Author - Jerry Paxton

Thriller Nights Coming to Anaheim Garden Walk

Thriller Nights is a throwback entertainment party celebrating classic horror films and nostalgia of the 80s and 90s.  Produced by Room 2 Party, this 21+ entertainment experience is bringing horror flicks to life with larger-than-life photo spots, delicious specialty cocktails (think: Freddy’s Revenge, Good Guys Juice and Pennywise Surprise), interactive touch-screen game tables, local musical acts belting out the greatest dance anthems from the past, and a DJ who’ll have attendees grooving to those old-school party favorites all night long.

The Thriller Nights pop-up location will be at the 13,000 square foot STC Gardenwalk venue located at 400 West Disney Way, Suite 199 Anaheim, CA 92802 and will be open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays, 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. from September 29 through October 31, 2023 with tickets ranging from $50-$125.

  • $50: Early Bird (First 20 tickets for each date)
  • $60: Basic Zombie
  • $75: Deluxe Slasher
    • Admission
    • One premium cocktail
    • Swag Bag
  • $125: Premium Nightmare
    • Deluxe + reserved VIP seating
    • VIP cocktail service (dedicated server)
    • Ticket to OC Nightmare Haunted House

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Live-Action Trailer with Idris Elba

CD PROJEKT RED has released a new Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty live-action trailer featuring Idris Elba, who portrays a major character in the upcoming expansion — secret agent Solomon Reed.

In the trailer, Idris Elba tells the audience how to survive Night City — a megalopolis where you are stacked against dangerous criminals, corrupted politicians, and powerful arms dealers. The trailer consists of live-action footage and gameplay clips highlighting the high-octane gameplay of Phantom Liberty.

The live-action trailer “All In” was directed by Mike Diva, who previously worked with CD PROJEKT RED on the Run the Jewels “No Save Point” music video promoting Cyberpunk 2077. He has also directed clips for artists such as Doja Cat and Lil Nas X and a series of sketches for Saturday Night Live, including the viral “HBO Mario Kart Trailer.”

The Live-Action Trailer also features a song performed by Idris Elba himself, which can also be found on Darkstar Radio — a new radio station added to Cyberpunk 2077 as part of the game’s free Update 2.0.

Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk 2077’s spy-thriller expansion, is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, and GeForce Now on September 26th, 2023. Players take on the role of V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary for hire who is pulled into the world of spies and political intrigue, joined by sleeper agent Solomon Reed who is played by Idris Elba. More information on can be found on the game’s official website, Facebook, and X.

Official Trailer for V/H/S/85 Available Now

An ominous mixtape blends never before seen snuff footage with nightmarish newscasts and disturbing home video to create a surreal, analog mashup of the forgotten 80s.

Directors: David Bruckner, Scott Derrickson, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Natasha Kermani, Mike Nelson
Producers: Joshua Goldbloom, Brad Miska, David Bruckner, Radio Silence, James Harris, Michael Schrieber, Adam Boorstin
Language: English
Running Time: 110 mins

House of Legacy 4X Game Announced

Conquer, scheme, expand, flourish, ascend! Step into an enthralling world on the cusp of change in House of Legacy, as developer S3 Studio and publisher Thermite Games revealed today both the Steam page and the very first teaser trailer of their latest 4X sandbox strategy game. Take on the role of a visionary leader striving to carve their own path to power amidst the chaos of rebel forces breaching ancient city walls.

As the cool embrace of early autumn sets in and rebel forces threaten the very foundations of civilization, you find yourself leading your surviving kin on an arduous journey across a thousand miles. Seeking refuge in the last bastion of hope, a county seat untarnished by the chaos, you ignited the flames of a nascent dynasty.

House of Legacy offers unparalleled freedom of base-building, allowing you to shape your territory with boundless creativity. Assemble an array of building elements to fashion your empire from the very stones of your vision.

Navigate a labyrinth of relations, alliances, and vendettas with an expansive cast of characters from dozens of noble houses, all through an arsenal of interactive means and a tapestry of unfolding events. Ascend the ranks of a realistic officialdom system, mirroring the intricate web of promotions, rivalries, and administrative acumen from ancient times.

Wield the sword of strategy, lead your legions into battle, and quell insurgencies to ensure the throne stands firm. Forge your legacy amidst the tapestry of time, carving out an estate, nurturing generations, and adapting your clan to the winds of change. Mold and rejuvenate ancestral lands, overseeing the various industries that sustain your lineage.

Bestow your clan members with knowledge, wed them to other houses, and propel your kin to greatness, whether by the ink of imperial exams or the steel of battlefields. Cooperation and conflict with rival houses, including the indomitable royal lineage, are woven into the very fabric of your destiny.

When the mantle of leadership falls upon your shoulders, the canvas of your domain awaits your masterful strokes. Create, dismantle, and reassemble the buildings within your fief as you see fit. Govern your realm with wisdom, presiding over matters both administrative and contentious. Will you be a just ruler or a master of manipulation?

“House of Legacy promises to be a compelling and immersive experience that will challenge players to make critical decisions”, says Xia, the leading producer, “You will engage in complex diplomacy, and demonstrate your strategic brilliance and management competence in a world teetering on the brink of chaos.”

Prepare to embark on a journey of epic proportions and establish your dynasty in a world where power, glory, and survival are at stake. Wishlist House of Legacy on Steam to stay tuned for the latest information. To learn more about the game, please follow them on Twitter/X and join their Discord.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Out Now

Roll out the red carpet! Separate Ways, the highly anticipated story DLC for critically acclaimed Resident Evil™ 4, is now available for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Separate Ways reveals Ada Wong’s side of the story, following the mysterious agent on a secret mission that intertwines with Leon S. Kennedy’s search for the president’s missing daughter. Ada’s adventure takes the survival horror action of Resident Evil 4 to thrilling heights with new gameplay mechanics that deliver an even more exciting and fast-paced experience.

In addition to the arrival of the Separate Ways DLC, new content for The Mercenaries launches today. This free update for the popular extra game mode is available now for all owners of Resident Evil 4 and welcomes Ada Wong and her notorious employer Albert Wesker to the roster of playable characters.

Separate Ways reimagines and builds upon the bonus content from the original game to deliver an expanded new adventure. The story sees the enigmatic Ada Wong infiltrates the European village controlled by Los Iluminados under orders from Albert Wesker to seize the group’s darkest secret: a powerful substance known as “the Amber.” This dangerous assignment leads to an unexpected reunion with Leon S. Kennedy, presenting another perspective on the game’s narrative that answers lingering questions from the main campaign. Ada’s covert journey runs in parallel with Leon’s rescue operation and explores the shadowy events that unfold behind the scenes, revealing the full scope of the story.

The exhilarating gameplay of Resident Evil 4 returns in Separate Ways, empowering players to overcome the horrors that await with precise firearms, intense knife combat, stealth attacks, finishing moves, and more. Separate Ways also introduces a new feature that takes the game’s fast-paced action to a whole new level. Ada can now wield her signature Grappling Gun in battle to launch into melee takedowns from a distance. She can also employ this versatile tool to traverse vast distances and surmount obstacles that would otherwise be impassable.

The Separate Ways DLC is out now for $9.99 USD. Resident Evil 4 is also on sale for a limited time, currently available at a 34% discount for $39.59, making now a great time for newcomers to experience state-of-the-art survival horror.

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode is also set to unleash the game’s full main campaign on PlayStation®VR2 this winter as free DLC. This immersive experience brings the action up close and personal and delivers heightened realism with its intuitive PlayStation VR2 Sense™ controls. Players can also look forward to experiencing Resident Evil 4 on the latest Apple devices when it arrives later this year on iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and every iPad and Mac equipped with the M1 chip or later.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Out Now on Mac and Adds Appearance Changing Ability

Mac users and chronic character re-creators rejoice! Today’s Baldur’s Gate 3 update brings the full release of the critically acclaimed RPG to Mac, and finally allows players to change their characters’ appearance in-game via the Magic Mirror.

Patch 3 also contains many pages of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements. Does your dog begin to float away when he senses the postman is near? Patch 3’s got a fix for that! Read the full patch notes on Steam.

Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror lives in the party’s camp and allows players to change up their appearance whenever they’d like. There are some restrictions: your appearance, voice, pronouns and nether region can be changed, but race/subrace and body type cannot. Origin characters, hirelings, and full illithids cannot use the Magic Mirror, and any cosmetic modifications that are a consequence of gameplay choices will persist – Hag got your eye? Swallow any interesting tadpoles lately? There’s no Magic Mirroring those big life decisions away!

Mac Support

Where previously Mac support was limited to early access, the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available to Mac players via Steam.

As with BG3’s launch on PC earlier this year, early access saves on Mac will not be compatible with the full version of the game. To minimize potential compatibility issues, early access players are encouraged to fully uninstall the early access version of Baldur’s Gate 3 and ensure all mods are removed before installing the latest version of Baldur’s Gate 3. Players can follow this pre-launch guide for best results: Baldur’s Gate 3 – Preparing for Launch

Baldur’s Gate 3 is out now on PC, Mac and PS5, and coming to Xbox later this year.

More information on Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on the official website. You can stay up to date with the latest Larian Studios news via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or the official Discord server.

Pageant of the Monsters Starts October 27th

In a bone-chilling announcement, the Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters has unveiled the theme for the much-anticipated Pageant of the Monsters haunted house: “Maze of the Minotaur.” Only resurrected every 5 years, this spooktacular family-friendly Halloween event will return to Laguna Beach on October 27, 28, 29, and 31, 2023. Tickets are on sale now at

This fall, the Pageant of the Masters’ creative team of artists and technicians have reunited to conjure up the acclaimed Halloween Haunted House as part of the Pageant of the Masters 90th Anniversary celebration. Guests will be directed through the amphitheater, Pageant workshops, and stage, which have been transformed into a series of eerie artistically presented vignettes inspired by ancient Greek mythology and the legend of the terrifying Minotaur.

Those daring enough to enter the Pageant of the Monsters haunted house will find themselves descending into the chilling depths of the labyrinth where the monstrous Minotaur, a nightmarish fusion of man and bull, has been imprisoned. Guests will join the valiant Warrior Theseus who has been tasked with a harrowing mission: to rescue the Minotaur’s captives before they are devoured by the hideous beast. But the peril doesn’t end there; you must also navigate the labyrinth’s twisting passages and unearth its secrets to find a means of escape. It’s an A-MAZE-ing adventure!

After escaping the labyrinth, more ghoulish fun awaits on the Festival of Arts grounds. Tricks and treats abound with spooky side shows, photo opportunities, face painting, games, art projects, and more. Food and drink will also be available to purchase.

Tickets are $20 for adults in advance ($25 at the door) and $10 for children 12 and under. This event is not recommended for children under 5. Tickets are available online at or by calling (800) 487-3378. Costumes may be worn by guests ages 12 and under. Guests 13 and older are not permitted to wear costumes. The event will take place at Festival of Arts, 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Funds for this event are provided in part by the lodging establishments and the City of Laguna Beach. For more information on Pageant of the Monsters visit To stay up to date on all things Pageant of the Masters and Festival of Arts, follow the Festival on social media at @FestivalPageant and visit

Blood Bowl 3 Season 2: Underworld Denizens Trailer

Cyanide Studio and NACON are pleased to announce that the second season of Blood Bowl 3 starts today. New for this season: a new faction, spectator mode and a new Blood Pass! As a reminder, Blood Bowl 3 is available on PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

The second season of Blood Bowl 3 introduces a new faction called the Underworld Denizens, a team composed of the worst creatures of the underworld: Skaven, Goblins, Snotlings & Trolls. The players in this faction are despised by everyone because of their repulsive appearance – caused by mutations from warpstone-infused mushroom elixirs – and because of their particularly underhanded tactics. Although they are quite lightweight in the strength department, except for the Rat Ogres & Trolls, players in this faction can still be formidable opponents because they are highly mobile, and their unusual use of Snotlings as cannon fodder adds strength in numbers. The Underworld Denizens arrive alongside a new, faction-themed pitch, coach, cheerleaders and ball.

Would you rather enjoy the electric atmosphere of Blood Bowl 3 matches from the comfort of the stands? You can now watch matches with the new spectator mode! You can also enjoy new Blood Pass rewards, which can be unlocked throughout Season 2. Coaches who want to refine their strategies will soon be able to relive key match moments and sharpen their analytical skills with the replay mode coming later in the season.

Razer Unveils Host of New Products at RazerCon 2023

Today, Razer CEO and co-founder Min-Liang Tan addressed crowds at the fourth annual RazerCon – a digital celebration of all things gaming!

During his keynote, Min announced the latest products, collaborations, and innovations at Razer, showcasing the company’s mission to seamlessly blend gaming and lifestyle. Announcements included:

Razer Huntsman V3 Pro line: The newest gaming keyboard line, designed in collaboration with esports pros, the Huntsman V3 Pro line will offer an unmatched blend of innovation, precision, and durability. Included in the line are the Huntsman V3 Pro, Huntsman V3 Pro Tenkeyless, and Huntsman V3 Pro Mini.

Razer Blade 16 x Automobili Lamborghini Edition: Created in partnership with Lamborghini, this state-of-the-art gaming laptop combines Razer’s leading gaming technology with Lamborghini’s iconic design.

Ready to Game with Dolce & Gabbana: This newest collab with a world renowned fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana, highlights Razer’s entry into the world of luxury fashion. This collection will feature a thoroughly-curated range of apparel that showcases the essence of both companies. It will also feature the world’s first Razer Chroma RGB gaming chair, the Dolce&Gabbana.

Razer Fujin Pro Chair: Introducing the newest addition to Razer’s award-winning chair line-up. Designed using mesh material, the Fujin Pro provides ultra-breathable mesh and a unique tilt mechanism that adjusts to the user’s movements for peak comfort and lumbar support.

Sustainability: Razer’s sustainability targets were met ahead of schedule, making the event a carbon-neutral livestream. By the end of 2022, 100% of Razer offices worldwide were powered by clean or renewable energy, which is 3 years ahead of the commitment date of 2025.

Razer Axon Create: The AI upgrade of Razer’s well known Axon, which offers high-resolution Razer Chroma integrated wallpapers to millions of users worldwide. With Axon Create, gamers can now harness the power of AI to  design their own high-resolution wallpapers and add their own Chroma effects.

Razer Aether Line: This line consists of several room lights which will extend Razer Chroma RGB beyond the PC, offering a diverse range of lighting options tailored for any style. Products include the Aether Lamp Pro, Aether Lamp, Aether Light Bulb, Aether Light Strip, and Aether Light Strip Extender.

Razer Synapse: Built on three years of insights from Razer users, this reinvented software will perform up to 30% faster than its predecessor, Synapse 3.

Razer Chroma App: A stand-alone app enabling full control of all RGB lighting devices across brands. Now, gamers can choose to utilize Razer Synapse and Razer Chrome independently.

Hellsweeper VR Launch Trailer

Hellsweeper VR, the highly anticipated action-combat virtual reality game from the creators of Sairento VR and published by Vertigo Games, is out now on Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR 2, PICO and PC VR.

A high-octane mission of destruction that takes players into the seething pits of the damned, Hellsweeper VR offers:

  • Intense Limitless Movement – A daring, no-holes-barred locomotion system that pushes the limits of even the bravest of VR players. Defy earthly physics with intense wall-running, power sliding, backflips, jumps, bullet time and more.
  • Master Your Combat Style – Summon, wield & master various weapons and magic combinations. Customize your playstyle by experimenting with various skill traits. Cleave through an undead horde with a claymore; snipe down flying foes from a distance with an antique rifle; turn a foe into a pincushion by summoning a salvo of piercing ice shards or group enemies together with a gravitational vortex and more.
  • Faithful Hellhound Companion – Amid the ceaseless chaos, find solace in the silent loyalty of your hellhound, a faithful companion on your nightmarish journey.
  • Survive in Various Game Modes – Fight through multiple missions and epic boss battles and reap the rewards behind every deathly risk in Roguelike Mode as a single player or in a team of two. In Challenge Mode, prove your mettle in fortnightly challenges and etch your name into the leaderboards. Or define your own rules in the Training Room mode.
  • Content-Rich Experience with High Replayability – Conquer 18 maps, over 10 enemy types with elemental variants and multiple mission types, offering a unique gameplay experience with every run.

And for those who wish to destroy demons with an ally, the maw of hell opens ever wider:

  • Rogue-like mode: Fight rounds with various objectives, to end on a final boss fight. Get rewarded with loot and progress your upgrade your character, weapons or Hellhound
  • Cross Play Support: Thanks to the cross play support it’s as easy as ever to play with your friends. No matter which VR platform they are using.

As you delve into the realm of the deceased, consider our special Digital Deluxe edition of HellSweeper VR, loaded with exclusive extras. Revel in a deeper dive into the grim universe of the game with a digital art book, find solace in your mystic hound companion as you tread through this terrifying journey, and enhance your experience with a chilling soundtrack that perfectly complements your eerie adventure. To discover more, follow these links: Steam VR, PS VR 2 and Meta Quest.

Step forth into the abyss and answer the call of the damned! Follow Hellsweeper VR on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and join the conversation among Hellsweepers on Discord.