Author - Jerry Paxton

Poorman’s GPS Tracker Inexpensive, Yet Fun!

Gizmodo is reporting on a new GPS tracker from S5 Wireless that will cost a scant $7 dollars and last up to 4 years! The device will be disposable and allow jealous boyfriends, leery parents, and amature spies to all put their concerns to rest. There is a monthly service charge of $1 dollar for using the device.

Razer Boomslang Collector’s Edition 2007 Review

Long ago, circa 1998, a lone warrior came out of the ball-driven dark ages and gave us a weapon with which to slay our enemies. This weapon was the Boomslang 1000 gaming mouse. It’s form factor was totally unique as was it’s performance. This form factor and performance persisted in it’s descendants the Boomslang 2000, 2100, and 2500. Then, just as soon as it arrived it had left us for more contoured, optically-controlled input devices. While the technology is far beyond the performance of it’s ball-driven ancestors, there has always been this void in the gaming world…Now again, when it is needed, the warrior has stepped from the shadows and presented us with a new weapon: The Boomslang CE 2007.

Packaging: The Boomslang CE 07 is packaged in a very classy black cardboard box with a large metal clasp that keeps it closed. As if that weren’t enough, upon opening this box and taking note of the certificate of authenticity with unit # (ours is 389 of 10,000), you see a familiar cylinder beneath. There was a time, my young gamers, that real mice came encased in metal cylinders, oh yes – and so it is here. This time, however, instead of the shiny tin of the original Boomslang, this case is a matte black metal with the Razer logo embossed on the top of it. Within we found the mouse and software, begging us to use them.

Design: Razer has brought the Boomslang design back in spades by adding a titanium-finish top to the mouse as well as ‘Phantom Green’ lighting effects. The scroll wheel is also slightly altered and now sports an arch-top design. For the uninitiated, the ‘Razer’ got it’s name from the shape of the original Boomslang, which resembled…an electric razer, go figure. It is strange after using so many newer, contoured mice to come back to the Boomslang. It’s familiar shape welcomes you back like a comfy old coat, that is, if your comfy coat sported ‘Phantom Green’ lighting – now that would be a cool coat!

Installation & Software: Installing the Razer software was a breeze and did not take very long whatsoever. The control panel is of a spartan nature, but does the job.

Performance: Razer packed this new Boomslang with a 3G Infrared sensor, previously found in the Death Adder. With a 1000Hz polling rate and 1800dpi sensitivity, the mouse is built for fraggin’, like we like. The mouse also has 32Kb of ‘Razer-Synapse’ memory for storing profiles. I tested this mouse for multiple rounds of gaming in BioShock and Crysis. The Boomslang CE 07 performs incredibly, providing the ultra-sensitive, yet very controlled power you would expect. Oddly enough, my brain and hand don’t expect it to glide so easily, as I am used to it rolling on a ball sensor. In desktop apps, the other arena I like to test mice in, I used Photoshop and MS Word. Unlike many gaming mice that have trouble transitioning to desktop usage, the Boomslang CE 07 has no trouble in this department and I never had to decrease the sensitivity once.

Conclusion: It is rare when a company can take something from the past and modernize it, simultaneously improving it while not taking away from the things that made it great. Razer has done just that with the Boomslang Collector’s Edition 2007. It is with a happy heart I bestow it the highest rating I can. Welcome back, old friend, you look great…

Get one of these as soon as you can before they sell out for good!

New Command & Conquer FPS Announced

ShackNews is reporting that the January issue of Game Informer will announce the next C&C game from EA. It seems as though they are going to try a FPS again (their first entry into this was the abysmal C&C: Renegade).

Info from article:

  • Will ship on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360
  • Set 11 years after the third Tiberium war
  • Squad-based action
  • Squads are called R.A.I.D. (Rapid Assault and Intercept Deployment)
  • Known squad types are infantry, missile infantry, Titan and Orca
  • Missions are around the ‘Mediterranean Red Zone’
  • Special powers such as ‘Orbital Slug’ are available

Gameplay from C&C Renegade:

Wheel of Time to be finished by new author!

CNN reports that Mistborn series author, Brandon Sanderson, has been chosen to finish the late Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

The Shogun reported on James Oliver Rigney Jr’s (aka Robert Jordan) death in mid-September, after succumbing to a genetic disorder affecting his heart. Mr. Rigney was purportedly working on the 12th and final book in the Wheel of Time series.

According to Rigney’s widow (who also was the editor to his books), he left ‘copious’ amounts of written and audio notes, and she is delighted that Sanderson will be completing the series.

I’ve not read any of the Mistborn books, but I have high expectations for this finale, and if it lives up to my standards, I’ll add Sanderson’s other books to my library.

Vista SP1 Publically Available!

Microsoft has finally done it! The thing they originally said would never happen: SP1….Yes, the controversial Vista operating system is getting it’s first service pack today. The Service Pack, which is said to fix ‘hundreds of issues’ has been in beta for a month and now that it’s public, we can put it to the test. Expect a full report soon – hopefully it helps gaming performance, I am crossing my fingers on that one.

Boeing Prepping an Offensive Anti-Ground Laser Aircraft

Gizmodo is reporting that Boeing has retrofitted a C-130H cargo aircraft with the necessessary gear to fire an airborne laser cannon at ground targets. This is the other bookend project in Boeing’s aircraft-laser program, the other being the missile defense plane they have created. Boeing says demonstrations should be ready sometime in 2008.

Microsoft Ends Free Software Offer

ComputerWorld is reporting that Microsoft has pulled the offer to get free software if users would sign up for the Windows Feedback Program, citing an exhaustion of free products to give out. Users emailing Microsoft regarding their free product will recieve this response:

‘Thank you for your interest in the feedback program. Due to high
volume, we have reached our ‘while supplies last’ limit and have closed
our free product incentive on 12/11/2007 at 2 p.m.’

Gamestop Opening ‘Tournament-Focused’ Stores

GamesIndustry is reporting that Gamestop has announed the opening of what it calls a ‘tournament-focused’ store in San Jose, CA. The store is 4000 sq ft in size and already planning it’s first tournament on December 15th, featuring Madden NFL 08. According to the article, local tournament events will occur most weekends, with system-wide tournament finals occurring at least once a quarter.