Author - Jerry Paxton

Jagged Alliance 3d/Hired Guns Demo Released

Gamershell has the newly released Hired Guns demo, the game which use to be known as Jagged Alliance 3d. Hire, equip, and control mercenaries on daring missions in this non-linear strategy game.

I especially enjoyed Jagged Alliance and will be downloading this one tonight.

Halo Wars Demo Imminent

Gamers-Creed is reporting that the demo for Halo Wars will be up on XBOX Live in the next few days. This title is one that makes me giddy like school girl. An RTS set int he Halo universe, what could go wrong?

Toshiba’s 32GB SD Card

Coolest-Gadgets is revealing the new Toshiba 32GB SD memory cards. Retailing for $350 when they are released in 2008, these cards promise to allow photgraphers, videographers, and audiophiles much more space for their respective media.

AMD X2 6400+ Unveiled

HotHardware  has all the specs on the new AMD X2 6400+ cpu, the last of the current AMD X2 processor generation.

AMD really needs to get a move on if they plan on closing the gap in performance when comparing their processors to Intel’s.