Author - Jerry Paxton

Crysis Demo October 26th

Incrysis forums has an official dev post stating that the Crysis Dingle Player Demo will be pushed back until October 26th. They pushed it back slightly in order to continue work on the retail product which is slated for release November 16th.

Blue Dragon Coming to the DS

1up is reporting that Japanese magazine Jump is claiming Blue Dragon, an RPG for the Xbox 360 will be making it’s way in some form to the Nintendo DS. Details are sketchy but we will keep you informed as we know more.

DVD CCA Approves Restrictive Download-to-Burn Scheme

Engadget is reporting that the DVD Copyright Control Agency is allowing certain content to be distributed electronically and burned to ONE disc or viewing. Older DVD hardware will not be able to read these discs due to the special anti-copying encoding and they will cost more than standard DVDs.

So what is the fricken point!?! When will these agencies learn that the future of media is in backing off of DRM systems. People in general will pay for a product if it is of quality and a fair price over going through the trouble of copying it.

They will NEVER stop piracy, ever. These DRM schemes will only hurt consumers as pirates will always find countermeasures to any DRM system.

Infinite Undiscovery Preview

1up has posted their preview of Tri-Ace’s new RPG Infinite Undiscovery. An RPG in the same vein as Valkyrie Profile, IU promises action-oriented gameplay and an engrossing story. Infinite Undiscovery is tentatively scheduled for a late 2008 release for the Xbox 360.

Hands-On With Metal Gear Solid 4

Joystiq has posted a hands-on with Metal Gear Solid 4 from the Tokyo Game Show. Seems that the title is progressing well, with many enhanced features over it’s predecessors.

Personally, I never got into the stealth-shooters. I just don’t have the patience.

WhizKids HaloClix

WhizKids has released their Halo line of HeroClix for all of you who collect those little clicking bastards. The line looks pretty solid, with models being fairly detailed and textured.