If you haven’t heard about Seidio you probably don’t shop around much for smartphone cases and accessories. Most people just go with big companies with the even bigger marketing campaigns. I know a ton of people who just use Otterbox because that is what their friends use. They developed a reputation and they do have a solid product. Quite often people choose a case that doesn’t fit their form function because they think they have to choose between style and durability. These people haven’t tried the Seidio Obex Phone Case.

Water Protection
– Anti-reflection acrylic glass protects the camera lens without interfering with photo quality
– Waterproof membranes shield the microphones and speakers while maintaining sound quality
– Case meets the IP68* rating, signifying that it is both dust-tight and protected against complete, continuous submersion

Drop Protection
– Exceeds the MIL-STD-810F** standard and can survive drops from up to 6 feet
– Internal structure is designed to protect your Apple iPhone 6 in the event that it is dropped or compressed
– Combination of Polycarbonate (PC) and Thermoplastic Silicone Vulcanizate (TPSiV®) materials provide protection from impact
– Raised edges on case and 4H hardness rated screen protect create a barrier from external elements

Everyday Protection
– Designed so your Apple iPhone 6 remains fully functional for daily use
– Easy, two piece installation eliminates the worry of loose pieces after case assembly
– Soft rubber stoppers keep dust and liquids out of headphone and charging port openings while still allowing easy access in dry conditions
– Case will not interfere with radio signals, Bluetooth, or NFC (Near Field Communication)


Hands On:
Normally for phone case reviews I don’t put in a features section, I just go over the features individually. In this case however the Seido Obex has so many elements that are important that it is easier to just show you what they have then tell you my personal experiences and tests.

A couple of key things to note is that it is pretty much everything proof, it is designed to be waterproof, dust proof, snow proof and impact proof.  I’m a klutz who lives part-time in the high desert where there is yearly snow and constant dust.  This case seems practically designed for me.  If you are outdoorsy at all this is definitely for you or sports enthusiast or maybe just a klutz who might fall into his pool.  I have a family member who has gone swimming with their phone tucked into her swimsuit a couple times and this might have saved her some grief.

The Obex has rubber blockers that seal off the ports not being used so that moisture can’t get into the phone proper and there is a membrane that keeps water in but lets sound through.  Combine that with a protective face shield that still conducts touch and you can make your text while the weather attacks.  When it comes to connectivity through face plates I am particularly picky, I have to have solid connection with the screen while I play games on it and more than a few shields (including the stick-on variety) have failed to pass the muster.  I have a very short list of ones that do and thankfully this is on it.


When it comes to drop testing I have said it before and I will say it again: I am a huge klutz and this phone has had its share of bouncing off things including hard floors and decorative rock, even some not very decorative rock as well. Don’t forget stairs, I am a mess of stairs and escalators.

Last Call:
The Seidio Obex is the perfect case for the person who are exposed to the elements or at least expose their phones to them. It may even be more phone protection than the average person needs but then when has that stopped anyone?

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