There is nothing more frustrating than running out of power in your wireless controller in mid-match – except maybe all the cables that run from the system to charge things. Luckily, Nyko has come up with something to help with both these issues in the Nyko Battery Pak and the Nyko Modular Charge Kit for the PS4.

PS4 Modular Charge Kit Description:
Easily keep your PlayStation 4 controllers charged and your PlayStation 4 system looking like new. While this item comes with two micro usb cords for the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controllers, the Modular Charge Kit also includes a hidden cleaning brush in order to easily dust the console and it’s accessories. This kit allows you to keep your console both looking and performing in perfect condition.

– Cleans and Charges: Allows for easy charging and cleaning of the PS4 controllers and console
– 2 Micro USB cords: Allows for dual charging of two PlayStation4 DualShock4 controllers
– Hidden cleaning brush with detailing edge: allows for easy dusting of console surfaces


Nyko PS4 Power Pak Description:
Add double the battery power to the DualShock®4 with the Power Pak from Nyko Technologies. The Power Pak adds an additional 1000mAh Lithium-Ion battery, doubling the capacity. The design of the Power Pak keeps the ergonomics of the Dual Shock 4 intact, while matching the curves, décor and grip of the controller. All ports, buttons, and features of the controller are unimpeded by the extended battery, allowing for full control of all games. The Power Pak attaches to the Micro USB port on the top of the controller, allowing for easy installation. A USB pass-through port allows for easy recharging of both the Power Pak and the internal Dual Shock battery simultaneously using a standard Micro USB cable. The Power Pak is also fully compatible with Nyko’s Charge Base for PS4.

– Extended Playing Time: Play up to 2x longer with the Power Pak
– Ergonomic: Lightweight and unobtrusive design allow you to game as normal
– USB: Easily recharge both the Power Pak and controller with any Micro USB cable
– Design: Easily attaches to the Dual Shock 4

nyko modular charge kit

Hands On:
This year I got a chance to check out a couple of Nyko’s newest products at CES this year but it was even better getting hands on, especially when I was having a rough time with my back and laid up in bed. Battery life definitely started to come into play when I was laid up and barely able to move. Each night I would charge my controller and the battery, each day I would start playing again wearing the juice down. It did seem like I was getting double battery life and it was really, really handy. It only slightly increased the weight of the controller when attached and the slight increase in profile was welcome in my huge hands. Whenever I go back and forth between systems my fingers tended to slip off the bottom of the PS4 controller and now they have a place to rest.

The PS4 Modular Charge Kit attaches to the side of the PS4 and blends seamlessly into the side of the black versions. Even though it stands out on the white version like I have it does so in a nicely contrasting fashion. The controller battery is also black and makes a nice contrast on the white controller and makes the system match up with it even better.

IMG 6078

Once attached it can be separated in half, the upper half a cleaning pad to wipes dust off the system and the lower half to store cables and such in including the two included retractable charging cables. The compartment isn’t large but it can fit a couple of cables and multiple batteries, both rechargable and otherwise. As someone who lives at the edge of the desert I am always looking for something to brush dust off of things with.


Last Call:
The Nyko Modular Charge Kit and Power Pak are a great addition to your PS4 system and not only look nice and clean up your cables but it can also extend your gameplay which is always welcome to marathon gamers.

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