The press releases have happened, hands have been shaken, products have been showcased, and the press has tried to capture what they can of the information tsunami that was CES 2016.  The event is second only to the European show IFA in size and attendance and that is arguable because of how just how much of CES takes place off of official show floor in suites, trailers, and tents.  It is so large that it is easy to miss thousands of things while trying to see others.  So here is what I managed to see on my running around town making sure to try to see some of my friends who make it out for the event while at the same time seeing the technology of tomorrow from giants such as LG and Panasonic – a glimpse into our future lives… if we can afford it.

Drones, VR headsets, OLED displays, Ultra HD TVs and yet I still got to stop by booths with phone cases and notice trends such as smart cars, larger cupped headphones, and Google Cardboard based headsets.  Smart homes have settled heavily in the kitchen with refrigerators and ovens more widely being showcased by larger companies doing things smaller companies did years ago.  It’s like a sea of circuses with people like Noel Lee, “The Head Monster” at Monster, spinning on his Segway while spherical video rooms whirl with excitement. walked the great show spaces and small meeting cubicles to try to bring you a visual glimpse of the “Electronic Disneyland” that is opened long enough to wear anyone down and yet never long enough to see everything you want.  Just make sure you hit Stern Pinball every year.  In the middle of madness, a game of pinball with the same beautiful physics from your childhood still intact will help maintain perspective when walking through the future.  This year, they brought back the classic “Whoa Nellie”, a very historical machine with a mischievous subject matter.  For now though, remember if you ever hit the show stay hydrated, take vitamins and get your flu shots, though this is a worldly show with worldly ailments as well.

Here is our CES 2016 Photo Gallery

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