BlueAnt may not be a familiar name but if you are in the market for wireless headphones for your smartphone or just a good source to stream it to a stereo you should learn it.  If you have hands-free cellphone laws in your state this is a great way to comply with just a little ribbon of technology.

Wireless Headphones:

The primary use of this device is as a wireless headset for your smartphone.  If you are using an iPhone syncing is as easy as turning on the bluetooth feature on your phone then pressing the play button on the middle of the Ribbon a few times.  Suddenly you are in business, you can play and control your music with ease on your phone with just quick touches to the Ribbon which is small and can clip on just about anywhere.  Click on the Ribbon a couple times and you get Siri and access to all of her functions through voice command in the built-in microphone on the Ribbon.  If a call comes in while you are listening to your music you just hit the play button once to pause the music then do a quick double tap to answer.

You don’t have to worry about screwing up your pace jogging or using exercise equipment, if you are in a gym environment you can leave your phone in your gym bag up to about 30 feet away and still have effective range to listen to music or use Siri which opens up all kinds of cellphone functionality.  All while just wearing little headphone buds and a small ribbon shaped clip.


Stereo Streaming:

So you are throwing a party and you want to use your own music from your phone to be the beats for the night.  Just plug the included cable from the Ribbon into the input jack on your stereo and you can be playing the tunes without having to have your phone at the player.  So if you want to send a text while the music is going to a friend no problem.  If that guilty pleasure song comes on (we all have a couple) then you can reach in your pocket, pull out the phone and skip right past it.  My favorite idea, and if I was still in the dating game I would totally put to use, would be to find that girl you wanted to dance with and put on her favorite song if you know it or maybe slip in a nice slow number to get closer.  Is this showing how long I have been out of the game?  Probably.  The key is you have access to all the gigs of music you have stored on your phone now available on your stereo without having to lose access to your phone.


Hands-Free Driving:

This is actually one of my favorite uses for the device and ironically it doesn’t have to use the headphones.  If your car doesn’t have an input jack you can use the headset as described in the first part, using it just for Siri, music in headphones (where and how allowed by local law) or to send or receive calls all while your phone remains in your pocket or on a car charger.  If however your car has an input jack then whole new possibilities become available.  Wireless cell phone systems for the car can be expensive or use a fairly antiquated process like broadcasting through an FM channel.  With the Ribbon you just plug it into your Aux Input like you would have with your stereo and you can listen to your music through the car system, receive a call, pause your music and double tap the Ribbon and answer the call hearing it through your speaker system and talking through the Ribbon.  Let’s say it is someone saying you need to call home.  You hang up, tap the Ribbon for Siri and give a call home.  Let’s say the kids are in the car watching a movie on a Bluetooth enabled device such as your phone.  They can watch on the device and listen through the stereo.  This is also great for watching things on your phone or listening while waiting in the car.

It can even help with navigation if your Bluetooth enabled device has a verbal GPS system you can get directions to where you need to be without looking down and the directions come in through your speakers.


Last Call:

The Ribbon is a nifty little device that is much more than just your wireless headphones for your phone.  It is a portable Bluetooth transmitter that is no larger than a little ribbon but has immense possibilities.  BlueAnt has a product I will be using around the house but probably even more so when traveling with new uses coming to mind all the time.

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