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USB 3.0 in 2008

Cnet is reporting that the next iteration of USB technology, USB 3, will be available in 2008 and will offer ten times the transfer rate of USB 2 by using an optical connection

Moore’s Law to End in 10 to 15 Years?

Wired has posted a story in which Gordon Moore predicts his own law (the one that states computer processing power will double every two years) will be physically impossible in ten to fifteen years. He states this as once a processor gets to be...

Darth Vader Will Wake You Up

Uberreview has a post up on a very geeky/cool Star Wars Darth Vader alarm clock. Not only will it wake you up by flashing ‘Vader’ on the ceiling, making Star Wars noises, and flashing it’s lightsaber, it is guaranteed to cock...