Genius has released their Maurus X gaming mouse and we were lucky enough to check one out. The Maurus X was designed with first-person shooter gamers in mind, and says so right on the packaging. Genius has clad the Maurus X mostly in black plastic with red accents and the mouse features a nice, rubberized sides to hold on to. Genius GX Gaming has also given the Maurus X some red lighting to accent the overall look of the mouse, and the pulsation and intensity of this lighting can be adjusted in the included software.

The mouse has a moderately-sized footprint and ambidextrous layout, and I found that “palm” PC gamers should have no problem using it. “Claw” gamers will have to work a bit to get used to the added weight of the mouse, but I digress… Speaking of weight, the Maurus X is hefty, with an additional 50G of metal weight built into it. The nice thing about this weight is that it makes the Maurus X very precise and stable. It smooths out the mouse’s movements and won’t jump around as much as lighter mice do when the player does things like breathe or cough.



Official Specifications

  • Professional 6-button FPS gaming mouse
  • Over-clocking SGCi: dpi in 800/1600/2400/3200/4000
  • Instant DPI switch button with minor adjuster function
  • Response within 1ms; 8-times quicker than standard response
  • Scorpion Gaming User Interface with five profile settings
  • Metal weight to enhance hand grip and feel
  • Onboard memory to prevent game block
  • 1.8 meter braided cable with gold-plated USB connector
  • Enlarged length and rubber finish grip for total control


The Maurus X also features six mouse buttons which can be programmed and assigned macros via the included Genius GX Gaming control software. Additional accessories include another set of mouse feet to replace the existing ones on the mouse when they get worn out. It is a nice bit of added value that will extend the lifespan of the Maurus X quite a bit. At the heart of the Maurus X is an Avago ADNS3090 optical sensor capable of up to 4000DPI in 800DPI increments and a 32-bit processor.

Using the Maurus X, I was continually impressed by how precise it was. Moving and shooting in games like Battlefield 3 and Arma 3, I found the mouse to definitely enhance the overall experience. Some reviews have claimed that the Maurus X felt rough when sliding across a mouse pad. I did not find this to be the case. It should be noted that the packaging also claims that the Maurus X was designed with MMOs in mind. With its macro capabilities and precise movement, I can see why and had no problems using the Maurus X in EverQuest (it’s the only free to play MMO I have on my PC right now).

The biggest detriment to choosing the Maurus X is that, for slightly more than its $61 dollar price point, there are more robust mousing options on the market. Features like lift-off height, more or less than 800DPI increments of adjustment, etc are not to be found on this mouse and more advanced players may want them.

Overall, the Genius GX Gaming Maurus X gaming mouse is a fine choice for fragging your enemies with. If I were a pro RTS or FPS player seeking additional customization and sensitivity options, I would probably select a different mousing solution. However, for the casual to mid-level FPS or MMO players, you will be very happy with the Maurus X. The Genius GX Gaming Maurus X mouse retails for about $61 dollars and is available at online retailers now.

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