Author - Jerry Paxton

NASCAR Unleashed First Trailer

Activision has released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming arcade racer, NASCAR Unleashed. NASCAR Unleashed is due out November 1, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and 3DS. The game is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

New Screenshots from The War of the Worlds

Paramount Digital and Other Ocean have released some new art and screenshot from their upcoming XBLA/PSN title, The War of the Worlds. Released were two in-game screenshots and one piece of concept art from one of the early levels in the game, Paddington Station. Arthur Clarke, our protagonist, has just awoken from a train crash in the station caused by unknown invaders. The game is due out sometime next month, just in time for the anniversary of Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds radio drama.

Screenshots / Concept Art

Blockbuster Gives One Month Free Rentals with GoW3 Purchase

Blockbuster has announced a deal where gamers who purchase Gears of War 3 will get a month of free in-store rentals of games and movies. The promotion will run until October 7, 2011.

“We want to get back on gamers’ radars with a promo that packs a punch,” said Randall Baker, Blockbuster’s Senior Buyer of Video Games. “Gears of War 3 is certainly one of the biggest games of the year, but players may want to take a breather from fighting alongside Delta Squad every now and then. We’re giving them nearly unlimited entertainment options for those spare minutes.”

Batman: Arkham City on PC in November

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that its upcoming Batman: Arkham City will hit the Windows PC platform come November of this year. Additionally, the company released four new screenshots of the PC version, showcasing the visual powerhouse that the platform can be.


SteelSeries Launches Sensei Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries has announced that its latest gaming mouse, the Sensei, is available now for a retail price of $89.99. The mouse features a 32bit ARM processor that allows for various calculations to be done via the mouse, without the need for the PC to process for it.


·       A 32 bit ARM processor, that powers sophisticated calculations to be done directly on the mouse – without the need for software drivers and without having to rely on the user’s computer.

·       Complete customization, from the buttons, macros and multiple profiles to the colors, and technology settings.

·       Illumination with 16.8 million colors choices to be programmed in 3 different zones on the mouse.

·       Sensitivity settings that can be changed in increments of one from 1 to 5,700 CPI, and an “overclocked” Double CPI feature that allows the user to go all the way up to 11,400 DCPI.

·       A 10.8 megapixel image correlation laser sensor at up to 12,000 frames per second and the ability to handle tracking movements of up to 150 inches per second.

·       An ambidextrous design with a metal, non-slip grip coating and is connected with a double braided nylon cord with a USB connector.

·       Simple plug and play; for the PC Gamers* who want advanced customization options, the Sensei is supported by SteelSeries Engine technology – save multiple profiles, create long and advanced macros with layers, keystrokes and precise timing. The Sensei Mouse is compatible with both Mac and PC; *SteelSeries Engine for Mac will be coming in 2012; for PC it is available now.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Opens to All September 29

Electronic Arts has announced that the multiplayer beta for their upcoming Battlefield 3 will open up to all gamers on September 29, 2011. The beta is set in Paris on the Operation Metro map, where players work their way from lush parks on the outskirts of the city to a dark, bombed-out metro station, to the vibrant streets around the Paris stock exchange. Two elite tactical units square off in the series’popular Rush Mode. One side takes the offensive by attacking M-COM stations while the opposing squad defends and protects. For more information about the beta, players should visit or follow @Battlefield on Twitter.

Crytek Working on Next Homefront Title

Screenshot from the original Homefront

While we were not the biggest fans of THQ’s VERY short shooter, Homefront, we did see a lot of potential in the IP, given the right developers. Our hopes may be answered as THQ has hired Crysis developer, Crytek, to work on the sequel to Homefront. The sequel to Homefront is due out in the fiscal 2014 year.

“Selecting Crytek to take Homefront forward underscores our strategy of working with the industry’s best talent,” said Danny Bilson, EVP Core Games, THQ. “Homefront‘s unique setting and storyline captivated gamers the world over. With Crytek’s industry leading technology and legendary experience in the FPS genre, we’re supremely confident that the next Homefront will deliver that AAA-quality experience that players demand.”

“We see Homefront as a really strong universe that has a lot of potential and that has been expertly created and marketed by THQ,” said Cevat Yerli, Founder, CEO and President of Crytek. “We believe that bringing our level of quality, creativity and production values to the next Homefront title creates an opportunity for both THQ and Crytek to deliver a truly blockbuster game. It’s really important to us that THQ has the faith in giving us a lot of creative freedom over one of its most important properties to allow us to bring the Homefront world to life in a new and innovative way.”

Creative Launches Tactic3D Omega Gaming Headset

Creative Labs has announced the launch of its newest gaming headset, the Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega. The wireless gaming headset features THX TruStudio Pro technology as well as 50mm audio drivers. Checkout the full spec sheet below.

“When we previewed the Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega wireless gaming headset at CES we generated a lot of excitement for the headset’s cross-platform capabilities and awesome sound quality,” said Ryan Schlieper, product marketing manager for gaming at Creative Labs, Inc.  “We are thrilled to announce that this highly anticipated headset is now available so gamers can start enjoying all of the benefits of THX TruStudio Pro wirelessly from their PC and Mac, and have one dedicated headset that works on wirelessly with their Xbox 360 or PS3.”

Key Features of the Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mac
•       Award-winning wireless technology delivers low latency and lack of interference with  other wireless products in the home
•       FullSpectrum tunable 50mm audio drivers for great audio performance
•       Independent voice and game volume controls directly on the earcups
•       Optimized lightweight design for marathon game play
•       Detachable noise-canceling microphone allows headset to be used as great-sounding headphones
•       Comfortable, durable design with customizable illuminated earcups
•       Includes a base station, which features a line-in to expand the capabilities of the headset, making it ideal for use with media streamers, TVs or MP3 players

About THX TruStudio Pro on the PC and Mac
•       THX TruStudio Pro™ software suite for the Mac and PC provides an immersive audio experience
•       The THX TruStudio Pro Crystalizer™ enhances in-game sound, music and movies by restoring low and high end frequency curves lost to compression
•       THX TruStudio Pro Surround™ delivers a 360 degree surround sound gaming experience so gamers can hear sounds clearly from the front, back, above and below
•       THX TruStudio Pro Smart Volume™ addresses the problem of abrupt volume level changes in games, music and movies by intelligently applying gain and attenuation to deliver consistent volume levels
•       THX TruStudio Pro Dialog Plus™ enhances voices in games and movies for clearer dialog, allowing listener to hear the dialog over the rest of sound track and over ambient noise in the listening environment
•       THX TruStudio Pro Bass™ fills in the missing low frequency tones and give the extra impact for a better entertainment experience.

Additional Audio Enhancements for the PC and Mac
•       Customizable TacticProfile™ enables gamers to save their own settings or use pre-configured settings from pro-gamers
•       Programmable VoiceFX™ for voice morphing into in-game characters or during VoIP chats

Pricing and Availability
The Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega wireless gaming headset is available now at, and for the suggested retail price of US$199.99.

The Thing Red Band Trailer

Here is the “red band” trailer for Universal’s upcoming prequel to John Carpenter’s The Thing, also titled The Thing. The movie is due out on October 14, 2011.