Author - Jerry Paxton

Belkin Launches n52te SpeedPad

Belkin has released their n52te SpeedPad, the latest in a line of one-handed controllers designed to put everything a gamer needs right at his or her fingertips. We are currently attempting to obtain one for evaluation and will let you know more when we do.

Conflict: Denied Ops Impressions

Joystiq has posted their impressions of Conflict: Denied Ops, a two-person vs everyone else shooter for the Xbox 360 and  PS3. Apparently the visuals need alot of work and when compared to similar-themed game Kane & Lynch, this one ‘falls flat’. Conflict: Denied Ops is set for a Q1 2008 release.

City of Heroes Update Allows Time Travel

Joystiq is reporting that the next update to the MMO City of Heroes will be called ‘A Stitch in Time’ and allow players to travel back in time. Players will be able to travel to events in Paragon City’s past that helped shape the present environment of the game. There is set to be new power sets as well as enhanced weapon customization.

Brewfest Celebrated in World of Warcraft

Joystiq is reporting on another Blizzard-created in-game celebration, Oktoberfest. Blizzard gas created a multitude of beer inspired items for players to use such as ‘Eyesight Enhancing Romance Gogles’. They always have a great time with different holidays in-game.

SimCity Societies Preview

1up has a preview of the upcoming game, SimCity Societies. Instead of focusing on detail-oriented city building, this time the game features a much more user-friendly system of focusing more on the social aspects of your city, not just the physical buildings themselves.

Verizon Unveils Three New Phones

MSNBC reports that Verizon has released three new phones, including Voyager by LG Electronics which hopes to directly compete with the iPhone market.  In addition to offering similar features, Voyager purportedly provides a faster wireless connection and boasts a full keyboard, something the iPhone lacks.