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Recipe for Disaster Teaser Trailer Released

Kasedo Games and Dapper Penguin Studios, the makers of hit business tycoon game Rise of Industry, have today announced Recipe for Disaster – a tasty new restaurant sim coming to Windows PC later this year.

Recipe for Disaster is a restaurant management and social simulation game that puts players in the shoes of an inexperienced, but ambitious, head chef working towards fulfilling their lifelong dream of becoming an internationally renowned restaurateur.

Serving up a different challenge to players, Recipe for Disaster explores the complex social relationships between staff and customers, as well as the disastrous and humorous consequences of poor management in the service industry.

“We’re thrilled to be able to announce our continuing relationship with Kasedo Games following our work together on Rise of Industry,” said Alex Mochi, Founder of Dapper Penguin Studios. “We wanted to create a different experience from a standard restaurant tycoon, focussing on the social aspects of the industry, rather than just the day-to-day management. This emphasis on people is what makes Recipe for Disaster truly unique.”

During a typical day, serious personality clashes and major skill gaps within a restaurant’s team of staff can easily disrupt service, whilst the volatile attitudes and tastes of customers may prove to be the barrier that separates players from those all-important positive review scores.

“Anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry knows of that one colleague or customer that makes their day more difficult than it needs to be,” continues Mochi. “Recipe for Disaster embraces those characters and challenges players to overcome those difficulties while still providing a quality service.”

Six Days in Fallujah to Feature Procedural Architecture

Victura and Highwire Games today announced that the upcoming first-person tactical military shooter Six Days in Fallujah will feature a groundbreaking technology developed by Highwire Games called “Procedural Architecture,” which re-shapes the entire battlefield each time the game is played, assembling entire buildings and city blocks procedurally.

Six Days in Fallujah recreates true stories from the 2004 Second Battle for Fallujah, with help from more than 100 Marines, Soldiers, and Iraqi civilians who were present during the battle. It is scheduled for release on PC and consoles in late 2021.

The stories in Six Days in Fallujah are told through gameplay and documentary footage featuring dozens of service members and more than 26 Iraqi civilians with diverse experiences and perspectives about the battle. These eyewitnesses speak directly to players through video and audio, and players solve real-life challenges from the battle during gameplay.

These stories inspired the development team to explore new ways to make tactical military shooters more like actual combat.

“Marines told us they never knew what was waiting behind the next door,” says Six Days in Fallujah’s creative director, Jaime Griesemer. “But, in video games, we play the same maps over and over again. Just knowing the layout of a building in advance makes playing a combat encounter in a video game very different than actual combat.”

“Memorizing maps is fake. It’s that simple,” says Sgt. Adam Banotai, who led a squad of Marines block-by-block through Fallujah. “Clearing an unfamiliar building or neighborhood is terrifying. You have no idea what’s about to happen, and this is one of the reasons we experienced such high casualties.”

To simulate the uncertainty and danger of urban combat, Highwire Games and Victura invested more than three years building technologies that allow a modern game engine to assemble every room in every building procedurally, along with the dynamic AI and sound systems needed to support game environments that do not remain static.

In Six Days in Fallujah, every map is a new map, so players never know what to expect. While mission objectives and events are consistent with the true stories, every scenario becomes a unique experience each time players restart, ensuring no game ever plays the same way twice.

“With Procedural Architecture, even the game designer doesn’t know what’s about to happen in Six Days in Fallujah,” according to Victura CEO Peter Tamte. “And the best way to overcome this uncertainty is by deploying real military tactics, just like you would if you were really there.”

Six Days in Fallujah will launch for PC and consoles in 2021. For more information about the game go to Six Days in Fallujah at Six Days in Fallujah is also on Twitter (@VicturaGG), and YouTube.

THQ Nordic Unveils Ashborne Games

Today THQ Nordic announces the incorporation of its newest studio, Ashborne Games, based in Brno, Czech Republic, and takes a briefly looks into its roots as a developer.

The studio unites different skill sets and experiences across several game genres and business models with titles like Arma, Mafia, Silent Hill: Downpour, Vigor, and the UFO trilogy. It is now focused on laying the groundwork for a brand-new Strategy/RPG IP while simultaneously supporting Comanche in its early access phase along with the game preview.

„Our focus and passion lies in strategy and RPG games. Our goal is to create an authentic gaming experience with sophisticated systems that encourage repeated playthroughs. We believe that’s something that’s really missing on the market.“

– Studio Creative Director Karel Kališ

As of March 2021, Ashborne Games has 38 team members and plans to grow. Open positions can be found on their website’s career page, as well as on LinkedIn. Using Unreal Engine 4’s engine advantages and the team’s expertise, the studio has ambitions to grow and expand the scope of the Strategy and RPG genre.

If you’d like to stay in the loop on what’s happening with the team, you can follow them on their Website, Facebook or Twitter.

SXSW 2021 Gaming Award Winners Announced

South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference and Festivals has announced the winners for the eighth annual SXSW Gaming Awards, recognizing the most creative and influential titles, teams and individuals in the industry. This season crowned winners in 12 different categories recognizing the most innovative and influential titles, teams and individuals in the industry.

The winners were announced during the virtual SXSW Gaming Awards show produced in partnership with IGN and presented by Discord. The ceremony also highlighted exclusive segments of the creative process behind the games, the talent that influenced and advanced the culture of gaming in 2020, and previews of exciting upcoming projects.

This year’s SXSW Gaming Awards included 43 nominees across 12 different categories, with winners determined by a weighted total between staff and advisory board input and public voting.

2021 SXSW Gaming Awards Category Winners

Video Game of the Year
Awarded to the game that exemplifies overall excellence and creates a distinct gaming experience across all platforms and genres.
Winner: Hades — Supergiant Games

Indie Game of the Year
Awarded to the indie game that exemplifies overall excellence and creates a distinct gaming experience across all platforms and genres.
Winner: Deep Rock Galactic — Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Tabletop Game of the Year
Awarded to the game that exemplifies overall excellence and ingenuity of any tabletop game in any genre.
Winner: The Search for Planet X — Renegade Game Studios / Foxtrot Games

VR Game of the Year
Awarded to the VR game that exemplifies overall excellence in gameplay and design across any VR platform.
Winner: Half-Life: Alyx — Valve

Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation Award
Awarded to the game that best challenges the “norm” of everyday gaming and offers a culturally innovative view of a game world, character, or gameplay.
Winner: Dreams — Media Molecule / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Excellence in Animation, Art, & Visual Achievement
Awarded to the game with the most well-designed and stunning visuals, including animation effects and graphics.
Winner: Ghost of Tsushima — Sucker Punch Productions / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Excellence in Game Design
Awarded to the game with the best overall design concept, gameplay mechanics, and best execution.
Winner: Hades — Supergiant Games

Excellence in Score
Awarded to the game that best exemplifies artistic excellence in musical score and how it progresses the narrative of the game.
Winner: Ori and the Will of the Wisps — Moon Studios / Xbox Game Studios

Excellence in Multiplayer
Awarded to the game with the best player-to-player interaction experience.
Winner: Deep Rock Galactic — Ghost Ship Games / Coffee Stain Publishing

Excellence in Narrative
Awarded to the game with the best storyline and dialogue.
Winner: The Last of Us Part II — Naughty Dog / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Excellence in Audio Design
Awarded to the game with the most outstanding and impactful sound effects.
Winner: DOOM Eternal — id Software / Bethesda Softworks

Excellence in Technical Achievement
Awarded to the game that pushed the capabilities of technology and programming furthest or most effectively.
Winner: Microsoft Flight Simulator — Asobo Studio / Xbox Game Studios

NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection Digital Deluxe Edition Announced

Today, KOEI TECMO America and famed developer Team NINJA revealed the latest pre-order and Digital Deluxe information for their upcoming title, NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection. The trilogy, containing classic game NINJA GAIDEN Sigma alongside beloved titles NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2 and NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge will release digitally on June 10, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 (playable on PlayStation®5 via Backward Compatibility), the Xbox One consoles (playable on Xbox Series X|S via Backward Compatibility), and Windows PC via Steam®.

The special Digital Deluxe Edition allows fans and newcomers alike to dive deeper into the thrilling non-stop action world of NINJA GAIDEN. The special edition includes a beautifully vibrant 70-page digital art book, a soundtrack featuring over 180 tracks, and all three games in this knockout collection.

KOEI TECMO America also announced various pre-order bonuses available for both the Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions of NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection. Those who pre-order the Standard or Digital Deluxe version on PlayStation 4 will receive a special theme for their console and five NINJA GAIDEN themed avatars, while those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe version on Xbox One will receive 10% off of their purchase. Bonuses available for Nintendo Switch and Steam pre-orders, alongside the dates they will go live, will be revealed in the coming weeks on the KOEI TECMO Twitter account.

The NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection brings the renowned action games to PC and consoles, allowing fans to once-again experience the tale of “super ninja” Ryu Hayabusa as he battles deadly fiends causing chaos around the world. NINJA GAIDEN Sigma, originally released in 2007, set the standard of high-speed action for the series – introducing dual-wielding weapons, and a Mission Mode alongside its gripping Story Mode. NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2, originally released in 2009, continued Hayabusa’s journey alongside characters Ayane, Rachel, and Momiji, with four difficulty levels testing player’s battle techniques with every heart-stopping fight. The latest entry, NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge, originally released in 2012, upped the challenge with powerful new enemies and fiercely violent depictions, as well as bringing Kasumi into the action, making it the series’ most alluring white-knuckle experience to date.

For all of the latest news on the NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection, check out the official site, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter @koeitecmoUS.

Outriders 101 Trailer Premieres at Square Enix Presents

SQUARE ENIX® today premiered an in-depth 101 trailer for OUTRIDERS™, the high-intensity RPG-Shooter from People Can Fly®, the developers of Gears of War: Judgment and BULLETSTORM®, and Square Enix External Studios, the minds behind JUST CAUSE® and SLEEPING DOGS®, at the company’s flagship digital showcase event, SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS.

Following a successful demo that drew over 2 million players in the first week and gave you a first look at OUTRIDERS dark sci-fi story campaign, intense combat, powerful loot, and deep RPG systems, the ‘This is OUTRIDERS 101’ trailer presents more information on what comes next in the full journey across Enoch.

The demo is just the beginning, OUTRIDERS offers a massive 30+ hour journey across a wild and hostile planet, as you uncover the mystery behind the signal emanating from somewhere beyond the horizon and grow your abilities to become more powerful than anyone can imagine. Scavenge brutal and twisted weapons and gear, and customize them with a vast array of mods that alter gameplay, as you utilize a flexible class build system to create your own unique playstyle. When OUTRIDERS launches on April 1, you will become a demi-god on the battlefield and the unlikely last hope for Humanity.

Audiences can also feast their eyes on an all-new OUTRIDERS ‘Appreciate Power’ CGI trailer that gives a look at the wild and hostile world of Enoch.

The OUTRIDERS demo is available now, free for everyone to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam and GeForce NOW.

OUTRIDERS will be available on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PC Steam, Epic Store and GeForce NOW and Google Stadia on April 1, 2021.

Watch the full SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS show here:

For more information, visit

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords Out Now

One of 2020’s most celebrated games gets its first new content today. Crusader Kings III, Paradox Interactive’s strategy role-playing game about medieval dynasties, expands with a new flavor pack highlighting one of the game’s most popular regions.

Northern Lords adds greater depth and variety to the Norse cultures of medieval Europe through a series of new events, options and decisions. With more detail on Norse religion, raiding and internal disputes, this flavor pack is now available at major online retailers and the Paradox Store for $6.99/£5.19/€6.99

Features of Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords include:

  • Norse Adventurer Realms: Norse characters may abandon their own homes and lead hosts into foreign lands to establish their own kingdoms.
  • Jomsvikings and Shieldmaidens: Norse holy warriors and stalwart shieldmaidens take up arms on your behalf, while poets can compose stinging rebukes or romantic overtures.
  • New Cultural Content: Special Norse dynastic legacies, Norse blot sacrifices, trials by combat and cultural innovations as well as numerous new events add additional color.
  • New Art and Music: Original art and musical score to enhance your playing experience.
  • And more: Berserkers, missionaries, runestones, Varangian adventurers, new decisions and other highlights from the exciting history of the Norse people.

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords will be accompanied by a free update that adds harsher winter conditions to the map, as well as character duels and a new poet trait.

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Console Launch Trailer Released

El Hijo – the son – literally shows in this thrilling and family-friendly outlaw action-adventure that the Wild West is no country for old men, but for a kid to conquer. With the weapons and the wit of a child, he is out to finally be reunited with his mother after tragedy struck and the family got separated.

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is coming to Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on March 25th, 2021.

With tricky puzzles, shady monks, and dancing cowboys, playing through this gloomy, yet wholesome, adventure is sometimes quite challenging. What happens if a diversion fails and your fireworks hit the pecking chicken instead of an opponent?

FIRST Official Announcement Trailer

Well, this problem keeps me awake at night. My name is Waldek from SurvGames studio and I wanted to introduce you new game called FIRST. It’s a survival simulator with horror elements that aims to convince players that we can survive only by working alongside nature! But first, take a look at the apocalyptic trailer.

A terrifying vision, isn’t it? I did include some supernatural elements in my game, but its message remains relevant in the real world as well. In FIRST, players take on the role of the last man on Earth, who travels the world with his rescued dog to uncover the mystery of the end of the world. Who knows, maybe it is their duo that will help and restore the mankind? The heroes will travel through many different locations, from radioactive wastelands to destroyed towns, and sometimes even will have to face the monstrous creatures that appeared on Earth. Screenshots below will tell even you more than words.

Knott’s Berry Farm Taste of Boysenberry Festival 2021 Review

After the state-wide shutdown during Winter due to COVID-19, it was a welcome breath of fresh air this weekend as we got to attend the Taste of Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm. As the shutdown has lifted and the state edges closer to the re-opening of theme parks (which will most likely happen in May), this very well could be the last tasting event put on by the park. If it is the swansong of the tasting event series, which Knott’s has perfected to an utter art form at this point, it will no doubt be the best.

Of course, the Taste of Boysenberry Festival is a tasting event – so, it’s mainly about the food. Thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint in that department either. For the $45 dollar entry fee, guests are each given a tasting card good for five free tasting portions of whatever festival food they prefer. The tasting cards make for great souvenirs and contain a listing of all the various food and drink items as well as the corresponding map location at which they can be found. I got the chance to taste a good number of items – even paying a la carte for some once I ran out of tastings! My favorite Taste of Boysenberry Festival items were the Boysenberry Fun Bun, the BBQ Brisket with Mac & Cheese, and the Beef Stew and Rice dishes. Even though these are technically tastings, the portions were ample and I can’t see someone being very hungry after using up their five tastings. The Taste of Boysenberry Festival drinks are incredible – my favorite being the berry cider! The Boysenberry Beer was very good as well, but the cider had a very light and effervescent quality to it that couldn’t be beat!

Walking around the park was an absolute delight, with hand sanitizer stations and social distancing markers dotting the landscape. Going the extra mile, Knott’s has dedicated staff walking around with signs stating that face and nose coverings are required. The best part of that was when the employee would spot someone not following the rules – they actually intervened and had them mask up. As far as an event being COVID-conscious, the Taste of Boysenberry Festival is numero uno. Despite some congestion in the park’s Ghost Town area, I never felt like my personal space was being encroached on at all or that I was being unnecessarily subjected to scary pathogens.

Even though the Knott’s Berry Farm’s various rides are not operating at the moment, the Taste of Boysenberry Festival is not without entertainment. There are numerous gigs happening all around the park. In Ghost Town, you’ll find the random park character performing or greeting guests as they walk by and there is even a somewhat smaller version of the craft village to be found. Along the various vendor booths, you can find all sorts of gifts and items. There is even a booth selling honey which features some live bees in a small apiary that you can look at via glass panels. There are also several stages set up around the park, each with their own show to take in.

Parking for the Taste of Boysenberry Festival is free (unlike some other theme park’s in SoCal) with the purchase of the $45 dollar tasting card. Universal Studios and now Disneyland have both begun tasting/food events of their own but neither get close to the quality and value of those events put on by Knott’s Berry Farm.

The Knott’s Berry Farm Taste of Boysenberry Festival runs from March 5 through May 2. Ticket, venue, food information, and more can be found over at Knott’s Berry Farm’s official website.

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