In this second part in our Airsoft for Gamers column, we are talking about “combat basics” . It’s not enough just to pick up an AEG and run around the field like a madman. That’s a sure-fire way to call yourself out in seconds once the match begins. Much like with actual firearms, the side adopting an unorganized, “run and gun” behavior is often quickly defeated by a well-organized and prepared opposing team.

Basic Concepts


  1. Always wear your helmet, pads, protection at all times
    1. If you have a malfunction with a piece of safety equipment, do not attempt to remove it. Immediately call for a referee and get escorted off the field
  2. Assume all weapons are “hot” (i.e. Ready to fire) at all times
    1. Never point your weapon at something you are not prepared to hurt or destroy
  3. Practice proper muzzle discipline
    1. Always avoid putting moving your muzzle in a position where it can fire at an unwanted target (i.e. A “friendly” or bystander)
  4. Practice proper trigger discipline
    1. Only place your finger on the trigger when you are prepared to shoot your gun
  5. Do not participate in Airsoft if under the influence of any drugs, alcohol, or controlled substances
  6. Practice proper gun and equipment maintenance before you step food onto the Airsoft field
    1. Poorly maintained weapons and equipment can fail

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