Author - Jerry Paxton

Losses in Sony’s Game Division Double

Joystiq is reporting that Sony’s Games Division has fallen on some hard times as they have reported that in the second fiscal quarter of the year, operating losses
in that division rose to $841 million, more than double the $381 million
in losses for the same period last year.

Speculation from Sony is that this loss is due to selling PS3s at lower than cost price points and ‘the increase in PS3-related inventory write-downs’.

1up’s Clive Barker’s Jericho Review

1up has posted their review of the horror FPS Clive Barker’s Jericho, lambasting it with a 3.0 out of 10! And here I thought this would be a good game.

An excerpt of its destructive comedy:
‘A prehuman demigod stealing slices of history as its own personal playground? It’s a pretty nifty premise, and worthy of Clive Barker’s name.

Unfortunately, the rest of the game is absolutely, positively, most definitely not. Take the writing, for example, especially the opening narration: This overwrought tripe is so over-the-top, so ridiculously high-school-goth that it makes Max Payne’s brooding melodrama read like a paragon of stylistic restraint.’

Famitsu Reviews Super Mario Galaxy

1up is reporting that Famitsu magazine has reviewed Super Mario Galaxy, giving it an out of this world 38 out of 40. Yes the Japanese review system is strange to us but for them it works. And it means that SMG is one damn good game.
From the Famitsu article:

‘The game takes place in a 3D space where you could be walking on the ground or upside down. Normally that would look like it is difficult to control, but you can play this instinctively. The balance is just perfect and it is a game anyone can really play.’

‘Gimmicks and actions using the game’s unique gravity, and fun boss fights definitely delivers on the Mario name. It is even just fun to watch if you are not playing.’

‘The game’s pacing is very good, you get hooked more and more. I am glad that the game is not too easy or too difficult. Collecting the star piece by pointing the Wiimote is already fun in itself.’

‘The excitement of Mario 64 is back! Lots of features that are perfect for the Wii, and you get addicted wanting to know what kind of obstacles await you in the next stage. Difficulty gradually increases and the map layout is great. Every game fan should play this game.’

Ninja Gaiden 2’s Violence

Joystiq has reported on the latest EGM magazine covering Ninja Gaiden 2’s over-the-top violence. It seems as though Team Ninja has added plenty of incentive for dismemberment, as removed limbs will stay on screen.

From the article:
‘Additionally, there will be ‘obliteration techniques’ that the player can activate by pressing Y after removing a limb. The details are unknown except that the camera zooms in, but we can only assume that entails protagonist Ryu totally flipping out and killing people in some stylish fashion. The techniques vary based on what weapon you’re using and what body part you just removed.’

Halo DS Petition, Save the Clock Tower!!!

PocketGamer.UK is reporting that after the game’s sordid past a new petition to resurrect Halo DS has been created. Apparently the game was in development but was canned for reasons that Cassamassina is reluctant to disclose. Nay sayers have been claiming the game being played in the video is a hoax and is merely a modded game made using the Goldeneye: Rogue Agent engine.

The Infamous Halo DS video:

Anderson Says Castlevania Film Moving Nicely

Joystiq reports that after two years in the design phase, a Paul W.S. Anderson produced Castlevania flick
seems to finally have a full head of steam. Anderson told SCI FI Wire,
‘[I’m] hoping to get a script for it in two or three weeks. And I’m
hoping it’s great. Sylvain White is directing it, and we’re hoping to
kind of make it a pre-strike movie. So it kind of shoots in the next
couple months’.

Toshiba Shoots Down HD-DVD Equipped Xbox Rumor

Engadget is reporting that a Toshiba spokesman told Stuff that the uber-speced, Toshiba-branded Xbox 360 console with built-in HD DVD
rumor is bogus. ‘It’s got nothing to do with us, ‘ says Tosh, ‘But we
know Microsoft doesn’t want to include the HD DVD drive so as not to
limit the user’s experience.’ Thats a real shame, was such a good idea if they could have done it without raising the price of the systems.

Spore Six Months Out?

Joystiq is reporting that in a recent BBC radio interview, Wil Wright stated that Spore is ‘in final testing and was ‘roughly’ six months away from release’.

From Wikipedia:
Spore is a multiplatform god game under development by Maxis and designed by Will Wright that allows a player to control the evolution of a species from its existence as a multicellular organism to a spacefaring sapient creature. The game has drawn wide attention for its massive scope, and its promise to simulate this development of a species through open-ended gameplay using procedural generation.

Another Resident Evil Film in the Works?

1up is reporting that the contract for a fourth Resident Evil movie was dependent upon the third film’s success. Extinction did well at the box office, raking in $24 million it’s first weekend.
Resident Evil movie producer Jeremy Bolt, has suggested the
next sequel might focus on another character from the series’ universe, Claire Redfield. ‘We haven’t changed our mind about working on another one,’ said Bolt. ‘We want to be respectful. I think the thing is, we’re in the middle of Death Race. We haven’t really focused on another Resident Evil. Certainly we’d like to look at it, but I wouldn’t want to say we were or weren’t doing anything at this point. It’s too early.’

Turok Goes Hollywood

Joystiq is reporting that Turok is in the process of becoming an animated feature. Thats right, everyone’s favorite Native American dinosaur killer will star in the straight to DVD release in early 2008. Turok, Son of Stone is being produced as a 70-minute animated DVD for Classic Media by ex-Disney (Aladdin & Hercules) producer Tad Stones.