Author - Jerry Paxton

Vonage pwned again.

MSNBC reports that earlier this morning a Federal jury in Kansas City, KS awarded Sprint-Nextel $69.5 million in damages for ‘willful patent violation’ by Vonage.  

This is on top of Verizon’s ealier win against Vonage in March for $58m plus a 5.5% annual royalty on all future earnings.  

If you have stock in this company, I shed a tear for you.

China MMO Bans Males Playing As Females

PacificEpoch reports that Shanda subsidiary Aurora Technology has frozen game accounts of male players who chose to play female in-game characters in its in-house developed MMORPG King of the World, reports 17173. Aurora stipulates that only female gamers can play female characters in the game, and it requires gamers who chose female characters to prove their biological sex with a webcam, according to the report.

Halo Mimibot USB Drives

Engadget has posted that Mimoco will be selling Halo Mimibot USB drives starting October 18th. They will come in a variety of colors and in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB flavors. The oddly-shaped little fellas seem to have captured gaming hearts everywhere.

Clive Barker’s Jericho Demo Wednesday

GameSpot will be presenting the demo for Clive Barker’s Jericho Wednesday. Jericho, a horror FPS for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. In the demo for Barker’s latest supernatural shooter, players will attempt to survive during the Crusades time period after their strike force has been decimated by the evil forces controlling the city of Al-Khali.

Halo 3 Nerd Wears Full Suit to NYC Launch Event

Joystiq is reporting that one rabid fan wore a full Master Chief suit to a Halo 3 launch event at a Best Buy in NYC. Jim Cush, who put the suit together over a period of time has this to say, ‘I want to be buried in it. They’ll dig me up 10,000 years from now and say, ‘He must have been king.”.