Author - Jerry Paxton

Street Fighter 2 Gets Director

TheMovieBlog is reporting that the new Street Fighter movie has a director. Did we really need another Street Fighter movie? Did you come running out of the theatre as a kid going, ‘Hell yes that movie was rad!’? No. No one did.

All I ask is for gills

Yahoo reports that regulators in Great Britian have approved the creation of human-animal hybrids which will be 99.9% human and 0.1% animal for ‘research purposes.’  

The creations will not mature into live infants, but kept in the embryonic stage.  Anonymous sources close to the story revealed that human-animal hybrids are but the first step in a set of instructions from an apparent alien race to allow us to develop the technology to match human DNA with a sample provided by the alien race.  We’ve chosen a female because she’d be more docile.