PARIS, FRANCE – January 30, 2020 – Today, Novaquark have released the latest update to their sci-fi MMO Dual Universe. The Alpha 3, entitled ‘Shattered Alliances’, is packed with new features and enhancements, and stays true to the scheduled release roadmap of the game. The following trailer showcases what players can expect in the latest release:

One of the most significant highlights is the arrival of PvP combat, the first of its iterations in Dual Universe. Future updates will include new combat types, added features, and balancing to build upon the Alpha 3 version. In this update, players can take to the skies and duke it out between constructs, whether it’s small skirmishes or large-scale warfare between organizations.

And speaking of organizations, they’ve officially been included in-game in this latest release. Players can join forces and build anything from clubs to widespread factions, using the game’s deep organization system, which includes the ability to assign roles to individual members and manage the group’s shared assets to key players with the rights and duties management system (RDMS).

There have also been a host of new changes to the game’s market and economy, the inclusion of surface gathering which allows players to harvest basic elements from rocks, and improvements to piloting, among other things. “These are some of the most impressive features we’ve added to Dual Universe,” said CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie. “The way we handle organizations is way more advanced than traditional MMO guilds, especially with the RDMS system. And we’re very excited to finally release combat for the first time.”

With the arrival of construct-vs.-construct PvP and in-game organizations, the last of Dual Universe’s fundamental gameplay pillars — building, exploration, social, economy, RPG elements, and PvP — have been launched. After adding these core building blocks to Dual Universe, the team can now focus on improving the overall player experience, polishing the game’s mechanics, and preparing for this year’s Beta 1 release.

“With this Alpha, we’re one step closer to fulfilling our goal of creating a metaverse,” said Baillie. “As we continue to deliver more and more features, we’re providing players with tools to create amazing experiences. This is a fantastic start to 2020, and looking at what’s ahead, the Dual Universe community has a lot to be excited about.”

Sci-fi fans can jump right into the Dual Universe experience now for $60 USD/60 Euros. Pledge packs and more information can be found on the game’s website. Dual Universe’s Beta 1 launch is expected this summer, with the full game releasing in 2021.

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