Flight Simulator X fans, take note, Wilco Publishing has released their latest add-on pack for the still-going-strong flight sim: Harrier Jump Jet. Harrier Jump Jet simulates the amazing VSTOL aircraft, while also bringing new game mechanics to simulate the aircrafts unique vent system.

Highlights :
· Fully detailed exteriors depicting the famous GR3 (RAF) and FRS1 (RN) from the Falklands War period.
· Fully functional Head Up Display with target designation box.
· Advanced radar showing AI traffic and other player aircrafts.
· Unique flight model to allow highly realistic simulation of the vertical takeoff and landing VTOL characteristics of the Harrier.
· New programming technology replicating the exact auto nozzle/flap settings. No other simulation technique can replicate this as accurately!
· Cannon gun effect, firable from the cockpit.

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