Author - Jerry Paxton

WETA Warthog in Action Video – Awesome!

Break has a video showing the WETA Warthog in action around their studios. The guys there are definitely having a great time playing with it and who can blame them! They should just work on producing a few of these bad boys and sell them off for easy cash.

Mass Effect Preview at EuroGamer

EuroGamer has a preview of the upcoming Bioware game, Mass Effect. The game will be on the Xbox 360 and in stores on November 20th. It is a science fiction rpg with many different choices to make, all of which will affect the game universe and the player’s part in it.

Tragedy for Science Fiction Lovers

CNN reports that James Oliver Rigney Jr, better known to the world as Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time series, has died at 58.

Per a statement from his personal assistent, Mr. Rigney suffered from a  genetic disorder called ‘primary amyloidosis’ which, among others, caused a thickening of his heart muscle.

To Mr. Rigney, where ever you are:  I’ve been reading sci-fi books since I was in elementary school and was a huge fan of the Wheel of Time series.  In the last two months, I even purchased a new set of the series for my brother to read and enjoy.  You will be missed.

Dammit people, sleep is NOT optional!

CNN reports that a Beijing man collapsed and died after an apparent 72 hour gaming binge at an internet cafe.

People of Earth, don’t be stupid!  Sleep and food are necessities of live.  Let me break it down for you mathematically:

Improper Nutrition + Sleep Deprivation = DEAD

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a fan of the hardcore raiding.  I understand the need to frag that dragon, or complete that quest for those tricked-out shoes, but you know what?  A gamer who quits and sleeps away, lives to quest another day.  

[edit]  Correction – The deceased was from Guangzhou, the story was out of Beijing.

Colin McRae Dies in Helicopter Crash

BBC News is reporting that famous rally driver Colin McRae was killed today in a helicopter crash. McRae was the spokesman and featured driver in many video game titles such as Colin McRae’s DiRT and Colin McRae Rally 2005. Police are still investigating for the cause of the crash.

Ratchet & Clank Demo at Gamestop

Joystiq is reporting that the Ratchet & Clank demo disc is available at Gamestops around the country today. You can gain this cool treat by plunking five dollars down and pre-ordering the title, which is set to release on October 4th.