Hand Signals

It is of great use to an Airsoft team to employ hand signals to communicate with one another. Please note, however, that hand signals are silent, and there are times when you might want to make as much noise as possible. This mainly applies to mil-spec field play but, once contact with the enemy starts, a side can make themselves appear larger than they actually are by making a lot of noise. This tactic goes back a long, long time and sometimes involved yelling battle phrases meaningful to the unit, side, country, tribe, etc.  Here are some generally-accepted hand signals from the people at EVIKE.com:

Holding Your Weapon and Stances

Most people hold their AEG the way they think that law enforcement or military units do, without ever actually having seen it in real life. Most use a pseudo-Hollywood style which doesn’t give quite the same level of function to the Airsoft player. The player must be able to move through the various stances (prone, kneeling, and standing) while keeping their AEG pointed in the direction of the OPFOR (opposing force). If players get tangled up in gear or are not standing correctly, their focus could be taken off their sight picture and they could take a hit. Here is a great video from the people at RainbowOps showing the correct way to not only hold your AEG but, also, move through the various stances while keeping your weapon pointed where it needs to be.


Moving from point A to point B in a game of Airsoft can be accomplished in a variety of ways – all based on how your team is operating. If you are in a public game, and don’t have any communication with them, you are probably going to be on your own. My best advice to you is to move methodically and only from cover to cover. With any luck, you will encounter some OPFOR running and gunning and be able to score some easy kills. Hopefully, you will be able to communicate with your teammates and work together to defeat the opposing side.

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