Author - Jerry Paxton

The 10 Commandments of Gaming

Gamerhelp has posted ‘The 10 Commandments of Gaming’.

From the article:
‘GamerHelp 666:19, 10th Commandment
Thou Shalt Save Early, and Save Often
There aren’t too many games, these days, that remove points or bonuses from the player based on the number of times they save. This used to be something of a common practice, back when game developers saw the player as a toy with which to play and squeeze. But today, developers know better. They know we all hate running through the same corridor 33 times and dying on the same jump over and over again. That’s why they offer more save spots, save-anywhere features, and on-the-fly difficulty adjustments. With all these wonderful helpers, however, there are still gamers who like to live on the edge. When the scene ends and the level is over, they say ‘NO’ to ‘Do you want to save?’ They don’t use the save rooms, and they never turn the machine off. These are the maniacs who try to beat Final Fantasy XII in one sitting. And these are the people we do not want to emulate. Save early, save often. You never know when the power may go out and you’ll be stuck trying to kill the same goddamn monsters over and over again.’

Halo 3 Believe Final Video – Watch Here!

***Possible Spoilers!

The Halo 3 Believe marketing campaign has drawn to a close with this last video. Beware, however, there are possible spoilers in this video although it is really too good to pass up and the ‘spoilerish’ nature of the video isn’t anything you probably didn’t think would happen anyway.

The campaign, which included multiple commercials based on a documentary of soldier’s talking about the climactic battle in the game has been extremely popular and has really taken video game commercials to a new level.

Orange Box Review

IGN has posted their review of Valve’s Orange Box, a collection of 5 titles including the Half-Life 2 add-ons, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. Overall their impressions are favorable but I highly recommend reading the full reviews even at their long length.

Bass Fishing For Nintendo Wii

Joystiq is reporting that Bass Fishing will return on the Nintendo Wii next Spring.

From the article:
‘Sega points out that this latest version will include ‘content developed exclusively for the Wii,’ though the company has not been forthcoming with what exactly has been added, only to note that Sega Bass Fishing will feature more than 20 different types of lures to entice the the game’s four different kinds of freshwater bass.’


Crysis System Requirements

Joystiq has posted the official system requirements for Crysis. They are, needless to say, pretty damn steep.

From the article:
‘Minimum System Requirements

    * OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
    * Processor: 2.8 GHz or faster (XP) or 3.2 GHz or faster (Vista)
    * Memory: 1.0 GB RAM (XP) or 1.5 GB RAM (Vista)
    * Video Card: 256 MB
    * Hard Drive: 12GB
    * Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Real Recommended System Requirements

    * OS: Windows XP / Vista
    * Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
    * Memory: 2.0 GB RAM
    * GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS/640 or similar

Supported Processors: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (3.2 GHz for Vista) or faster, Intel Core 2.0 GHz (2.2 GHz for Vista) or faster, AMD Athlon 2800+ (3200+ for Vista) or faster.

Supported chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro for Vista) or greater. Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported. Integrated chipsets are not supported. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required.’

Dead Space Preview

1up has posted a great preview for the upcoming EA horror FPS, Dead Space.

From the article:
‘As EA executive producer Glen Schofield describes it, ‘Our goal is to make the scariest game ever,’ and his vehicle for that is a visual showcase sci-fi horror third-person shooter featuring elements such as Zero Gravity, Telekinesis and chop-off-able body parts. You play an everyman sent to fix the communications system on a mining ship digging around in space when — what else? — all hell breaks loose.’