Sitting on our duffs playing video games and taking in the occasional high-sugar, high-caffeine snack or energy drink can have a drastic and dire effect on our video gamer bodies. How many video gamers do you know that could use to lose a few pounds? Or, perhaps you are like me and just want to get more fit without having to spend the high monthly fees on a gym? Either way, we can all stand to increase our core strength and that is exactly what the new Ab-Carver Pro from Perfect Fitness is meant to do.


Hi. I’m an Ab Wheel.

This is a regular, cheap ol’ ab wheel. Available for anywhere between $10 and $25 dollars, this little hunk of metal and plastic has been a mainstay of core workouts throughout  the decades. However, you get what you pay for and, with the basic ab wheel, you get a lot of sore hands and possible back strain – especially if you are not used to that kind of workout. The problem comes after you have extended outwards with the wheel. At that point, you have to utilize your core muscles to pull yourself back together. Without any assistance, this can lead to problems. Additionally, the basic ab wheel can be somewhat uncomfortable to use when making left or right arcing motions. The wheel has no curvature to make carving practical.  Also, the basic ab wheel comes with nothing to cushion your knees from rug or gym mat burn.


Hi. I’m an Ab-Carver Pro.

The Perfect Fitness Ab-Carver Pro looks to remedy all of the ab wheel’s shortcomings. First, it comes included with two foam knee pads in order to prevent rug or gym mat burn. Second, its articulated handle bars allow for comfortable usage of the device. Its wider wheel width and smooth curvature means carving to the left or the right will feel natural. Thirdly, it resembles the wheel off the new “light cycles” seen in the movie TRON: Legacy. But, the most interesting thing about the Ab-Carver Pro actually lies within its wheel. Inside, the device features a winding, “kinetic engine” with carbon steel spring. As you roll out with the Ab-Carver Pro, the spring tightens up, gaining potential energy. When you begin rolling back, that energy is turned into kinetic energy and helps you return to the starting position in a smooth manner, thus alleviating any core muscle strain for the neophyte athletes out there. Finally, the large, ergonomic handles allow you to grip the Ab-Carver Pro comfortably, and without causing pain to your knuckles or palm throughout the workout.

As an added bonus, the Ab-Carver Pro includes a small set of foam knee pads to take the stress and pressure off of them while using the core trainer. On the Ab-Carver Pro’s official website, you will find a digital, free 21-day workout program which means to increase your core strength safely and gradually while using the device. In reviewing my Ab-Carver Pro, I went through the entire 21-day program. While I am still working on being able to complete the last training day’s number of sets and reps (it is a rigorous core workout), I have noticed a definite increase in core strength.

I highly recommend the Ab-Carver Pro over standard ab wheels thanks to its clever internals, solid build quality, and reasonable price of about $40 dollars (set in 2 payments). There is simply no reason to pass it up in your core training. This is one training device that lives up to the hype.

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**We at remind you to consult with your physician prior to starting a workout program or using any fitness device

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