Author - Jerry Paxton

Advance Wars 2 Shown in Paris

1up is reporting that Advance Wars 2 has been shown to Paris press folk recently, revealing some new details about the game. One of the biggest is the change to a more mature style of anime graphics instead of the more whimsical nature of the first game. Nintendo may show a demo at the E for All Expo coming up soon.

Microsoft Readying Web-Based Office Products

The Register is reporting that Microsoft is preparing web-based versions of it’s popular Office software.

From the article: ‘Microsoft said features of its Office Live Workspace would include allowing users to upload more than 1,000 documents to free personal websites.

There will also be an option for documents to be shared in a password-protected environment.

For anyone who doesn’t have Office installed, features will be restricted via a read-only browser, although users will still have the ability to comment on the document.

The vendor sought to give the beta program a healthy lick of corporate spin, saying ”Online’ services are for organisations with more advanced IT needs where power and flexibility are critical.’ Other apps under the program include Exchange and Sharepoint.’

Cooking Mama 2 Hands-On

Joystiq has posted a ‘hands-on’ report of Cooking Mama 2 for the Nintendo DS. This time around you can look forward to more recipes, more ingredients, as well as a multiplayer mode.

Elmo-Sapien…Just Creepy Looking

Engadget has a post up about a custom version of the RoboSapien called…ElmoSapien. Personally, it looks like something out of the amazing movie, The Thing. Like the RoboSapien was on a mission to infiltrate an Elmo camp, found a sentry and proceeded to skin him….and wear it as a suit…

Natalie Portman Has Her Moment of Nakidity

LAIst has posted the short film entitled ‘The Hotel Chevalier’ in which Natalie Portman gets naked. Now I have never been a huge fan of her body, sure she is a cute girl but way too mousy for my tastes. I am sure this will satisfy many though.