There are all kinds of social simulation games out there. Some use a ‘Second Life’ system where you build houses and have full online lives and loves. Others allow gamers to design skyscrapers, regulating elevators and setting rent values. Then there are city sims, which have taken on many faces over the years – from trailer parks to theme parks, the latter being one of the most diverse and popular.  Who doesn’t like the idea of making a theme park, balancing scenery and setting with distances and facilities?  Wish a park had high-G rides?  Build them, but remember to have trash cans near the entrance, because there will be protein spills!  Adventure Park takes all these things into consideration and more, giving you a nice in-depth sim game while allowing you to still enjoy the rides.

What would you do with the power to create the theme park of your dreams? Perhaps you would become the brilliant creator of a rollercoaster kingdom, the architect of inspiring landscapes, or even the tyrannical overlord of high-priced concessions. It’s your park, your rules. Adventure Park, available now for PC on Steam, gives you the power to build and control every facet of your own personal theme park and take a seat to experience it all firsthand. Hire the workers, invest in new rides, shape the landscapes, and above all, keep your customers happy. With a touch of creativity and a keen mind for business, you can turn a barren plot of land into a stunning empire.



  • Build the theme park of your dreams! Play in Campaign Mode or in Free Play on one of eight different maps.
  • Roller coasters and more! Offer your visitors lots of exciting attractions (e.g. Freefall Tower, Ferris Wheel). Use different types of tracks and the intuitive, grid-free track building system to construct spectacular rides to delight the park’s visitors.
  • Adventuring will get you hungry…and thirsty! Provide the appropriate infrastructure in the park, with food stands, souvenir shops and the right staff (e.g. gardeners), so that your guests will always feel at home.
  • The best managers have always got everything under control! The only way to ensure your park is a success is to always keep an eye on all the goings-on in the park and know how to manage them with skill. The comprehensive management system is structured intuitively, while still offering a challenge for more experienced players.
  • A theme park where there’s always something to be smartened up! A whole load of items such as statues, fountains, lamps, fences, rocks and plants allow you to design the park just as you like it.


Hands On:
Everybody poops.  This should be the first rule of any decently defined simulation which tries to have a solid AI.  If a game requires players to build bathrooms, then you know they are trying for at least a certain degree of realism.  Adventure Park, in turn, requires restaurants, bathrooms, trash cans (particularly outside the Puke-A-Wheel), cleaning crews, gardeners for foliage, and lots of repairmen to keep the coasters on the tracks.  That being said, you can also avoid most of the micromanaging by just making sure you have a solid staff and put a potty near any food sources.  You can concentrate on the thing you are really playing the game for: designing your dream coasters.

There is both campaign and free play modes to choose from, which is great because sometimes you want to complete the specific tasks that the creators intended and sometimes you just want to make a beastly coaster with massive Gs that barely stays on the tracks and requires two expert technicians to keep from crumbling apart.  The campaign mode does a great job of coming up with challenges and a wide variety of maps to work with as well as very unique scenarios.  The free play does a terrific job of maintaining the laws of physics so that you can’t make a coaster that would leave Newton cursing at you.  Be warned, however, as you can make coasters that physically hurt your riders if it is too extreme.

Adventure Park does a nice job of giving you options when it comes to plants and decorations so that for example one of the options is a jack-o-lantern but there are multiple colors, faces and sizes to choose from so that all your decorations don’t look alike, you have a chance to really create your own unique vision.


Last Call:
Adventure Park is a solid theme park simulator that allows you to both play a structured game if you want completing challenges and still allows you the free play option that makes it possible to make the park of your dreams without worrying about failing missions.  There is depth to the game such as needs for trash cans, bathrooms and price setting but at the same time it doesn’t bog you down so greatly that you lose the joy of making roller coasters, which is really the draw to this type of game in the first place.  I recommend this for any city or theme park simulator fan.

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