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Advance Wars 2 Shown in Paris

1up is reporting that Advance Wars 2 has been shown to Paris press folk recently, revealing some new details about the game. One of the biggest is the change to a more mature style of anime graphics instead of the more whimsical nature of the...

Cooking Mama 2 Hands-On

Joystiq has posted a ‘hands-on’ report of Cooking Mama 2 for the Nintendo DS. This time around you can look forward to more recipes, more ingredients, as well as a multiplayer mode.

Rock Band Create A Character Video

GameVideos has posted a video of the character creation system of Rock Band, the undisputed wannabe-rocker game coming to retail shelves November 20th. It looks pretty interesting, at least more involved that the Guitar Hero system.

Elmo-Sapien…Just Creepy Looking

Engadget has a post up about a custom version of the RoboSapien called…ElmoSapien. Personally, it looks like something out of the amazing movie, The Thing. Like the RoboSapien was on a mission to infiltrate an Elmo camp, found a sentry...

Kirk Found? Rumors Escalate!

AICN is reporting that an actor to play James T. Kirk in the next Star Trek film might have been found. According to their sources, the next Kirk will be actor Mike Vogel, who is also starring in the same Producer’s latest film, secretly...