September 20, 2018 – After 5 years of development to become Stardock’s biggest release ever, we’re pleased to announce Star Control®: Origins™, our sci-fi adventure RPG is now available.

In Star Control: Origins’ adventure mode, players will take control of Earth’s first interstellar ship to discover dozens of unique alien races, one of which is the mysterious Scryve who apparently want to completely destroy all traces of human life. Befriend strange extraterrestrials, gather resources from thousands of planets, and engage any hostile aliens as you set out to save humanity from a number of unknown threats.

Players looking to directly engage in space combat will want to check out the Fleet Battles mode. In it, players can partake in multiplayer ship-to-ship combat against opponents both online and locally as they pilot vessels featured in adventure mode and custom ships created within the Ship Crafting system. Players have total control over how a custom ship looks, as well as what weapons and defenses it’ll wield.

For more information on today’s release and a look at our launch trailer, please check out our latest news post.

Star Control: Origins is now available for $39.99 on most major stores including Steam and direct from Stardock.

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