Sony Online Entertainment has released a brand-new update for its super-hero MMO, DC Universe Online, featuring the return of Ra’s Al Ghul who is hell-bent on destroying as many civilians and heroes as he can. They have also announced a special event which will feature a brawl between Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing. The game is available now for the Windows PC and PlayStation 3 platforms.


Official Release


WHAT: One of Batman’s greatest enemies is set to wreak havoc on humanity in the latest game update Ra’s al Ghul’s Revenge for DC Universe™ Online (DCUO) announced today by Sony Online Entertainment. Ra’s al Ghul’s Revenge features international terrorist and assassin Ra’s al Ghul who aims to return the Earth to its natural state by assaulting the human populace with biological weapons.

In a special event, players will be forced to team up or face the legendary eco-terrorist Poison Ivy as she takes on Swamp Thing in an epic battle for the Green, a mystical realm that connects all plant life.

Players can also earn new League of Assassins gear or choose sides in the chaotic civil war erupting on Oolong Island, a sanctuary for mad science.

Licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the critically acclaimed action MMO DC Universe Online allows players to step into the DC Universe™ and create their own super hero or villain and join forces to fight alongside or against their favorite DC icons. Now available, the Ra’s al Ghul’s Revenge content update is included at no additional charge for all active DC Universe Online PC and PlayStation®3 Computer Entertainment System subscriptions. The new content update for DCUO includes:



  • Four-Man Combat Alert: Players will  earn Marks of Distinction, good towards purchasing tier two gear pieces, for completing this  challenging combat encounter within the League of Assassin’s Stronghold and those who survive the combat will be also be able to earn other valuable loot items including Ra’s al Ghul’s cape.
  • New Loot Drop: Collect a full set of League of Assassins gear.
  • Investigate the League: New investigation and brief detailing the League of Assassins will be rewarded with a Kabuki Ninja Mask.


  • Poison Ivy vs. Swamp Thing: Poison Ivy wishes to gain additional power by deepening her connection to the Green – the mystical realm connecting all plant life. The only thing in her way … Swamp Thing! Sensing Poison Ivy’s malign intent through his own connection to the Green, Swamp Thing coordinates the help of his fellow heroes to stop her and her recruited faction of villains. Heroes will be aligned with Swamp Thing, villains with Poison Ivy.


  • Oolong Island Civil War: Chang Tzu and T.O. Morrow have started a coup on the “mad science” independent island state. Chang Tzu is publicly working against the government of Oolong with Morrow only pretending to try to stop the chaos. Players must help Oolong scientists flee the island with their important research but the exodus will require the help of both heroes and villains to destroy the technology before it destroys the island.
    Hard Mode: Harder version requires four people and offers new loot.

WHEN: The game update is available now for download.

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  • Oooo Swamp Thing! One of the most under-rated heroes who led the way for my favorite, Mr. John Constantine, Hellblazer. Well guess who will be renewing his subscription?