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A lot of people think of CES as lasting through Friday but the reality is many companies are packing up on Thursday and done and gone by Friday afternoon. This means if you have Friday appointments it never hurts to be early, on time might be late for someone trying to catch a flight out. So I try to hit my Friday appointments early which freed up my day to add one on the fly, and it was one I am very happy I made because it introduced me to the PowerSkin Pop’n3 Battery Charger.

– Extra Power: PoP’n 3 utilizes state-of-the-art, patented dual suction adhering technology to stick right onto the back of smartphones for an easy to hold, seamlessly integrated charging experience. 4000 mAh of power gives your smartphone up to a 150% charge, including the iPhone 6. Just stick it on, plug it in, and keep your life PoP’n.

– Easy On, Easy Off: Attach PoP’n 3 to most smooth surfaced phones and cases with its patented soft rubber suction cups and state-of-the-art circular nano adhesive anchor. This easy, one-hand, flexible approach to power means you can pop it on when you want, and pop it off when you’re done.

– Integrated Design: Built-in cable provides a powerful yet simple solution for your charging needs, easily plugging into any size phone case. Sleek, high-gloss durable finish, and plastic hardshell make this unique product the perfect phone companion.

– Verified Technologies: XPAL Inside™ technologies include: proprietary ultra-efficient battery cell formulation, hardware/software safety protection mechanisms, smart power management system, broad temperature operating range, and flame retardant material/construction.

– Good to Go: We all know the frustrations of charging batteries while on the go, juggling the phone in one hand and the battery in the other…. now there is a better way. This charger is a functional and practical solution for everyone looking to add more battery life to their phone, but not wanting to compromise its streamline look and feel.

Hands On:
This was the first time that PowerSkin showed up on my radar and I am kind of surprised considering how handy their product is pretty darn handy. Their original design involved two pieces which works well and I could see being useful on less suction cup friendly surfaces by having a solid bridge at the bottom between the case and the power pack helping hold it in place on the back of the phone. This is a nice way to go and very portable though maybe a bit less convenient on the go with the bridge in your pocket with the battery.

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Their latest innovation with the Pop’N3 is a much more elegant solution with a lightning cable built into the bottom of the charger which plugs tightly into the phone. This makes it so that you don’t have to worry about two pieces (if you did) and still works to hold the charger in place. They have also added a single sticky surface in the center of the phone to keep it in place in case the suction cups weren’t completing the seal. I mention this mainly because some phone cases like a wallet one I recently tested by Speck don’t have the full surface area for the suction cups and started sliding around the back, the disc helped secure it perfectly. It is also a hard shell case, I found the slippage to not be an issue or rubberized cases at all.

The low form allows for you to continue using the phone in any manner you choose while still charging it. With a 4000 mAh of power you can expect around 18 hours of additional talk time or 150% charge which will definitely help get you through the day without taking up much real estate in your pocket or in your hand.  You can even just attach it and plug it in as you head out the door and let it keep charging as you use your phone.
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Last Call:
The PowerSkin Pop’N3 battery charger has definitely earned a place in my regular phone charging rotation. It gives a great charge with a very convenient built-in cable and attach-and-forget form. I’m glad I made the appointment and got PowerSkin on my radar for my battery charging needs. I especially have my eye on their upcoming product Inked (get it? Octopuses squirt ink) which incorporates custom printing on a battery case which I have a logo or two I can’t wait to test on it…

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