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EA Sports Not Receiving Christmas Card from UFC President Anytime Soon

The President of the UFC, Dana White, has some harsh words for video game mega-entity EA Sports. In an interview with MMAjunkie, White claims that EA Sports was only interested in creating an MMA game after seeing the success that UFC Undisputed 2009 (THQ) is enjoying and that any fighters who sign their likenesses over to EA Sports will no longer be in the UFC.

White seems irritated that a year and a half ago, EA Sports declined to do a UFC game with them, telling them ‘You’re not a real sport’.

Via MMAjunkie

Heavy Rain is On-Schedule for an Early 2010 Release

According to Quantic Dream co-CEO and EGDF, chairman Guillaume de Fondaumiere, their upcoming PS3 interactive-movie Heavy Rain is doing very well. Guillaume claims the game is coming in both ‘on-time’ as well as ‘on-budget’, making Heavy Rain on-target for its early 2010 release on the Playstation 3.

If you are unfamiliar with Heavy Rain, you can checkout a stage demo video from this year’s E3 After the Break!.

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New District 9 Trailer Makes Me Wish Bloomkamp Was Directing Halo Right Now

Okay, so it is not gaming news, but I could not help brighten your otherwise slow news-day with the new theatrical trailer for Neil Bloomkamp’s upcoming alien-refuge epic: District 9. Due out in theaters August 14th, District 9 tells the documentary-style tale of aliens who are refugees on our planet.

For those of you who remember, director Neil Bloomkamp also did the amazing Halo – Landfall videos prior to Halo 3’s release. Between those and this film, a movie studio would be plain stupid not to give him the Halo feature.

Videos Tease A New MechWarrior Game Possibly from Piranha Games

Three new videos have surfaced today over at VoodooExtreme being touted as teaser videos to a brand-new MechWarrior game being developed by Piranha Games (Transformers 2). We have sent emails to them for confirmation but doubt we will hear anything until an official release is sent out (or a bigger trailer released) – hopefully later this week!

In the meantime, enjoy the following three videos (see the other two teasers After the Break)!

The Secret of Monkey Island Comparison Screenshots

LucasArts has released some new screenshots comparing the original The Secret of Monkey Island with the new graphics featured in the game’s upcoming ‘Special Edition’. The game will be released on July 15th and feature 1080i visuals as well as a new musical score.

Check out the new comparison screens After the Break!

LucasArts Announces Old PC Titles Will Available via Steam

Remember the Twitter discussions over the weekend on the upcoming LucasArts announcement for Monday (today)? We have just received word that the company has announced they are unleashing a large number of their old PC titles to Valve’s Steam system beginning on July 8th.

The first round of games to the service will consist of:
* Armed and Dangerous™
* Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis
* Indiana Jones® and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
* LEGO® Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure
* Star Wars Battlefront® II
* Star Wars Republic Commando®
* Star Wars Starfighter™
* The Dig®
* Thrillville®: Off the Rails™

Personally, I was hoping for a full-fledged sequel to an older PC title. This is a bit of a let-down. Hopefully, LucasArts has heard our pleas and is working on something big for us in the near-future.

Windows 7 Beta Shutdowns Start Today

So you are going about your business, playing a rousing game of whatever on your gaming rig running Windows 7 and wham! Your PC turns off, what gives? Well, chances are you are running the beta version of Windows 7, which begins automatically shutting down every couple of hours today. Your beta license has expired and it is suggested that you install Windows 7 RC1 instead. However, be warned that that version will begin doing the same thing on March 1st of next year.

Batman: Arkham Asylum PC Achievements Released

If you are a PC gamer planning to pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum on August 25th on both PC and Xbox 360 platforms, you may want to take a look at the list of Games for Windows LIVE achievements released today. The game features 47 of them, totaling in the magic amount 1,000 gamerscore points. We can only assume that the Xbox 360 version will have the same achievements, but will await on totally confirming this until that list is released.

Via Xbox360Achievements