I test a lot of headsets and sometimes simpler is better. I have a fancy pair which I love but generally keep plugged into the same device because setting it up for other devices can be a pain. Sometimes more features also means more weight which you wind up feeling during marathon game sessions. That’s why I found myself going back to the Wicked Audio Evac Headphones for both around the house and while on the go.  That is, when I can pry them away from my wife…

You’re part of an elite group and you expect more from your headphones. Wicked Evac fulfills that expectation. With its against the grain attitude and its no limits sound quality, Wicked Evac will be the last thing you see before you lose touch with reality and get lost in your music.


  •  Braided cords are more rugged, last longer, don’t get tangled, look sexy and help eliminate sound traveling up the headphones cords. Naked cords are so last year.
  •  These headphones can fold up to be smaller to more easily fit in your backpack, fanny pack, satchel, and you get the idea, you’re a smart person.
  •  You’re going to get Earth shattering, rock you to the core, ghetto blaster bass! Bass so kind it will put a smile on your face for days.
  •  Don’t put up with listening to that loud mouth or screaming kid. Plug in & Rock out undisturbed with our noise isolation headphones. You’ll be glad that you did.


Hands On:
My wife is not a headphones kind of person, she would rather go with earbuds during travel instead of the bulk of cans as they tended to make her ears sore. Then the Wicked Audio Evacs arrived in the mail and she looked at them with a bit of interest. They are low profile with a unique design very reminiscent of older military cans like you would see on M.A.S.H. or a WWII submarine movie. The simple braided cord adds to this and where you would expect the unit’s emblem on the can is the simple but stylish Wicked Audio logo. It has an understated style but definitely a style nonetheless. People will check them out as they are hanging around your neck or over your ears. Once she heard their quality it was game over for me, they became hers. She listens to them on trips to block out the drone of engines or kids on planes and to get a good night’s sleep when the house gets noisy. The curved cups and padding make them comfortable while sleeping and the collapsible cups means they slip into a carry-on with easy. If you see my wife the Wicked Evacs are nearby.

When I saw that Wicked Audio had made some improvements to the Evacs my wife and I both loved I bugged my EIC for the chance to review them. This would give me a chance to use them for a while and give them up to my wife eventually so she could switch out. Once I experienced the improvements though I realized I will not have them for long.

The main improvements are in the bass quality which had been given an inline boost. While we aren’t the kind of people who go thumping beats all over the place we do appreciate crystal clear sound quality and solid repetition of all the sounds including the bass line. The Wicked Audio Evacs handle them at a fraction of the cost of most headsets, especially designer ones.

The other big improvement is in the cushioning of the cups which were a bit stiff on the earlier model but have been filled with what almost feels like memory foam now making them even more comfortable whether on the go or catching some Zs. The comfort doesn’t come at the cost of sound isolation either, if anything it seems a bit better.

Last Call:
I’m using the Wicked Audio Evacs right now as I write this for I know my time with them is short. Once the wife gets her hands on these and notices the improvements, my dreams of his and her Evacs will fade away That is, unless she lets me have the old pair. Of course, these quality cans are such an economical deal that worse comes to worse I can pick up my own. If you feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on headsets that deliver equivalent sound, feel free. Meanwhile, I just saw a pair of these on sale for $30. I hope this means that eventually the Wicked Audio logo will be as recognizable as some of the more expensive ones and that headsets like these that look just as stylish with a suit as they do a hoodie will be more the norm.

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