L4-02Late last year, Lonex released its line of airsoft guns based on the M4A1 carbine. Visually, this line of airsoft guns looks very similar to the real steel models they are replicating with almost identical black anodized coatings. The line comes in three flavors: A 10.5″ inch barrel, 14.5″ inch barrel, and 16″ inch barrel. Aside from the inner and outer barrel length differences, there is very little separating the three apart. We were able to look at their middle-length model, the L4-02 with the 14.5″ inch barrel.

Product Features (External Casing)

  • Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Aluminum Alloy Outer Barrel
  • Aluminum Alloy Sight and Flash Hider
  • Nylon plus Fiber Handguard, Grip and Stock
  • 360 Rd Flash Magazine

Product Features (Internal)

  • Reinforced 8mm Gear Box Ver.2
  • Reinforced Steel Gear Set
  • Durable Standard Motor
  • Reinforced Cylinder Set
  • Temperature Electric Switch
  • Enhanced Nylon Hop-Up Set

L4-02 Specific Features

  • Item No: L4-02
  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Length: 790mm -890mm
  • Barrel Length: 14.5”
  • Weight: 3015g
  • Magazine Capacity: 360rd
  • Muzzle Velocity: 100MPS

With these new airsoft guns, Lonex has put a lot of effort into increasing their already well-known reputation. The guns feature a reinforced 8mm gearbox (with steel bearings) and gears as well as a nylon hop-up unit. Additionally, the guns feature aluminum alloy bodies and outer barrels with a durable nylon fiber handguard, grip, and stock. I had my airsoft tech take a look at the gearbox and he was very impressed with it.

In terms of out-of-the box performance, these features are serving Lonex well. In our tests, with .20g BBs, we averaged about 430 FPS – which is VERY respectable when you consider that, in outdoor field play, you will want to run at least .25g BBs in the rifle. Of course, some fields do not allow airsoft guns firing above 400 FPS with .20g BBs, so that might be an issue. If you are part of a milsim group, however, or have access to fields with looser restrictions, you won’t be disappointed in the Lonex L4-02’s firepower. Our contact over at Lonex told us that the airsoft gun is capable of handling just about any LiPo battery you can throw at it with a 15C rating. We were using a 9.6 volt butterfly style battery in the gun’s handguard and were pleased to see a rate of fire of about 20 rps and had a VERY good trigger response which is always important.

The gun does come packaged with an un-jamming/barrel cleaning rod as well as a 360 round Lonex “Flashmag” magazine. In case you have not heard of these, the Flashmag uses a draw string to wind its spring as opposed to a winding wheel that standard hi-cap magazines use. This Flashmag performed very respectably and I could almost get the entire magazine downrange after 5 pulls on the string. There are several companies trying to copy the Flashmag but Lonex created it and are, without a doubt, the best at their construction. Additional Flashmags from Lonex cost about $20 dollars.

As an added bit of “tacticool”, the Lonex M4 L4-02 AEG features a working bolt release. While it does not functionally change the gun’s performance, it will help protect your hop-up unit from getting dirty while rolling around on the field. It should also be noted that this Lonex AEG comes with their A5 motor in the pistol grip. While not as capable as their high-end motors, the A5 is above average for what usually comes in an out-of-the box AEG, capable of withstanding very high temperatures.

Overall, the Lonex M4A1 L4-02 airsoft electric gun is a fine choice for players desiring high performance from the moment they take it out of its box. Lonex has long been known for their craftsmanship and this model is no different. The Lonex M4A1 L4-02 retails for about $240 dollars at most online airsoft stores.

Lonex L4-02 Airsoft Gun


Build Quality









  • Great build quality
  • Very good performance
  • Included flashmag

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