Author - Jerry Paxton

X-Men: Destiny Box Art Revealed

Activision and Silicon Knights have revealed the official box art for their upcoming X-Men: Destiny, which is due out on September 27th and allows players to take on the mantle of a brand-new superhero in the world of the X-Men.

Box Art

Dead Island Launch Trailer

Deep Silver and Techland have released the official launch trailer for their upcoming zombie epic, Dead Island, which is due out on September 9, 2011 for the Windows PC, Xbox  360, and PlayStation 3 platforms.

Rock of Ages Final Trailer

ACE Team and Atlus have released the final trailer for their new action-strategy title, Rock of Ages, where players control gigantic boulders to take out their opponents. Also, the game has one heck of an art design which you should enjoy in the trailer below. The game is out today on the XBox Live Arcade and on September 7th on Windows PCs.

Star Wars Blu-ray Set Sees Even More Changes

This has been floating about for a while I guess, but I have been slow on the up-take as of late so forgive me! Just saw this news first over at AICN where it looks like George Lucas has made even further alterations to his Star Wars saga on the Blu-ray release of the films. Such changes are CGI eyelids on the “lovable” Ewoks, a new Krayt dragon call for Obi-Wan Kenobi, and… Well, the worst change ever. Just watch the clip below and see if you catch it.\

Vader’s New Dialog…

Yes, that’s right – Lucas saw fit to dub in a repeat of Anakin/Vader’s corny-as-all-hell “Noooooo!!!” into Return of the Jedi before he throws the Emperor into the pit. What a waste of a great, dramatic scene where we did not need to hear a “Nooo” from Vader as Prowse did such a good job without speaking that we knew exactly what was running through Vader’s mind before he did it. Nope. Now we cater to the lowest common denominator it seems.

First Clear Shots of Cavill as Superman

From the official Superman: Man of Steel (2013) Facebook page comes the first clear photos of Henry Cavill dressed in the full Superman costume on the set of the upcoming film. Also included here is a comparison shot between Cavill and Routh’s different costumes. I must admit, at first the crazy detailed suit did not do much for me but it is growing on me. His hair, on the other hand…


Hawken Desert Gameplay Video

Adhesive Games has released another gameplay video from their upcoming mech shooter, Hawken – this time, taking place in a desert map. Check it out and enjoy the robot-blasting goodness.


Portable Radiation Detector Unveiled for iPhone and iPod Touch

Scosche has unveiled the first Geiger Counter device and app for the iPhone and iPod Touch line of devices. The device allows users of their radiation test app to detect, monitor, and share radiation levels at geographic locations. This is the perfect holiday gift for the tech-savvy survivalist or nuclear scientist in your life. Serious – this thing is officially on my Xmas list!

“I was extremely impressed with the accuracy and performance of the RDTX-PRO from Scosche,” said Julius James, Radiation Specialist of Fluke Global Calibration Laboratories. “The detector is as accurate as units that cost significantly more and is much smaller in size.”

The portable radiation detector retails for $349.99 and is available now.

Crimson Alliance Moonshade Trailer

Certain Affinity has released the next trailer for its upcoming Crimson Alliance, showing off the game’s Assassin character: Moonshade. The action RPG set to release September 7 on Xbox Live Arcade.