August 28, 2019 – YGGdrazil Group Co. Ltd and Ningbo Inception Media Group today announced Home Sweet Home Episode 2 will release on Steam this September 25th, the follow up to the cult classic Home Sweet Home. Blending classic first-person gameplay, mind-bending puzzles, and a terrifying story steeped in classic Thai folklore, Home Sweet Home Episode 2 brings a number of new gameplay features and story surprises that promise to fill every gamer’s heart with excitement and terror.

Continuing immediately off where the first Home Sweet Home game ended, the main character Tim begins his earnest search for his missing wife, Jane. Awakening in a dark and strange forest, he’s immediately set upon by its crazed inhabitants, who appear to be more spirit than human. Using stealth and combat, a first for the series, Tim must sneak, kill and solve puzzles as he makes his way through the forest and beyond in a desperate search for his missing wife. Along the way he’ll also have to contend with a mysterious Thai dancer, who appears when Tim is at his most vulnerable and whose deadly touch is capable of making short work of him. Along the way, Tim will also discover the sinister and mysterious connection between the dancer and his wife, a revelation perhaps best left unknown.

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