Author - Jerry Paxton

Comcast’s Hidden Limits

MSNBC reports that Comcast has begun cutting off customer’s internet access for exceeding bandwidth limits.  Comcast reasons that excessive downloaders hog Internet capacity and slow down the network for other customers.  

Comcast refuses to reveal the actual limits before a disconnect occurs, nor how many people have been affected by the cut-off policy.  

Other Internet service providers, including Time Warner Cable, Verizon and AT&T, say they reserve the right to manage their networks, but have not yet suspended service to subscribers.

Street Fighter 2 Gets Director

TheMovieBlog is reporting that the new Street Fighter movie has a director. Did we really need another Street Fighter movie? Did you come running out of the theatre as a kid going, ‘Hell yes that movie was rad!’? No. No one did.

All I ask is for gills

Yahoo reports that regulators in Great Britian have approved the creation of human-animal hybrids which will be 99.9% human and 0.1% animal for ‘research purposes.’  

The creations will not mature into live infants, but kept in the embryonic stage.  Anonymous sources close to the story revealed that human-animal hybrids are but the first step in a set of instructions from an apparent alien race to allow us to develop the technology to match human DNA with a sample provided by the alien race.  We’ve chosen a female because she’d be more docile.