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First Look At Bethesda’s Brink from E3 2009

GamingShogun met with Bethesda on the first day of E3 2009 to preview their upcoming water-wasteland title: Brink. Brink is being developed by Splash Damage (makers of Return to Castle Wolfenstein).

Set about 40 years in the future, global warming has caused the oceans to rise, flooding most of the surface. The last refuge for humanity is the Ark, a floating city which originally built and designed as a social engineering project… (Cont.)

Movement within the world of Brink has a new feature.  In addition to the standard controls, Brink introduces S.M.A.R.T. movement.  S.M.A.R.T. stands for Smooth Movement Around Random Terrain.  Simply point your character in the direction you want to go, hold the S.M.A.R.T. button, and your character will take the ‘smartest’ route towards that point.  Sometimes this means walking around obstacles, sometimes it means jumping a ledge, grabbing a bar, and swinging up a level.  Without a hands-on demo, it’s hard to tell whether this feature will be a novelty, or will dominate how you move through the game. When engaged it is very reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge movement system (only automatic).

There are two main playable factions in Brink:  refugees, and the security forces attempting to maintain order for the social elite living on The Ark.  Characters are highly customizable, allowing each player to make a truly unique avatar.  One truly unique feature is the ability for gamers to take their single-player mission character and continue their campaign in multiplayer mode.  Need help on a mission?  Call a friend!

The preview highlighted a mission to Container City (picture a shanty town made of lego stacked cargo containers).  The developers showed us how selecting different objectives mid-mission can help guide your team through the action.  If an engineer is needed, but there are no engineer NPCs in the mission, the player can change classes on the fly to fill whatever role is needed.

Action seems intense, and the storyline engaging!  Stay tuned or visit Splash Damage’s Brink site for more info!

E3 2009 – Live Blog of Konami Press Conference

At 2:55pm, tune-in to our coverage of Konami’s E3 2009 press conference courtesy of CoverItLive. This will be our second usage of the live blog system and we hope you enjoy the streaming coverage of the event. Also, feel free to post questions to the reporter on-hand during the show.

Archived E3 2009 Microsoft Press Conference

If you were not lucky enough to catch the LIVE feeds of the big E3 09 press conferences do not worry. Aside from our continuing E3 coverage you can check out the full Microsoft presser below. The Milo demo at the end of their Project Natal stuff is incredible.

GamingShogun Personal Log 3 – E3 2009 Day One Completed

So this is the end of E3 2009: Day One. At least, officially-speaking. We all know that there has been a flurry of activity here over the last couple of days. I just wanted to keep you guys up on current events as well as the coverage we have for you.

Due to the intense schedule I have our reporters chewing on, there has not been a lot of time to post our interview and preview articles. We are tirelessly working through the wee hours to bring you much of the incredible stuff we saw today.

In the meantime, be sure to keep up on all the action at my official Twitter account. Also, check out TheJester’s Twitter account for his take on the day’s events. There are plenty of TwitPics to enjoy as well!

A Look at Mass Effect 2 from Electronic Arts E3 2009 Booth

Thanks to the EA press folks today who granted the old GamingShogun and his cohorts EA Media badges. You see, in all my scheduling I forgot to book anything with EA. Massive doh!

Anyhow, once we got into the EA Media status, we got a behind closed-doors look at the upcoming RPG epic, Mass Effect 2. The demo we were shown featured a few different environments as well as showed off a bit of the game’s new features.

First thing we learned was that Commander Shepard is still alive. At least, for now, but more on that later. It seems that some unknown force is abducting human beings all over the known galaxy and Shepard has been tasked with finding out who… (cont.)
is responsible. So Shepard has to build up a new team to handle this mission which will find him aligning with a pro-human extremist group with some leads into the matter. From the way the developer spoke, it seems that the majority of the game is spent going from planet to planet and building this team.

Then EA showed us a new way to interact with others. Resembling a quick-time event, in some dialogue sequences a button will flash in the lower-left corner of the screen and upon clicking it, Shepard will effect some ‘physical justice’ on whomever he is talking to. This could be a simple shove or something as extreme as pushing a character off a ledge to their deaths (they showed this). All of these actions seem to be negative choices, which fits in with the darker tone of the game. They also showed Shepard and his crew (two unknown individuals) attempting to recruit this renown assassin named Thane.

Thankfully, on the way to Thane they encountered multiple new enemies that we had not seen in the previous game, as well as a few we had… The combat looks a ton more streamlined and is definitely touching more on the line of a shooter. Thankfully they keep their tactical aspect by allowing you to stack-up actions against multiple foes and then returning to real-time to watch them play out. Overall this looks to be a welcome combat upgrade.

The final thing thing they showed us was a ‘spoiler’, SO DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT if you do not want to know it….

The final sequence illustrated the fact that Shepard does not have to survive this game in order to complete it… In this spoiler, the Normandy was shown being destroyed and Shepard made a series of decisions leading to his demise. If this happens, your character will not be allowed to continue him and his stats on to Mass Effect 3…. You have been warned.

Microsoft E3 2009 Presser Completed, Up Next is EA at 2pm pt

Microsoft really had some strong announcements this time around. We learned not only about the announcements of Halo: Reach, Metal Gear: Rising, Left 4 Dead 2, and Project Natal (Milo demo was interesting), but we also learned that the Xbox LIVE system will be getting Facebook and Twitter functionality.

Also, we learned that Halo: ODST would be released come September 22nd and if you purchase it you would be eligible for the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta when that project is ready. In other game news, Final Fantasy XIII will also be coming to the Xbox 360.

While Microsoft saved their Project Natal announcement for the end, I have been a big fan of Halo for a while and thought that and the L4D2 announcement were more exciting. Overall, I would give Microsoft a big two thumbs-up for their presser this year. It was entertaining as well as showed a lot of variety of products off.

Stay-tuned to our LIVE coverage of Electronic Art’s press conference at 2PM, pt.

Watch the BIG E3 2009 Press Conferences LIVE Here

*UPDATE: Microsoft has moved its press conference up five minutes to 10:25am to accommodate a very special surprise. Stay-tuned!

Starting Monday, June 1st, at 10:30am 10:25am watch this article as we at GamingShogun are bringing live, streaming-video coverage of all the big three press conferences courtesy of our friends at G4TV. Sure, we will be bringing you the latest news and whatnot from the show, but what better way to share these big events with you other than live video feeds!

Big Sony Announcement Leaked Early: PSP GO

Meet the PSP Go. This device was going to be one of Sony’s big announcements at their press conference next week during E3 but the news and images of this handheld were leaked early today.

Apparently, Sony believes that what gamers really wanted in their PSP was for it to be smaller ala the Nintendo DS Light. The unit looks to have ditched the UMD drive and features 16GB of onboard memory for your digital-download only games and media. This news really doesn’t blow me away like I was hoping their big announcement would. I did not think the size of the PSP was the problem. If this new unit had a 3G modem on it for digital downloads on-the-go I would be much more enthusiastic. I understand that Sony means this to be a gaming device but in this day and age people expect more from their mobile electronics.

*Updated Thought: And, after hearing about the Zune HD, an HD radio tuner would have rocked as well…

Check out other shots of the device After the Break!

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First Trailer of High Voltage’s The Grinder

The Nintendo Wii is finally getting the blood soaked shooter it so rightly deserves with High Voltage Software’s upcoming The Grinder. Due out in 2010, The Grinder features four-player co-op and pits the gamers against wave after wave of evil creatures.