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Wargaming Celebrates K9 Veterans Day

March 15, 2017 – Wargaming is excited to recognize and support National K9 Veterans Day (March 13th), the official birthday of the US Army K9 Corps, formed in 1942. The K9 Corps has allowed thousands of dogs and their handlers to serve in the military with honor, dignity and valor, to protect the life of their fellow soldiers.

To celebrate these four-legged heroes, Wargaming is partnering with “K9s For Warriors” a non-profit organization dedicated to providing service canines to our warriors. Since the organization was founded in March 2011, K9s For Warriors has trained and rescued 550 dogs and paired them with 278 veterans who suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injury and other trauma as a result of military service.

How players can help:

Online: For every canine friend photo shared using #WGK9Salute from March 13-19, Wargaming America will donate $1 to K9s for Warriors

In-Game: In addition to our social fundraising campaign, World of Tanks players on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 will also be able to purchase our Best Friend bundle within the in-game store from March 13-19th with 100% of net proceeds being donated directly to K9s for Warriors.

To make a direct donation, please visit: http://wrg.am/K9

For more information about K9s for Warriors, please visit: http://www.k9sforwarriors.org/

*Completed photo shares for donation are only applicable to the United States and Canada. Only one photo share per player will be counted towards donation.

Wargaming.net League Tournament Finalists Revealed


April 10, 2015 — Wargaming is excited to reveal that the 12 elite teams competing at the Grand Finals in Warsaw have been inducted into the League’s official website.

These teams have been deemed the best of what their region has to offer and will soon face off for the title of champion. Representing Europe are Virtus.PRO and Schoolbus; Reforn and YaTo represent China; ELONG and ARETE arrive from Asia; Russia has Natus Vincere and HellRasiers; North America are RUlette and eLevate; the two wildcards are Kazna Kru and Santa Claus and Six Deers.

“This year’s finalists are the most talented and skilled ones from around the globe,” said Mo Fadl, Global eSports Director. “They’ve helped forged the scene in 2014 and raised the bar for professional eSports to a never before seen height within the Wargaming.net League. I couldn’t predict at all who would come out as the world champion, but one thing is clear, every single one of these players have definitely earned a rightful place in the League’s official website.”

The seeding show results, detailing the four groups, and the teams who will be facing off, were announced on the official Wargaming.net League Twitch stream live on Thursday April 2.

Group A

Group B







Group C

Group D







Day 1 will have the regional teams battling it out between each other in the group stages. Going into Day 2 there will only be eight teams remaining. The top two from each group will advance to the single elimination tournament. First it’s the quarter finals, then the semi-finals, and then on to the final to the grand champion.

For more information on the Wargaming.net League Grand Finals, please visit:

World of Warships Beta Preview


If you haven’t played World of Tanks, I hope it is for one of two reasons: you have never heard of it or just hate war games. If it is because you haven’t heard of it, go to you PC or Xbox 360 or mobile device and download it. You’re welcome. As fast paced and fun free-to-play games go, it is hard to beat that one. I even have a hat and a couple key chains that I display proudly because I love that game. If you know about World of Tanks, you probably know about World of Warplanes, the second installment in the Wargaming.net trio of titles that puts you into the driver’s seat of various military aircraft. The next installment, based in naval warfare, has had fans wanting to test the waters for years and it has finally come along with World of Warships Beta Weekends.

Description & Features:

  • The highly anticipated World of Warships is the latest free, historical online combat game to be added to the Wargaming’s catalog. Command a massive naval fleet featuring history’s most iconic war vessels, level up important tech modules and prepare to dominate the oceans in World of Warships.
  • With four classes of ships, myriad upgrades, strategically designed environments the action never ends and every match is a unique experience. Endless hours of strategy, tactical gameplay and pulse pounding combat await all who take the helm in World of Warships!
  • Aircraft carriers — A multi-role ship that brings a RTS-style gameplay to the fight. Loaded with four styles of aircraft (Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers, Scouts and Fighters) and the ability to command multiple squadrons, carriers can shape the fight from the skies.
  • Destroyers — These versatile vessels are perfect for hunting enemy cruisers, spotting them for teammates to target or blowing them out of the water personally. Additionally, the anti-aircraft guns that line their deck offer another line of defense against high flying threats.
  • Cruisers — Lightly armored but swift, cruisers are the fastest, most maneuverable ship available. This class is a major threat on the open water, dealing damage from either massive cannons or deadly torpedoes.
  • Battleships — These are the designated “heavy hitters” of World of Warships. Massive cannons, thick armor and rows of anti-aircraft artillery make them a deadly “triple threat” in any battle.


Hands On:
I was like a kid doing the pee pee dance waiting for the game’s beta client to download and install. I first saw this game at E3 2011 and its expo presence consisted of a woman in a sailor costume showing a single image of a Warship as part of the Wargaming.net booth. I was already hooked on World of Tanks, having played it at the show and excited about World of Warplanes but World of Warships was what I was most looking forward to. I have played just about every naval warfare video game I could find and actually grew up as a fisherman on boats since I was 6 years old.

The moment the download was ready I rubbed my hands together and dove in. It took one game to realize that it had all the aspects that I loved from World of Tanks and my favorite parts of World of Warplanes combined into one game. Technically, it is still in beta testing, which means it could change a lot during the time it takes to hit final product, but as long as they maintain their course it should be smooth sailing.


Ok now that I have gotten most of my sea vessel puns out of the way it is time to break in down into what works and what might or might not need refining. The shooting system is a great deal like World of Tanks, where you can lock on an enemy at a great distance but zooming in and adjusting gun elevation and target lead give you the best precision kills and bonus damage ribbons for hitting strong points such as a ship’s Citadel or fuel or armament locations, causing fires. Distance, speed, and maneuverability all play into effect on this as well as your own ships position and speed.


World of Warplanes took all those important factors into consideration, but due to the need to maintain altitude, avoiding stalls, and watching for enemy ground attacks, a zoomed in killshot was a risky one. There are some of those risks associated with World of Warships such as running aground or ship ramming (a popular and frowned upon last ditch effort in WoWP) but mostly terrain is used for cover and concealment such as in World of Tanks. You can even set autopilot and not worry about the ship’s speed and maneuvering but I found out quick that like in World of Tanks, speed and maneuvering can win or lose a battle. Better learn to shoot AND move!

Each class of ship has a very distinct advantage in battle and definitely there is one to fit pretty much every gamer’s taste. The classes play out very similar to World of Tanks and, much like World of Tanks, the ships all seem to belong together on the waters. World of Warplanes seem to be missing a bit of this because plane evolution was mainly driven by leaps forward in aviation causing aircraft to become obsolete where, when it comes to tanks or ships, as long as they are in similar armor classes they haven’t changed that much over time. Plus you don’t see Spanish galleons against WWII iron ships in this game. Maybe they will bring wooden warships in eventually but I think Wargaming.net learned from World of Warplanes to stick to a degree of sameness for proper balance.

The ships have special abilities that might take a little getting used to, torpedoes and planes in particular. But they aren’t necessary to start off, the first ships are straight forward giving you a learning curve before you have to figure out how to fire a torpedo in the right direction… and the right time.

First Round:

World Of Warships looks like it will be a prized addition to the Wargaming.net lineup, especially when you consider how much fun it is AND it is free-to-play. Expect premium ships to come along but they have to pay their team somehow so I don’t blame them. Even with premium vehicles, a good time will be had by all!

New MiGs Heading to World of Warplanes in Update 1.6


October 24, 2014 — Wargaming today announced the launch of content update 1.6 for its massively multiplayer aviation combat game World of Warplanes. The update adds a new line of Tier 5 and higher Russian MiG fighters as well as revamps the currently existing plane roster by adding a new multirole class of warplanes for ultimate player freedom and customization.

Known for their breakneck speed and power, the Russian MiG line of jets helped define an entire era of aircraft combat. Starting at Tier 5, the new line of aircraft includes the MiG-3, MiG-9 and the legendary MiG-15bis, one of the world’s first swept wing jet fighters to be ever produced and find success in the skies of battle.

Update 1.6 will also see major changes in the creation of a brand new class of warbird—the multirole fighter. Made specifically for players looking for fighters with a balance between both air and ground combat, the new multirole class will allow them to outfit planes with armaments balanced between high caliber guns and ground destroying bombs and rockets. Previous aircraft in the fighter class, as a result, have now been designated as pure aerial combat dogfighters, which will also benefit from new balance changes for both cannons and machine guns.

Lastly, the El Halluf map will see its boundaries extended, providing a more ample landscape for battle.

For more information on World of Warplanes Update 1.6 and to register for a free account, visit:


World of Warplanes Flight School Tutorial on Teamplay


August 22, 2014 — Wargaming today unveiled a new episode of the World of Warplanes Flight School video series. The video provides detailed information about crew assembly and formation, the characteristics of each class of aircraft, and effective ways of communicating with other pilots during the heat of battle.

As members in a flight crew prepare for battle, it is imperative for the entire team to work together effectively in order to gain more experience and credits to advance. The video provides players with tips on how to create the best flight crew possible, as well as information on each nation’s unique crew formations and aircraft advantages. Furthermore, players can learn how the voice chat system allows for clear and quick communication between crew members during an attack.

For more information about World of Warplanes and to download the immersive flight action MMO for free, visit:


Wargaming Reveals PvE Combat in World of Warplanes Update 1.5


August 21, 2014 — Wargaming is pleased to announce the global release of Update 1.5 for its flight combat MMO World of Warplanes. Update 1.5 introduces a brand new PvE game mode, inviting rookies to improve their aerial skills against computer-controlled aircraft, along with complex ground targets, a revamped superiority system, graphics improvements, and a new map.

World of Warplanes pilots can now take to the skies with the brand new 15 vs. 15 PvE mode, where a team of 3–5 players are supplemented by AI-controlled allies and compete with an enemy team of NPC warplanes. The PvE mode comes with original battle missions and achievements. Upon completion of each mission, ammo and equipment are automatically resupplied and the level of difficulty for each battle increases.

Update 1.5 introduces complex ground targets, making air-to-ground attacks more engaging for virtual pilots, as well as a complete overhaul of the game’s superiority system to balance the contribution of ground attack planes and fighters in a team’s victory.

Along with a new mode and changes in gameplay mechanics, the update will also add a new battle arena, Canyon, available for tier’s 3–10, a completely reworked National Park map available for tier’s 1–5, and new achievements for both beginners and seasoned players.

For more information on World of Warplanes Update 1.5 and to register for a free account, visit:


Wargaming.net Announces August Extravaganza


July 31, 2014 — Wargaming is pleased to announce the kick-off of August Extravaganza, the biggest Wargaming.net battle universe celebration of the year. The event will span across all Wargaming combat games in North America, encompassing World of Tanks, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, World of Tanks Blitz and World of Warplanes. From August 1 to August 17 Wargaming will celebrate their amazing 93,000,000+ community of players in a Panzer sized fashion. Over $1,000,000 worth of in-game giveaways, tons of physical prizes, exciting in-game events and huge experience bonus weekends are scheduled to deploy to tankers and pilots this August. During the week of August 11, the event extends beyond North America and goes international for tankers around the globe with the inclusion of World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.

Each day of August Extravaganza is designed to reward the hardcore player and entice casual players with big rewards, huge discounts, and the chance to earn massive amounts of XP and credits by participating in special week-long missions. The action crescendos every weekend with limited edition tanks and planes awarded to all who participate in matches, huge discounts on premium tanks and XP earning boosted to the limit. Tune in every Friday (August 1, 8, and 15) to extravaganza live-streams on Twitch to be eligible for real world prizes valued at over $10,000, including graphics cards from Nvidia, Solid State Drives from Intel, headsets from Plantronics, and peripherals from Razer.

The full schedule of giveaways, in-game events, live streams and more can be found here:worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/19/wg-august-extravaganza-main

The August Extravaganza gives players the ultimate opportunity to bolster armor and increase their arsenal with all the firepower and credits needed to dominate both the battlefield and the skies.

World of Warplanes Update 1.2 Announced


Wargaming.net has unveiled Update 1.2 for its popular online combat flight sim, World of Warplanes, which is now live on Russian servers and will soon be up and running on European and U.S. servers. Details and screenshots below!

About World of Warplanes 1.2

Wargaming America is hosting a livestream to give players a closer look at all the new features on Thursday, March 6. Please see below for all the details.

World of Warplanes Update 1.2 is now live in Russia and will be available in Europe and North America on March 6. Additions include a set of combat missions that will grant various rewards upon completing the listed requirements, an overhauled post-battle screen, providing players with detailed combat stats, and a built-in functionality to record and playback battles. Alongside new functionalities, players will also be introduced to a new matchmaker algorithm, the so-called “Sandbox”, enabling rookies to master basic skills and tactics without competing against seasoned pilots.

We’ve uploaded some new screenshots and art from the latest addition in World of Warplanes. Feel free to download from our FTP link below.

The one hour livestream will give players a closer look at the new features in Update 1.2, including exciting gameplay and Q&A with World of Warplanes Sr. Producer Gareth Luke and Wargaming America’s PR Coordinator Jamie King. Viewers will also have a chance to win prizes such as joysticks and in-game gold codes.

Where: twitch.tv/Wargaming
When: Thursday March 6, 2-3 p.m., PST


Wargaming Launches Free Digital Magazine


February 7, 2014 — Wargaming today announced the launch of the company’s digital magazine, Let’s Battle. It covers all Wargaming projects, providing game related news and military history, and is available on all smartphones and tablets free of charge.

“We are always looking for new ways to engage gamers with the content and projects we are creating,” said Alexander Shilyaev, Director of Global Operations for Meta Games and Service Apps at Wargaming. “With the digital magazine, we’ll be able to provide more coverage than ever to our player community, creating and molding our publications to fit the needs of a tech-savvy generation of modern gamers and military enthusiasts worldwide.”

The digital magazine will feature interviews with key developers, producers and other members of the Wargaming team, along with interactive guides to help players master their gaming skills, articles on history of military warfare, and news on Wargaming’s recent online and offline events.

Read in the first issue of Let’s Battle:

  • Interactive guide on medium tanks with useful tactics for urban maps.
  • Detailed overview of new tank functionalities, including information on Japanese vehicles and World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.
  • Interview with Petr Bityukov, one of the original founders of World of Tanks.
  • Flight combat tips for aerial victory in World of Warplanes.
  • Exclusive details on the upcoming naval action MMO World of Warships.
  • Illustrated account of two historic WWII battles—the Battle of Kursk and the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and more on military history, warfare, and games.

Download Let’s Battle for free on the Apple and Google Play Newsstands.

For more on Let’s Battle Magazine, check out a post on our blog.

World of Warplanes Release Review (PC)


When World of Tanks came on the scene a few years ago, they came out swinging like they had been playing with the big boys for years. I remember going to E3 and seeing their tank out front with a crew in authentic uniforms, their huge booth, on-going constant tournament play, booth babes dressed as pinups, and tons of swag from metal “tough as nails” USB drives to little plastic tanks with historically accurate details to take home to the kids or have one or two of on your desk like I do. Honestly, the booth was loaded with substance where the big boys were loaded with flash – you walked away from Wargaming’s booth feeling like you had had fun.

Then you got into the game and it was just as addictive and fun. Depth over flash, with a gritty detail and it had a true free to play element behind it instead of just a “free to play, pay to win” mentality. Its community developed quite the opposite actually, with paid-for “pocket tanks” as they got known as being frowned upon and the player who put in their time and developed their own tanks being the listened to and respected ones in the community.


When Premium accounts came along they didn’t kill the game like in some cases, just got into a few more players’ pockets which, let’s face it, if a game can’t make enough money to support itself it fails so I support them getting their costs paid. It may seem strange to spend the first two paragraphs of a review on World of Warplanes telling the reader about World Of Tanks and the company behind it but it is because this is one of those times that a game comes on the market with a community already established and a company that has already established a solid business model which it shares between the games.

WoWP currently features five nations (USA, USSR, Germany, Great Britain, and Japan) and over 100 different warplanes, with many more to come in future updates. You can choose to fly iconic aircraft such as the Supermarine Spitfire, Messerschmitt Bf. 109, and the P-51 Mustang across a wide variety of landscapes.

The release of World of Warplanes also marks the formal introduction of the Unified Premium Account. This means that if you purchase Premium account time in World of Warplanes, it will also be valid in World of Tanks, and vice-versa. In addition to sharing Premium account time, your Gold will also be shared between both games. You’ll be able to make all of your World of Warplanes and World of Tanks in one convenient place, the Premium Shop!

So what are you waiting for? Download World of Warplanes today and Get Airborne!



  • Set in the period from World War II to Vietnam War (1961-1973), World of Warplanes will feature around 60 airplanes from Germany, USSR, and USA, with British and Japanese planes to be added with the further content updates. New branches and new planes will be added gradually over the process of development.
  • In World of Warplanes, except a pilot, no machine gunner or bombardier is required in a warplane. Abandoning the traditional perspective in flight games, World of Warplanes allows players to freely switch between the first and third perspective and look around from the warplane tail.
  • Aside from keyboard and mouse, players can also use joysticks and rocking levers in the game. What’s more, a signpost system and auto-driving system are integrated so as to help players get familiar with the game more quickly.
  • Similar to World of Tanks, World of Warplanes offers every player a garage and each plane is equipped with a paramedic. By means of earning Exp and Gold in combat, players can research and purchase advanced ammunitions, engines and new planes, and upgrade paramedics.
  • The guild level system in World of Tanks is likely to be applied to World of Warplanes.
  • In World of Warplanes, every map covers 15 square kilometers on average and game rooms are adopted like in World of Tanks. Currently, the game supports 15 vs. 15 combats at most, so no large-scale battles will be available in the game. Apart from in aerial combats, players are required to cooperate with one another to occupy, destroy or defend strongholds, escort others, etc. In addition to planes controlled by players, some ground and aerial AI units will show up in the game.


Hands On:
If you play World of Tanks, it will take a bit of time getting used to controlling these beautiful flying machines – though, graphically, the planes and maps look and feel a lot like the tank battles.  The planes are extremely detailed to look at and the maps and terrain are beautiful while at the same time not taxing on your graphics card.  You feel at home quickly, though once combat kicks in you will have a bit of a learning curve.  A big change is that, since you are flying, you always are in motion (unless you are crashing).  In WoT you get used to ambush and sniper positions as well as long range attacking through artillery.  If you find the right spot with view but cover you may spend the whole match in it.  With dogfighting in WoWP you have nowhere to hide and you are constantly in motion so you need to get used to being in the open and using maneuvering constantly to stay alive and not fall smoking into a hillside.  In WoT you can win by destroying all the enemies or by capturing their base, in WoWP you destroy all your enemies or you destroy all the land targets most of which are shooting back at you.  WoT you only have to worry about the other tanks shooting, in WoWP it takes it up a notch with artillery fire blasting away, sometimes they wind up being the ones that take you down.

All those things considered, if you like World of Tanks, you will love World of Warplanes just as much. If you haven’t played or particularly like WoT but you like a good dog-fighting game, this one is terrific.  You can upgrade your planes but at the same time still play your old ones as long as you have them in your garage, besides getting better quality planes, you can upgrade guns, fuselages, and engines to choose what kind of plane and configuration best fit your tastes.  If you find you like a maneuvering fight you can pick a biplane with solid guns and swing around quick on an enemy on your six and try to take it out first.


If you like fast and striking quick you can fly high with a quick engine and come down and hit them hard and get out of there and if you like bombing and striking ground targets you can get a plane with plenty of bombs and strong guns and try to win supremacy that way.  Whichever you most like playing, dog-fighting or attacking, there is a way to do it in World of Warplanes. As more planes with more options are released you can tune your planes even more to your taste.

You work on your crew as well so that when they get to 100% in their position you can add a skill to them which then improves that part of your combat whether it be seeing enemies further out or being able to patch up crew faster they too give you options so you can make the most of your game.  They even made it so that if you upgrade to a premium account on your WoT or WoWP for a while it applies to both games!

When it comes to controls you can play either with a mouse or a joystick and still be competitive, there are certain moves tailored to each which is nice, I often find myself switching back and forth between the two enjoying the style of each.

First Round:
World of Warplanes might not be as polished or full of options as its counterpart, World of Tanks, but it just came out and already looks to be off to a great start. I see great things in the games future and we here at GamingShogun.com won’t mind coming back to reviewing it again further down the road when more planes and options are released.

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