Author - Jerry Paxton

Robert Goulet Dead at 73

FOXNews is reporting that singer/actor Robert Goulet passed away Tuesday at an LA area hospital of pulmonary fibrosis. He had been on a lung transplant list for some time but due to age he was a lower priority on the list.

Vera Goulet, his wife of 25 years, said they were last able to speak three weeks ago before the singer was placed on a respirator.

Longtime friend Wayne Newton said Goulet’s sense of humor ‘kept my spirits up in some of the lowest valleys in my life.’

‘His incredible voice will live on in his music, and as Bob so brilliantly sang, ‘There will be another song for him and he will sing it,’ for God now has another singing angel by his side,’ Newton said in a statement.

Gerard Butler Bails on ‘Escape’ Remake

Variety is reporting that Gerard Butler has pulled out of his deal to do the Escape From New York remake flick being created by New Line Cinema. He has cited ‘creative differences’ which is a fairly generic reason cited by people when they leave a film. Perhaps he didn’t like the script or figured out what a mockery of a film it was in its current state.

After his departue, the studio is bringing in Johnathan Mostow (T3) to rewrite the script with the option to direct the picture. Butler just began production on Lakeshore’s ‘Game,’ which Lionsgate will distribute. He’ll next be seen starring in the Richard LaGravanese-directed ‘P.S., I Love You,’ the Guy Ritchie-directed ‘Rock N Rolla,’ and Fox-Walden’s ‘Nim’s Island.

The Office II in the Works

Mike Ausiello in his TV Guide Blog has reported that NBC plans a spin-off from the Office featuring characters we have not met yet. There is to be an episode of the Office coming up, however, that will introduce these new characters to us. NBC is reportedly seeking one ‘name’ for the show similar to Carrell in the current Office series.

From Wikipedia:
The Office is the title of multiple television situation comedy shows. The first was the UK version, created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Initially broadcast on BBC Two on 9 July 2001, it ran for two seasons plus a two-part Christmas special. The show’s success prompted NBC to create an American version, which premiered on 24 March 2005, two years after the original ended. Despite an outcry from fans of the original, the US version recovered from a shaky start to become very successful in its own right. The US version is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is a real city. References are made throughout the show based on the real city of Scranton regarding restaurants and other landmarks such as Lake Wallenpaupack. An office convention has started in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Gervais and Merchant are credited as executive producers of the show along with Ben Silverman, Howard Klein and Greg Daniels. Other than the Pilot episode, the scripts for the US version are original, and not adaptations from the UK, although some scenes and some general story ideas are based on the original.

Sierra Online’s Battlestar Galactica Review

GameSpot has posted their review of Sierra Online’s Battlestar Galactica. The Xbox Live Arcade title has been criticized by many fans for not being the X-Wing style space sim it should have been >(

From the article:
Battlestar Galactica is easily one of the best shows on television right now. Of course, it always helps to have some of the prettiest and most visually poetic space battles seen in a long time. Sadly, the same can’t be said of Battlestar Galactica, the Xbox Live Arcade and downloadable PC game. All the complexity of the series has been ditched for a frustrating and twitch-heavy arcade experience.

Much Like ‘The Thing’, the Halo Movie is Not Quite Dead

AICN is reporting that Peter Jackson’s agent, Ken Kamins, has said Microsoft is spending tons of money at the moment trying to resurrect the Halo movie. Peter Jackson and Neil Bloomkamp are still attached to the project in their respective roles.

It is really only a matter of time considering that the game brought in over $300 million dollars. A movie studio would be foolish not to greenlight this project.

LucasArts and Bioware Announce ‘Alliance’

Gamespot is reporting that LucasArts and Bioware have joined forces on some upcomming mystery project. Could this be the KOTOR MMO that has been rumored for the last few weeks?

From the article:
Today, though, the KOTOR MMORPG rumor flamed up again, fueled by the unveiling of an official alliance between LucasArts and BioWare. Early this morning, the two companies announced they are collaborating on ‘a ground-breaking interactive entertainment product’ and launched a co-branded Web site,

‘Through our previous collaborations, we know that BioWare has an impressive ability to blend gripping stories with technological advancements, and we believe that our upcoming product will deliver an experience that will span the traditional boundaries of video game entertainment,’ LucasArts president Jim Ward said in a statement.

Unfortunately, despite Ward’s kind words and similarly rosy statements from BioWare co-CEOs Ray Myuzka and Greg Zeschuk, next to no information was revealed about the game. ‘Details will be unveiled at a later date,’ was as specific as the announcement got. However, since LucasArts almost exclusively publishes games based on the Star Wars universe, the chances of the game in question being Star Wars-related are high.

This could be especially excellent geek gaming news!

AMDs Veldenstein: Future is Combining CPU and GPU

Gamasutra has an interview with AMD’s VP of Strategic Development Bob Veldenstein where he ‘enlightens’ us on the ‘future’ of combined CPU/GPU machines.

From the article:

‘I’ll say that what I see the future as is a combined CPU/GPU, where the delineations are not there anymore. You combine them into a chip; you have compute elements of both, and jobs get kind of — threads get kind of put on the resources that are best suited for them. GPU-like resources, vector engines for problems that simulate the real world, graphics, and physics. And for sequential problems, about other parts of this, you know, you’ve got your typical sequential processor.’

Hellgate: London Developers Speak to the Masses is reporting that Hellgate: London developers Bill Roper, Aletheia Simonson, Bill Manegold, Amir Ebrahimi, and Guy Somberg will be in an Xfire-hosted online interview this Halloween.

From the article:
‘We are thrilled that a phenomenal title like Hellgate: London is exclusively utilizing the Xfire In-Game Voice Chat feature, and we welcome the game’s creators on their launch day to Xfire,’ said Xfire CEO Adam Boyden.

‘This exciting live online chat will give users the opportunity to discuss the title’s finer points, classes, mechanics and what went into making this amazing game.’

Epic President Wanted to Cut Gears of War Multiplayer and Ad

Joystiq is reporting that at one point, Epic President Mike Capps had considered pulling two of the most succesful things surrounding Gears of War, it’s multiplayer and it’s highly successful ‘Mad World’ ad (video below). Talk about a bone head decision, he is thanking his lucky stars all the way to the bank that he left that stuff in there now.

From the article:
‘First and most troubling is that he had considered pulling multiplayer from the game because it wasn’t moving quickly enough. (Boy, that would have made that eight-hour single player campaign a much more bitter pill, wouldn’t it?) Also, he said he wanted to scrap the famous ad set to the brilliant Gary Jules’ equally brilliant ‘Mad World’ because, he says, ‘I thought it was stupid; I was like ‘What are you thinking? Nobody knows Donnie Darko any more.” Wow.’

New Ninja Gaiden II Screenshots

Strategy Informer has a host of new Ninja Gaiden II screenshots.

From wikipedia:
Ninja Gaiden II is an upcoming sequel to Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox in 2004. It is being developed by Team Ninja and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. This is also the first time that the game won’t be published by Tecmo. While sharing the number as the NES game Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos, it is not related to said title.

From Youtube: