Author - Jerry Paxton

Verizon’s LG Voyager Hands-on

Engadget has posted its ‘Hands-on’ of Verizon’s LG Voyager phone. The phone is Verizon’s latest attempt at stabbing into the iPhone market and offers some very good features.

From the article:
LG uses a generously sized touchscreen here that provides haptic feedback while pressing the screen and a standard, non-touch display on the inside. Both screens run at 400 x 240 resolution while serving up 262,000 colors.

LG designed the Voyager with an optimized HTML browser that naturally works best over Verizon’s EV-DO airwaves. The pages load fairly quickly, and by and large, render correctly. LG added three different ways for the browser to render — Standard, Screen Optimized, and Text Only — which should offer a good range of functionality-to-speed ratio depending on the site and the speed of the network.

Overall, the LG Voyager is one of the best, feature-rich phones (without making the jump — nay, leap of faith — into smartphone territory) for Verizon to date. From the beautiful exterior touchscreen to the fantastic photos the camera takes, we found that the VX10000 is a top-notch offering for the carrier. Granted, it’s not without its occasional faults, but for those of you that have been waiting for Big Red to release something comparable to other carriers’ offerings in the high-end dumbphone range, the wait just might be over.

Wolf King Warrior XXTreme Available Through Dell

Engadget is reporting that gaming peripheral maker Wolf King USA has released it’s newest offering, the Wolf King Warrior XXtreme to Dell for sale at $80 dollars. The odd-looking keyboard features ‘gamer-centric’ layout, compact design, and back lighting. is working on obtaining an evaluation unit as we post this!

Razer Diamondback 3G Gaming Mouse Review

Not long after the release of then-flagship Death Adder mouse, Razer announced they would be upgrading their older Diamondback design with the newer 3G infra-red sensor. This version of the Diamondback, called the ‘Diamondback 3G’, was designed to be a lower-cost alternative to the Death Adder, while also providing left-handed gamers a 3G choice (as the Death Adder is built for right-handed folk).

Gone is the transparent outer plastic shell of the unit, now replaced by the non-slip black plastic found on the Death Adder and Lachesis. The buttons are large and easy to depress making ‘accidental clicking’ possible, but the mouse is held with the clicking-fingers elevated slightly, so that isnt usually a problem during use. The side buttons are a bit crisper and harder to depress which is a benefit when having to pick the mouse up.

The 3G IR sensor is capable of 1800dpi and should be capable of 1000Hz polling rate, although the latter is never stated. While the Death Adder allowed users to not only chose between three levels of dpi, the Diamondback 3G only allows the choice of two: 800dpi and 1800dpi. When comparing the control panels of the Death Adder and Diamondback 3G, the lack of features is very noticible. It also feels as though the Diamondback 3G is locked at a lower polling rate than what it should be capable of, probably at 500Hz. This is supported by the fact that the unit’s polling rate is never mentioned in the docs, control panel, or the website when the ‘1000Hz UltraPolling’ is highly-touted on the Death Adder, Lycosa, Tarantula, and Lachesis descriptions.

Now this limitation is not a deal-breaker from what we saw by any means, however such a thing can tend to bog down public opinion of an otherwise great gaming mouse. The sensitivity and performance of the mouse during gaming (Bioshock and Age of Empires III) is smooth and consistent. Using the mouse in desktop apps such as Photoshop and even MS Word is also smooth and easy to handle. This is a definite plus, as many high-performance mice out there tend to be erratic and jumpy when used in applications like those.

Driver issues aside, the little brother to the Death Adder and Lachesis would make a great gift for casual gamers, gamers on a budget, or even the left-handed gamers out there. It provides very good performance while also not breaking the bank when compared to other gaming mice. I even wrote this review while using the mouse and am seriously considering picking a few up as stocking stuffers for some family members I am trying to get into gaming on their PCs.

Gamespot Empire Earth III Review

Gamespot has reviewed the latest in the Empire Earth saga, Empire Earth III, giving it a 3.5 out of 10! This is a very disappointing score for the RTS as Empire Earth garnered a 7.9 and Empire Earth II an 8.0 out of 10. They cite several reasons for this throughout the 2 page review (large for Gamespot) and also relate their sadness that the third did not live up to it’s predacessors.

From the article:
We could get into the derivative, buggy multiplayer, the frequent crashes, and the demanding system requirements that bring a Crysis-conquering system to its knees, but what’s the point? Earlier Empire Earth games were acquired tastes that not everybody liked. Now, in an attempt to reach out to the masses, the developer has given us a game that nobody will like. The first two releases in the series were overwhelming, but they’re apt to inspire fond memories in anyone who makes the mistake of picking up this lame new sequel.

IGN Mass Effect Review

IGN has posted its review of Bioware’s Mass Effect, the highly anticipated RPG for the Xbox 360, giving it a high 9.4 out of 10.

From the article:
In a year that has seen the Xbox 360 library finally round itself out with a series of quality Japanese RPGs, BioWare has shown just how far ahead of the curve it is with Mass Effect. The cinematic design is nothing short of masterful. This is a game that takes the aspects of film that make cinema so compelling and crosses it with the interactivity of games with unprecedented success. Linear storytelling feels quaint by comparison.

Mass Effect is game that is greater than the sum of its parts. Technical issues abound, but the majority of Mass Effect is so expertly delivered that it can transcend its weaknesses. Applying number ratings to a game like this doesn’t do it justice because there is no way you can ignore its technical flaws. Simply put, Mass Effect is a game that must be played. Then it must be played again. Don’t pass this one up.

Amazon Kindle Hands-On

Engadget has posted a ‘hands-on’ the Amazon Kindle e-Reader. At $399 dollars, this is the ugliest expensive e-Reader on the market. The thing looks like it is the strung-out little brother of the Macintosh 128k computer. Aside from the looks, however, are some good features and of course, the library which is without equal.

Among its many features:

  • E-ink display, 6-inch SVGA 800×600, 167dpi, 4 grey scales.
  • Keyboard
  • EV-DO wireless
  • 10.3 oz battery, up to 30 hours battery life.
  • Native capacity 200 books.

Halcyon Brining Terminator Back in a Big Way

Gamespot is reporting that Halcyon has acquired the rights to the Terminator franchise and plans to bring the series back in a big way. Coming in 2009, they plan on releasing the fourth installment of the Terminator series, called Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. In addition, Halcyon has creates Halcyon Games and will be developing a video game tie-in to the film for next generation consoles, mobile devices, and the PC platforms.

From the article:
Halcyon, which acquired the rights to the Terminator franchise in May, will be developing the game in-house under its newly formed game-division label. Peter Levin will act as interim CEO for Halcyon Games, and Cos Lazouras, former head of product development at Vin Diesel’s Tigon Studios, will serve as VP of production.

‘We don’t want the game to be the stepchild to the film,’ said Halcyon cochairman Derek Anderson. ‘They’re of equal importance, and we want both to be of the same quality and be the same compelling experience.’

We here at GamingShogun have uncovered the gripping trailer to this new film (not really):

1up Hellgate London Review

1up has posted its review of Hellgate London and given the Flagship Studios’ opus a 4.0 out of 10! Our review gave the game a far more liberal 7.0 out of 10, taking sight of what it will be when the thing is patched. But the world of 1up is apparently a cruel one, taking no strides to soften its blows, we just dont agree with them on such a low score.

Microsoft Releases Vista SP1 to Testers

Engadget reports that Microsoft has released SP1 of it’s Vista operating system to the it’s testers. According to the article, ‘Although there don’t appear to be many new features on top of what we’ve already seen, SP1 appears to be well-received, with testers reporting better laptop battery life, faster networking, and improved wake-from-sleep speeds. There’s still no word on when the final release of SP1 will hit, but if you’re in Microsoft’s tester program, SP1 RC1 is available online now.’

Singapore Comes to its Senses, Un-Bans Mass Effect

Gamespot is reporting that Singapore has changed their mind on banning Mass Effect and has instead given the game an M18 rating. According to the article, the Board of Film Censors issued a statement saying it would be creating a games classification system in January, and in the interim, it would be selectively using games ratings to ‘enable highly anticipated games to be launched in Singapore.’

Finally, a bit of reason prevails!