Author - Jerry Paxton

Moore’s Law to End in 10 to 15 Years?

Wired has posted a story in which Gordon Moore predicts his own law (the one that states computer processing power will double every two years) will be physically impossible in ten to fifteen years. He states this as once a processor gets to be less than 1nm you cannot make a processor of 0nm. Eventually it just physically doesn’t exist. This law, of course, is based on transistors which can be fit on a processor. There is nothing saying that at some point a whole new method of processing won’t be invented, which would create a new version of Moore’s Law.

Darth Vader Will Wake You Up

Uberreview has a post up on a very geeky/cool Star Wars Darth Vader alarm clock. Not only will it wake you up by flashing ‘Vader’ on the ceiling, making Star Wars noises, and flashing it’s lightsaber, it is guaranteed to cock block all but the mightiest of geeks.

Just hope you dont take too long to hit the button or he jumps off his perch and goes to work on you with that lightsaber!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Scheduled For Spring

C&VG is reporting that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be available on the Wii next Spring and will feature the motion-based lightsaber combat geeky folk have craved for ever.

The game will also feature a duel mode where two players can fight it out with the famed weapons of the Jedi.

Radio Shack to Sell Games…Again

Joystiq reports that Radio Shack will begin selling games again on September 24th. I say again because they have sold games in the past. I recall being a much younger person, rummaging through their selection of IBM-compatible computer games (and bypassing the Commodore selection). I believe I picked up King’s Quest from a Radio Shack. Now, ironically, they will not be selling PC games – only console titles.

WETA Warthog in Action Video – Awesome!

Break has a video showing the WETA Warthog in action around their studios. The guys there are definitely having a great time playing with it and who can blame them! They should just work on producing a few of these bad boys and sell them off for easy cash.

Mass Effect Preview at EuroGamer

EuroGamer has a preview of the upcoming Bioware game, Mass Effect. The game will be on the Xbox 360 and in stores on November 20th. It is a science fiction rpg with many different choices to make, all of which will affect the game universe and the player’s part in it.