Smart sunglasses aren’t entirely new, but Ampere Dusk sunglasses deliver a compelling blend of innovative technology and style. Their core feature—electronically adjustable tint—sets them apart from anything else on the market. Add to that discreet built-in audio, and you have a product that redefines the way we interact with our sunglasses. Imagine sunglasses that seamlessly adjust their tint throughout the day without you ever having to swap pairs. Ampere Dusk makes this a reality. The electrochromic lenses use liquid crystal technology, controlled by either a physical button on the frame or the accompanying app, to change tint levels at lightning speed. With a vast range of tint adjustments, you’ll always have the perfect level of shading, whether facing harsh midday sun or gentler twilight.

Ampere offers both a classic Wayfarer-style frame (Dusk) and a sporty option (Dusk Sport). Regardless of your style preference, both offer a surprisingly lightweight and comfortable fit due to the use of TR90 material. They feel remarkably normal on your face, with no bulky tech hindering the overall experience. The frames are also cleverly designed to conceal the technological magic within.

Hidden within the temples of the Dusk sunglasses are built-in open-ear speakers. They offer surprisingly clear audio while keeping you aware of your environment. From music and podcasts to phone calls, these speakers deliver a seamless audio integration. The integrated microphone allows you to take calls and even interacts smoothly with your phone’s voice assistant. It’s worth noting that, in noisy environments, the sound quality can suffer slightly. Controlling the magic of the Dusk sunglasses is the companion Ampere app. While you can adjust tint with the physical button, the app unlocks the full potential. Here you can fine-tune your shade level precisely, schedule automatic tint changes, and even create custom presets. The app is intuitive and easy to use, enhancing the overall functionality of the sunglasses.

The instant responsiveness of the tint change is a real game-changer. Walking from outside into a dimly lit room? With a quick tap, your sunglasses adapt, keeping your vision clear. Driving into a setting sun? The Dusk sunglasses ensure you’re not blinded, while still offering optimal visibility. While primarily targeted at outdoor activities, the Dusk delivers even in more casual scenarios. Whether taking a walk, relaxing on the beach, or working outdoors, the ability to control your shade makes them incredibly versatile.

There are a few points to consider before investing in Ampere Dusk. Firstly, the price point is higher than standard sunglasses, reflecting the technology packed within. Secondly, the battery life, while decent, isn’t extraordinary. You’ll get an impressive 7 days of standby time for tint control, but expect around 4 hours of continuous audio playback.

Overall Review: 4 out of 5

Ampere Dusk sunglasses are impressive. They push the boundaries of what sunglasses can be. If these features genuinely intrigue you, the Dusk sunglasses make a strong case. These aren’t just another pair of shades; their transformative nature truly enhances how you experience the outdoors.

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