Petroglyph has posted up the first Producer’s Letters segment for their upcoming action real-time strategy title, Rise of Immortals. The game is currently in closed beta and is scheduled to be released sometime later this year.

From the Producer’s Letters:

Since April 5th we’ve brought several waves of thousands of players into the closed beta of Rise of Immortals. The beta testers are helping us balance the current Immortals, play matches on all the available maps up to 5v5 players, socialize in the hub, try out the just-released persistence features, and more!

And that’s just to warm things up. We have three more Immortals being added to the closed beta next week that we’ll share with the public soon after, not to mention Ichorr soon after that you saw recently. We have Immortals that spawn poisonous pets, shoot lightning from their spider-like fingers, know martial arts, and like Pyschozen, can bend your mind into a pretzel of confusion…

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We feel that Rise of Immortals is coming onto the stage with more than your average MOBA has to offer. There’s all the unique competitive features mentioned above, and more we’re working on. And I’m not even getting into all the community requests your community manager, Mathew “Berek” Anderson, has listed for the designers.

You can read the full Producer’s Letter piece over at the Rise of Immortals Official Website.

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