The Trooper MVP is Wolfking USA’s latest gaming mouse. While most gaming mice these days are meant to be controlled with your finger tips, us old-timers remember the days when mice were held with your palm. They were days when men were men, women were women….Ah heck, I’m just sayin’. So anyway, the Trooper MVP is like that – you have to palm it as it is a very large and robust gaming mouse. It is also fairly heavy. This can be a double-edged sword as while this makes the mouse extremely smooth to control, it also decreases overall ‘twitch-factor’ which can be important in open-field or QCB situations. For a sniper, however, this will probably be just what the doctor ordered. Especially when we talk about the rapid-fire modes!

But I digress, the Trooper MVP is available in three different trim colors, however the main body remains a black plastic shell, and runs a 2400 dpi Avago laser sensor. This is a good step up from the original Trooper’s 2200 dpi laser sensor (which they don’t advertise sensor-maker on). Slightly above the thumb rest you will find the forward and back buttons and on the top of the unit just below the scroll wheel you will find the rapid-fire and dpi switch buttons.

DPI switching can be temperamental with the MVP. We found that switching while in-game caused us to pull our fingers back from the primary and secondary mouse buttons in order to reach the selector. This left us open to attack for a second every time we switched. It is a functional system but we would like to see the dpi selector button moved forward a bit. The three different settings for the MVP are 800, 1600, and 2400 dpi.

The rapid-fire button is what will light many of your pilots out there. The button is marked with an ‘F’ and is located directly under the scroll wheel and above the dpi button. The rapid-fire button cycles between four modes: ‘none’, ‘2x’, ‘3x’, and ‘4x’ (and the scroll wheel lights up a different color to signify which mode you are on). When you press your primary mouse button while in a rapid-fire mode, the mouse will auto-fire additional rounds for you. While in ‘3x’ mode, one button press will cause three to go off in your game. This makes the mouse IDEAL for sniping as every physical click of your mouse takes additional coordination and causes the mouse to slightly move. Firing with the MVP needs only one button click in ‘4x’ mode. Shoot with that set and four rounds will go on target with one click. Sweet.

The MVP also has a higher frame rate than its predecessor, with 7080 fps compared to 6600 fps. The MVP also requires less power with a 7mA output while moving compared to the original’s 8mA.

Overall, the Trooper MVP is a fine gaming mouse that features a very shooter-friendly rapid-fire mode and smooth action. Unfortunately, its mass and right-handed design will alienate some gamers from using it. Thankfully, it is comfortable and only retails for $49.99, making it an excellent value as well.

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