Author - Jerry Paxton

Hellgate Pre-Order Benefits has posted the official benefits package for pre-ordering the game. In short:

Become a member of the beta program running from Sept 17th to Oct 7th.

Get a special dye package for your armor.

Be eligible for the founder’s price of $145 for a lifetime membership to the multiplayer mode of the game.

Now I did pre-order the collector’s edition of this game but I wasn’t really looking forward to multiplayer action yet. I liked the idea of my lone Paladin slashing up the forces of evil. But what do I know, I am just the GamingShogun.

Porn Industry Getting Ready to Take On BitTorrent Sites

TorrentFreak is reporting that porn industry leaders met in a three hour conference designed to come up with effective methods of fighting torrent-shared porn. Possibilities include creating a porn-based RIAA/MPAA analogue and creating forums where users can be rewarded for turning in leads pointing to stolen content.

I don’t really see either of these being all that effective, they could really learn from the mistakes made by the RIAA and MPAA here, both of which have (despite their best efforts) failed to stop the sharing of copyrighted material.

People are going to steal and share copyrighted work until the end of time, perhaps it is time for these industries to provide a low-cost online distribution method that encourages people to buy instead?

Alex Garland Halo 3 Script

1up has Alex Garland’s (28 Days Later) Halo movie script. It comes in at 128 pages that I loved SO MUCH I read through all of them in a little under an hour. Man this would have been an amazing movie. Possibly the BEST movie of a video game ever made.

Megaupload has the link to download the whole script, so you dont have to settle for the excerpts posted on 1up.

Did You Buy A Lisa When They Came Out?

BBSpot reports that Steve Jobs, in addition to offering an iPhone early adopter $100 in store credit, is offering a $7000 in store credit for anyone who was an early adopter of the Apple Lisa. All you need is your receipt and UPC from the box and it is all yours.