arrives just ahead of the new blockbuster remake. Arrow presents the film with a brand new 4K restoration on both limited edition Blu-ray and UHD 4K Blu-ray.”

Bus Simulator 21 Brands Showcase Trailer

With Bus Simulator 21, bus and simulation fans can look forward to the largest selection of vehicles in the series to date! astragon Entertainment and stillalive studios are happy to announce that players will be able to choose from a diverse selection of 30 officially licensed buses by 10 world-famous brands and manufacturers!

The official Bus Simulator 21 – Brands Showcase Trailer is available here:

Bus Simulator 21

  • 10 world-famous brands: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, BYD, Alexander Dennis, Blue Bird, Grande West, Setra, IVECO BUS and MAN
  • 30 officially licensed bus models – including city buses, articulated buses, electric buses, and a double decker
  • Two huge maps – Travel across both US and European inspired terrain
  • Numerous new, revised, and extended features
  • Improved open world approach
  • Co-op multiplayer mode
  • Bus Simulator 21 will be released on September 07, 2021 for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One with backward compatibility support for next-generation consoles.

Spanning two huge maps, Bus Simulator 21 offers players the opportunity to set up their own bus company in either the metropolis “Angel Shores”(which is inspired by a large US city) or in the fictional European “Seaside Valley”. Whether alone in single-player mode or together with friends in the cooperative multiplayer mode, players will have the opportunity to prove their skills as a bus driver and lead their company to success.

During the course of the game, players can drive a total of 30 officially licensed bus models from 10 world-famous brands – including city buses, articulated buses, electric buses and a double-decker.

The following make and models will be included in the game:

Alexander Dennis Ltd.:

  • Enviro200 (city bus)
  • Enviro500 (double decker)

Blue Bird:

  • SIGMA 12m (city bus)


  • BYD eBus 12m (electric bus)
  • BYD eBus 18m (articulated electric bus)


  • IVECO BUS Urbanway 12m (city bus)
  • IVECO BUS Urbanway 18m (articulated bus)

Grande West:

  • Vicinity 30ft (city bus)
  • Vicinity 35ft CNG (city bus)


  • Lion’s City (city bus)
  • Lion’s City CNG (articulated bus)
  • Lion’s City city bus (city bus)
  • Lion’s City G (articulated bus)
  • Lion’s City L (city bus)
  • Lion’s City M (city bus)
  • Lion’s City 18 (articulated bus)


  • Citaro (city bus)
  • Citaro K (city bus)
  • Citaro G (articulated bus)
  • CapaCity (articulated bus)
  • CapaCity L (articulated bus)
  • eCitaro (electric bus)
  • eCitaro G (articulated electric bus)


  • Citywide LF 12m (electric bus)


  • Setra S 412 UL (interurban bus)
  • Setra S 416 LE business (interurban bus)
  • Setra S 417 UL business (interurban bus)
  • Setra S 418 LE business (interurban bus)


  • 7900 Electric
  • 7900 Electric (articulated bus)

In addition to the large number of lovingly reproduced bus models, players can also look forward to numerous new and revised features, various options for customizing their buses, and a more focused open-world approach with greater freedom than ever before. Bus Simulator 21 is sure to be the most extensive bus driving experience in the history of the popular game series!

Bus Simulator 21 will be released on September 07, 2021 for 34.99 EUR / 34.99 USD / 29.99 GBP (RSP) on PC as well as for 49.99 EUR / 49.99 USD / 44.99 GBP (RSP) on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One with backward compatibility support for next-generation consoles.

Bus Simulator 21 shop page on the new website:

Dead Space Remake Unveiled at EA Play 2021

Motive, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), today announced during EA Play Live 2021 the sci-fi classic survival horror game, Dead Space™, will be returning as a remake completely rebuilt from the ground up. Dead Space is being developed exclusively for next generation consoles and PC, raising the level of horror and immersion to unprecedented heights for the franchise through stunning visuals, audio and controls powered by the Frostbite™ game engine. Fans will experience an improved story, characters, gameplay mechanics and more as they fight to survive a living nightmare aboard the desolate mining starship, the USG Ishimura, all while uncovering the dreadful mystery of what happened to the slaughtered crew and ship – watch the official teaser video here:

“The Dead Space franchise made a huge impact on the survival horror genre when it was released 12 years ago, and I came to Motive as a fan first to specifically work on this game,” said Phillippe Ducharme, Senior Producer of Dead Space.“We have a passionate team at Motive who are approaching this remake as a love letter to the franchise. Going back to the original and having the opportunity to do so on next-gen consoles excited everyone on the team. As we look to modernize the game, we’ve reached out to dedicated fans and invited them to provide us with feedback since the early stages of production to deliver the Dead Space game they want and for new players to enjoy as well.”

In Dead Space, Isaac Clarke is an everyman engineer on a mission to repair a vast, sprawling starship, the USG Ishimura, only to discover something has gone horribly wrong. The ship’s crew has been slaughtered and infected by some alien scourge…and Isaac’s beloved partner, Nicole, is lost somewhere on board. Now Isaac is alone with only his tools and engineering skills as he attempts to uncover the nightmarish mystery of what happened aboard the Ishimura. Trapped with hostile creatures called “necromorphs”, Isaac faces a battle for survival, not only against the escalating terrors of the ship, but his own crumbling sanity.

Dead Space will be available worldwide on PlayStationⓇ5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. For more information and to stay up to date on the remake, visit the official website, like Dead Spaceon Facebook and Instagram, follow the franchise on Twitter and subscribe to its YouTube channel.

Halloween Horror Nights Tickets ON Sale Now and New Maze Reveals

Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood is back with a vengeance as tickets are now on sale with menacing fan favorite mazes, “The Exorcist” and “The Curse of Pandora’s Box,” joining an unnerving line-up at Southern California’s intensely immersive Halloween event.

Guests can click here to purchase tickets, and due to popular demand, the event is expected to sell out.  Event dates are: September 9-12, 16-19, 23-26, 30 and October 1-3, 7-10, 14-17, 21-24, 28-31.

This year, guests will be possessed by “The Exorcist” maze, often revered as the most terrifying movie of all-time, as they live the tormented aberrations experienced by Regan and her determined mother.

Horror also re-emerges in ultraviolet with the addition of the original concept maze, “The Curse of Pandora’s Box.” Inspired by the most fearsome creatures in Greek mythology, this disturbing experience transports guests from the land of the living to the nightmarish netherworld of Hades where the demonic temptress Pandora serves as their guide.

Designed to taunt, terrorize and torment guests as they navigate the darkness from one frightening maze to another, “Halloween Horror Nights” also features the previously announced line-up with more mazes and experiences to be announced soon:

  • “The Haunting of Hill House,” based on Netflix’s critically-acclaimed supernatural thriller.
  • “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” a chilling maze featuring a demented Leatherface and his unrelenting chainsaw.
  • “Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives,” inspired by Universal Pictures’ cinematic monsters with an all-original story about one of the studio’s most infamous creatures.

Tickets are available at All tickets purchased online provide guests early admission with entry beginning at 6:00 p.m. each night of “Halloween Horror Nights.”

The following are the various “Halloween Horror Nights” tickets options available for purchase:

  • General Admission: single night ticket to the seasonal event
  • Universal Express™: admission to “Halloween Horror Nights” and one-time express access to each maze, ride and attraction
  • Universal Express™ Unlimited: admission to “Halloween Horror Nights” and unlimited express access to each maze, ride and attraction
  • Day to Night Ticket: after 2pm access to all daytime attractions plus Halloween Horror Nights
  • Day to Night Ticket + Universal Express™: after 2pm one-time express access to all daytime attractions plus Halloween Horror Nights

Click here for more information about each ticket type and for Terms and Conditions. Additional tickets will be available soon, including the premium R.I.P. Tour, Frequent Fear and Ultimate Fear passes.

“Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood brings together the sickest minds in horror to immerse guests in a living, breathing, three-dimensional world of terror inspired by TV and film’s most compelling horror properties.

The event also comes to life at Universal Orlando Resort which celebrates 30 years of fear this year.

For exciting updates and exclusive “Halloween Horror Nights” content, visit, like Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood on Facebook; follow @HorrorNights #UniversalHHN on InstagramTwitter and Snapchat; and watch the terror come to life on Halloween Horror Nights YouTube.

Six Flags Great Adventure August 2021 Calendar of Events

Six Flags Great Adventure has unveiled its August 2021 calendar of events – including Fright Fest news and a whole lot more. Also mentioned is a special hiring bonus for new employees! So, job hunters, take note!

August Hiring Features New Bonus for Employees

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, the world’s largest regional theme park company and largest operator of waterparks in North America, is ramping up efforts to reward its team members by offering another cash bonus package. Seasonal team members who work through October 31, 2021, can earn up to an additional $500-$1,000 or more with a 10% bonus for wages earned from July through September and a 15% bonus for wages earned in October.

To receive the bonus, employees must be hired by October 11, 2021, and continuously employed through October 31, 2021, without prior notice of an intention to resign. Offer applies only to U.S., non-union, seasonal positions. Bonus shall be paid on total straight-time and overtime wages earned during the applicable bonus period. Further details are contained in the Six Flags Seasonal Retention Bonus program document. To apply for positions, visit for immediate openings.

Fright Fest Preview – Big Top Terror: Forgotten Carnival 3-D – July 31 to Sept. 8

To preview the Halloween season, Six Flags Great Adventure will open one of its most sought-after, indoor scare mazes July 31. At Big Top Terror: Forgotten Carnival 3-D, guests will stumble upon a forgotten carnival of rotten and collapsing tents and vicious monstrosities trapped in the netherworld. For a small additional fee, guests can experience a taste of the thrilling return of Fright Fest in the Boardwalk section. For more information, head to

Fright Fest Scare Actor/Zombie Auditions – August 6, 20 & 28

Six Flags’ iconic Fright Fest returns in 2021, and the Entertainment Team is searching for individuals with a love for Halloween. In-person scare actor/zombie auditions will take place August 6 and 20 at 6 pm, and August 28 at 2 pm in Six Flags Great Adventure’s Employment Center. Group auditions are perfect for those with no previous experience in scaring, and include fun exercise before the casting team. Applicants are encouraged to showcase their quirky, strange, funny, and creepy qualities. All participants must be at least 16 years old. Applicants will enter through the employee entrance at 1 Six Flags Blvd., Jackson, NJ.

Candidates should apply online before attending an audition at or text SCARE to 220MONSTER after 7/26. Fright Fest runs September 10 through October 31 on weekends and select days. Seasonal team members who work through October 31, 2021, can earn up to an additional $500-$1,000 or more with a 10% bonus for wages earned from July through September and a 15% bonus for wages earned in October.

Six Flags Slam Fest – August 15

Northeast Wrestling presents Six Flags Slam Fest August 15 at 7 pm in the Movietown Arena. The Main Event is free with theme park admission. Various wrestling superstar favorites will attend the event, including AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin, WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, Tay Conti, Sgt. Slaughter, Matt Hardy and many more. Guests can upgrade their action-packed day with ring-side seats, photo opportunities and autographs for a fee. For more information and upgrades, visit

National Roller Coaster Day – August 16 – Six Flags Great Adventure will celebrate National Roller Coaster Day with a social media campaign highlighting all 13 of the park’s thrilling roller coasters. Guests who head to the park August 16 can find the social media team between 12 pm and 5 pm for a chance to share stories about their favorite Six Flags Great Adventure roller coasters. To join in the celebration, follow the park on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to join in the fun, and celebrate the World’s Ultimate Thrill Park all day long.

Xpedition Dino – August 1 to 31

Daily in August, guests will have the option to drive their own vehicles or walk through this Jurassic adventure, which features 30 life-size dinosaurs with realistic movement and sound. By day, Xpedition Dino will be an add-on experience to the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure with a custom audio tour available for streaming. After the safari closes each evening, Xpedition Dino will become a thrilling and educational walking, add-on tour to the theme park with memorable photo opportunities. Xpedition Dino will feature such iconic dinosaurs as the tyrannosaurus (T. Rex), triceratops, utahraptor, and brachiosaurus. Xpedition Dino requires a small upcharge to Memberships, Season Passes and daily tickets. Tickets and reservations should be made in advance at

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Brings Back Reservations

To improve guest service and address demand, reservations to visit Hurricane Harbor will be required for all Members and Season Pass Holders. Members and Pass Holders who arrive without a reservation will have the opportunity to make a reservation on the spot if space permits – but if the park is “sold out” for the day, no additional guests will be admitted. Additionally, Hurricane Harbor will be reserved for Six Flags’ most loyal guests. Only active Members and Season Pass holders will have access. Six Flags will no longer sell day tickets to the waterpark. Reservations can be made at

General Park Information

For more information, guests can call 732/928-2000 or visit

Critical Role Unveils Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

The Critical Role setting opens the door for new players and tales with an updated sourcebook, Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, available in late 2021 / early 2022. This definitive compendium from Critical Role and Darrington Press beautifully presents the locations, people, creatures, and character options of Critical Role’s continent of Tal’Dorei, ready to use at anyone’s table. It is a significant expansion and update to the popular and out-of-print original Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting, with the addition of freshly crafted creatures, subclasses, magic items, and more designed for the 5th edition ruleset.

Tal’Dorei, a continent within Exandria (the world created by Game Master Matthew Mercer and the cast of Critical Role), was first explored through the adventures of Critical Role’s first campaign, Vox Machina, and is brimming with epic stories of heroes and adventurers — and eagerly awaiting adventures of your own. Taking place two decades following Vox Machina’s conclusion, this sourcebook outlines how Tal’Dorei has changed and progressed leading up to the start of Critical Role’s second campaign, The Mighty Nein. Soar on a skyship from the metropolis of Emon, home to the Tal’Dorei Council, to the distant haven of Whitestone; explore the lush wilderness in between, meeting monsters and wayward mages; and uncover magic items ranging from simple trinkets to the legendary Vestiges of Divergence. How will you shape the future of Tal’Dorei? The land’s fate is in your hands.

Created by lead designers Matthew Mercer (Critical Role Game Master and Chief Creative Officer), Hannah Rose (Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Mythic Odysseys of Theros), and James J. Haeck (Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus), this art-filled tome contains everything needed to unlock the rich environment of Tal’Dorei and make it your own. Among its 280 pages, you’ll find:

  • A guide to each major region of Tal’Dorei, with story hooks to fuel your campaign
  • Expanded character options, including 9 subclasses and 5 backgrounds
  • Magic items such as the Vestiges of Divergence, which are legendary artifacts that grow in power with their wielders
  • Dozens of creatures, many featured in Critical Role’s livestreamed campaigns
  • New lore and updated stat blocks for each member of Vox Machina

Set to release in late 2021 / early 2022, Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn will first be made available at Darrington Press Guild stores (list here) and Critical Role shops (US, UK, CA, and AU), followed soon after at other local hobby and gaming stores. The sourcebook will also receive a deluxe treatment from the team at Beadle & Grimm’s, featuring in-world player handouts, battle maps, a Game Master screen, and more.

For more information and to subscribe for updates, please visit

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector Launch Trailer

Slitherine (Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War, Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach and Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon) and Black Lab Games (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock and Starhammer) are proud to announce the release of the newest turn-based strategy game set in the world-renowned sci-fi setting imagined by Games Workshop: Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector.

The game revolves around army sized turn-based strategical battles on grid-based maps. The factions available are the Blood Angels Space Marine chapter (that the player commands in the single player story campaign) and the Tyranids xenos race (the antagonist in the story campaign, they are playable in Skirmish and Multiplayer). The gameplay is modular and there are already plans to expand the existing roster in the near future.

The game releases today on PC on the major online stores, the console version (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) will follow soon.

World of Warships: Legends Summer Festival Announced

A Summer Festival to celebrate the second anniversary of World of Warships: Legends kicks off July 26, 2021, with a new campaign, and an Arpeggio of Blue Steel–Ars Nova–collaboration. A retrospective Bureau project unites the variety of activities and brings free in-game goods for the players as a gift. Plus, Arms Race and Tier VII ships are coming to Ranked mode as USN alternate battleships headlined by the USS Kansas leave early access to become researchable.

One of the main attractions of the Summer Festival is a fresh new campaign called “Shock and Awe” which is focused on the German destroyer ZF-6. One hundred milestones within 5 weeks provide the path to a flurry of rewards with the ship herself as the cherry on top, obtainable with Admiralty Backing. Coming with an almost cruiser-like impressive AA suite, including a consumable, ZF-6 features torpedoes faster than those of her peers but with a drawback of slightly decreased range.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel–Ars Nova–goods arrive in the store with a selection of items to choose from as a surprise appearance at the Summer Anniversary Festival. This collaboration brings two new Kongō-based battleships: Haruna and Kirishima, five diverse commanders, and more, available through special crates.

Another Festival activity, the Birthday Bureau project, goes back to the significant landmarks of Year II, including events such as Halloween, New Years, Black Friday, and the introduction of Italian ships, among others. Players will be awarded corresponding festive crates at each project stage.

Heading to the high seas with their guns bristling are USN Battleships Nevada, Tennessee, and North Carolina, leaving early access to become researchable in the tech tree on the way to Tier VII Kansas. Just in time to wreak havoc on the opponents, Arms Race mechanic is coming to Ranked after being battle-tested by the latest Arena season to make the celebrations even more fun. At the same time, Tier VII ships reinforce the Ranked battles line-up for the first time ever. Additionally, historical camouflages for a handful of signature ships (such as Bismarck, Charles Martel, and Lexington) become available for paint.

More good things destroyer players can look forward to this summer – Regia Marina gets two dedicated destroyer commanders: Luigi Rizzo and Giuseppe Fulgosi. The former is all about speed, including the base trait that improves Engine Boost. The latter is a sneaky one: improving Smoke Generator consumable is his signature move. Capping off the Italian part of the summer is all-new Paolo Emilio, a destroyer obtainable for global XP.

The second-anniversary celebrations are upon us, so grab your free ticket to the Summer Festival in the in-game store and turn the tide.