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Paragon Essentials Edition Released

June 7, 2016 – Today, Epic Games announced the release of Paragon Essentials Edition, a special physical version of its upcoming MOBA, Paragon.

The Essentials Edition is available at retail now and includes everything players need to get started on the battlefields of Agora, including Paid Early access beta and a launch-exclusive Twinblast skin. You can find more information on what is included in the physical version below:

  • Instant Beta Access – Players can get in the game immediately.

  • 6,000 Paragon Coins (Worth $60) – In-game currency to spend on additional Master Challenges, skins, boosts and additional content that has not yet been announced!

  • Five Hero Master Challenges – Each Master Challenge immediately grants a Challenger skin and permanent XP boost, plus unlocks unique rewards as players play the game, including a taunt and the Master skin.

    • Includes Master Challenges for Twinblast, Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch, GRIM.exe and Riktor.

  • Five Skins, Including the Launch-Exclusive Wasteland Twinblast Skin – The Wasteland Twinblast skin is only available exclusively in the Essentials Edition. Players will also receive:

    • War Chief Grux

    • Energized Dekker

    • Autumn Fire Sparrow

    • Bronze Warden Riktor

  • Five Rep Boosts (Each Lasts For Three Wins) – Rep boosts speed up how quickly players earn Rep, which they can spend on card packs, Master Challenges and more.

The Essentials Edition (valued at over $160) is now available for $59.99 at participating retailers, including GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, Target and Walmart in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Paragon is the MOBA from Epic Games launching into open beta for PC and PS4 later this summer. Paragon puts you in the fight with explosive action, direct third-person control, and deep strategic choice. Players can go to www.paragon.com to learn more about the game.

Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro S Gaming Mouse Review


The Mad Catz R.A.T. Gaming Mouse series has long been the leader in customization and one of the standard setters in comfort and performance. This is so much the case that many gamers have a hard time getting used to gaming with any other mouse when it comes to tournament time. Mad Catz has come up with the solution to this problem with the R.A.T. Pro S, a no frills gaming mouse with the design and benefits you have come to expect from the R.A.T. series.


  • Customize Your Comfort via Length- and Tilt-Adjustable Palm Rest
  • PixArt PMW3310 Optical Sensor Delivers Game-Proven Performance
  • Change DPI Settings On-The-Fly
  • Weighs a Mere 77 Grams (2.71 oz) for Hours of Fatigue-Free Gaming
  • Onboard Memory Stores up to 3 Profiles for Plug-and-Play Gaming on Different PCs


Hands On:
Unlike many of the R.A.T. series the Pro S is designed for streamlined plug and play performance. When you get to a tournament or just someone’s rig for competitive play you don’t want to be pulling out a tool kit and parts and fine-tuning your mouse. You want to be able to sit down, press a couple of buttons and be ready to play but still have the mouse feel you are used to. The R.A.T. Pro S has a palm rest adjust on the back of the mouse, a button which can store three programmable profiles, 8 programmable buttons and a DPI settings button and that is it. You sit, adjust the palm, select your profile and you are ready to go in seconds. The key to this mouse is quick ease of use on the go allowing you to keep competitive by being prepared.

This is also the perfect choice if you find the customization of some of the other mice in the R.A.T. series to be a little overkill or overwhelming. The Pro S only has minor adjustments like the palm rest and DPI while still having the comfort of the thumb rest and the ergonomic design of the wheel and right and left button. You can program the buttons as needed and if you don’t need three profiles you don’t have to use them. The Pro S is a very entry level gaming mouse that allows more customization at the user’s comfort.


One of the more unique features compared to the other mice in the R.A.T. family is the PixArt PMW3310 infrared optical sensor. It has a true 5000 DPI sensor guaranteeing the dots per second while there is a button that allows you to adjust the sensitivity. If you ware simply typing something up or surfing the web you might want it on a lower sensitivity but if you are a MOBA player or a FPS player who loves sniping the heightened sensitivity might be the difference between getting that head shot or controlling the playing field. If you want even more control there is software available for programming the precision aim button allowing you for example use a different lower DPI setting then it the precision button when you want the DPI you have determined is just right for you sniper rifle.

Lastly, the Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro S is one of the lightest gaming mice on the market and have PTFE which enables it to glide smoothly across most surfaces so you won’t have your mouse bog down your movement.

Last Thoughts:
The Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro S Gaming Mouse is the perfect mouse for the gamer on the go. With plug and play design, built-in profiles and programs while keeping the physical customization to a minimum this is the perfect mouse for the entry level gamer or the gamer heading out to a L.A.N. party or tournament.

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Tesoro Announces The Thyrsus Optical Gaming Mouse


June 25, 2015, Milpitas CA, USA – Tesoro Technology USA Inc., a manufacturer of high-tech gaming peripherals, announces the Thyrsus optical gaming mouse. Named after the staff of Dionysus, the Thyrsus features comfortable, ergonomic design, a high-precision optical sensor, and 6 fully programmable thumb buttons for MMO and MOBA games.

6 Programmable Thumb Buttons for Macro Control

Instead of the ordinary 1 or 2 thumb buttons, the Tesoro Thyrsus has 6 buttons positioned for thumb control, making a total of 10 fully independent and programmable buttons. The 64Kb of onboard memory allows users to configure up to 5 gaming profiles, 35 macro keys and 1600 recordable actions. The Tesoro Thyrsus is easy to control in the new, specifically designed software. Gamers can adjust the DPI, polling rate up to 1000Hz, and the multicolor LED illumination as well as program the 6 thumb buttons.

Comfortable and Confident Control

Omron switch technology gives the Thyrsus added durability, tactile feedback and satisfying clicks. The ergonomic design and rubberized coating on both sides give maximum comfort and grip. Gamers can pick from 6 levels of sensitivity adjustable up to 8200dpi. Accuracy is assured with 150 ips (inches per second) motion detection and 30g acceleration. A braided, 2 meter gold-plated USB cable lends added durability and prevents fraying.

New Tesoro User Interface (UI)

The Thyrsus utilizes Tesoro’s new UI which has been redesigned to be more user-friendly. Gamers can easily adjust the DPI, record macros, set profiles, and change the illumination color.


Technical specifications:

  • 10 million click duty cycle Omron switches
  • 6 levels of sensitivity adjustable up to 8200 dpi
  • 64 KB Built-in Memory
  • 6 fully programmable thumb buttons for MMO/MOBA
  • Total of 10 fully programmable keys
  • Full speed processor with 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Customizable multicolor lighting
  • Soft-touch finished surface
  • 2 meter braided cable with gold plated USB plug
  • 150 ips (Inches per Second) motion detection and 30 g acceleration
  • New TESORO Thyrsus Software
  • Model number: TS-H8L

MSRP and Availability

The Tesoro Thyrsus will be available this August in North America for the suggested retail price of $ 69.

Product photos and detailed specs are available at:


About Tesoro Technology USA Inc.

Established in 2011, Tesoro Technology USA Inc is a team of multinational gaming enthusiasts with over 30 years industry experience with one objective – make ultra-durable products that give the best gaming experience. To achieve this, Tesoro conceptualizes products from the input and feedback from the gaming community, and then builds them using the highest grade components. As a gamers company, Tesoro continues to expand into new horizons and push the limit further with each product unveiling. To learn more visit Tesoro’s website: http://www.tesorotec.com.

Heroes of the Storm Open Beta Trailer


May 20, 2015 – It’s time to rally your fellow heroes and let the battles begin! Blizzard Entertainment today announced that the Nexus portal is wide open for players everywhere, as open beta testing for Heroes of the Storm™  has officially begun for its brand-new free-to-play online team brawler for Windows® and Mac® PC. Heroes of the Storm brings together a diverse cast of iconic characters from Blizzard’s far-flung realms of science fiction and fantasy, including the Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® universes, to compete in epic, adrenaline-charged battles.

Players can download the game and start playing immediately by heading over to  the official Heroes of the Storm website to get started. So get ready to unleash the Burning Hells with Diablo, kick up a revolution with Raynor, and seek vengeance with Sylvanas! If you didn’t get the chance to leap into the fray during our Technical Alpha or Closed Beta phases, right now is a great opportunity for you and your pals to dive headlong into our raucous online team brawler before the game launches onJune 2.

While we’re thrilled to open the floodgates for this final phase of beta testing, we’re also rapidly approaching Heroes of the Storm’s official release, and we’ve got some exciting plans in store! First, we’ll be celebrating the Heroes launch with a spectacular event in London, UK, featuring developer interviews, live musical entertainment, and much more. You can tune in from home by watching the live broadcast on YouTube, and be sure to join in the mayhem using #NexusCalling on Twitter and Facebook. You can find more details at http://www.nexuscalling.com/, and stay tuned for more updates about local events.

Download, play, and enjoy Heroes of the Storm today—we’ll see you in the Nexus!


Miltary MOBA Victory Command Coming Soon to Steam Early Access


San Francisco, CA – May 7, 2015 – Producer and publisher PlayGrid Games has teamed with globally renowned development studio Petroglyph to create Victory Command, a fast-action, military MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Victory Command expands the competitive battlefield beyond the standard three-lane MOBA formula with RTS (real-time strategy) controls and tactics in an open-field battle arena that gives players the chance to engage enemies with larger scale strategies such as flanking, ambushing, and trapping.

In Victory Command players simultaneously command multiple units of armoured, recon, and infantry combat units to engage in 5v5 team combat. They begin their military career with basic companies to command, and then improve their troops and arsenal by earning experience points in combat. Combining the cooperation and competition of battle arena games with the strategies and tactics of real-time strategy games, this unique Military MOBA, is full of additional ways to surprise and destroy opponents. Victory Command will be available on Steam Early Access in just a few short weeks.

Get into the action early! Gamers can now sign up for chance to enter the Closed Beta at www.victory-command.com before it opens to the public. To command a wide range of modern, upgradeable warfare vehicles and heavily equipped troops across a variety of maps to dominate friends and foes alike.

“We are big fans of MOBAs and battle arena games and we wanted to create one that features open maps and multi-unit controls. These new elements transform the experience by making the gameplay faster and adding strategic elements that bring a new level of depth and excitement to the genre,” said Chris McKibbin, co-founder, PlayGrid Games.

Victory Command Key Features:

  • Fast-paced 5v5 multi-player Military MOBA where each player has their own customized company and can devise and execute intricate, team-based strategies.
  • Multiple maps bring to life a variety of terrain which can work to your advantage or disadvantage. These features include line-of-sight, brush, heavy cover, vantage points, infantry-only paths, water features, and more.
  • Unique match structure and mechanics – The game’s open field battle arena allows for movement across any part of the map, – not just three lanes – providing unique match structures and play mechanics.
  • Each player controls a highly customizable Company of 2 to 12 units, with 15+ different types of companies, each having their own unique attributes in battle.
  • Every Company has a set of Commander Abilities to choose from, providing game-changing offensive and defensive actions including airstrikes, anti-weapon gas, ensnare, napalm strike, and many more.
  • Customizable in hundreds of ways – Players can strategically mix and match units within their company to create the tactical force that they want to bring into battle.
  • Play in short, frenetic matches to earn experience, improve stats, unlock new skills, and gain powerful abilities with different unit types.
  • Victory Command will have a stream of continuous updates with new content rolling out regularly.

To learn more about Victory Command, please visit www.victory-command.com, ‘Like’ it on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @VictoryCommand for the latest developer updates and news.

Heroes of the Storm Open Beta and Release Dates


IRVINE, Calif. – April 20, 2015 – Rally your fellow heroes and get ready for battle, because the portal to the Nexus is about to bust wide open! Blizzard Entertainment announced today that Heroes of the Storm™ will officially launch on June 2, following an open beta testing period beginning May 19. The free-to-play online team brawler brings together a diverse cast of iconic characters from Blizzard’s far-flung realms of science fiction and fantasy, including the Warcraft®, StarCraft®, and Diablo® universes, and challenges them to compete in epic, adrenaline-charged battles.

Heroes of the Storm invites players to customize heroes to suit their style and then team up with friends for some all-out mayhem. The game features a variety of gameplay modes for players of every skill level, including Cooperative, in which players team up against computer-controlled opponents, and Quick Match, an accessible way to jump in and play versus others. Experienced players can also join forces against other teams of players in highly competitive, draft-style ranked play.

“With its focus on team play and fast-paced fun, Heroes of the Storm is a fresh take on a very popular genre,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’ve built Heroes of the Storm in a way that makes it accessible to new players, but also challenging enough for veterans who really want to put their skills to the test. We can’t wait to see what Heroes brings to the co-op and competitive scenes once the Nexus opens up to everyone.”

Heroes of the Storm will launch with more than 30 playable Heroes and 7 dynamic Battlegrounds, each with unique challenges to overcome – and even more Heroes and Battlegrounds are on the way. Players can customize the look of their Heroes with a variety of skins, as well as switch between a stable of special mounts that help them cover ground on the battlefield more quickly.

To celebrate the launch of Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard will be holding a live-streamed event on June 1 in London, U.K.. Further information will be made available as the event draws closer.

The Heroes of the Storm open beta test will follow on the heels of the epic finale of the Heroes of the Dorm™ collegiate eSports tournament. Students from more than 400 schools across the U.S. and Canada have bashed and brawled their way through the brackets, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition and other prizes on the line. On April 26, the Heroes of the Dorm championship match will be hosted at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall in Los Angeles and televised live in prime time on an ESPN network and also accessible via WatchESPN – further details on the telecast will be announced at a later date.

Heroes of the Storm has received a Teen rating from the ESRB. In addition to the English version, the game is available fully localized into Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Polish, European Spanish, Italian, Russian, Korean, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese. To learn more about Heroes of the Storm, head over the official website at www.heroesofthestorm.com.

With multiple games in development, Blizzard Entertainment has numerous positions currently available – visit http://jobs.blizzard.com for more information and to learn how to apply.

The Lost Vikings Invade Heroes of the Storm


Blizzard Entertainment has announced that characters from their classic The Lost Vikings have made their way into MOBA title, Heroes of the Storm. Check out the introduction trailer and hero tips below!



  • Basic Abilities

o   The Lost Vikings’ Basic Abilities must be unlocked through Talent Selection.

o   Spin to Win! (Q)

  • Deals damage around each Viking.
  • Can be unlocked at Level 4 by learning the Spin to Win! Talent

o   Jump! (W)

  • All Vikings become temporarily Invulnerable.
  • Can be unlocked at Level 7 by learning the Jump! Talent

o   Norse Force! (E)

  • All Vikings temporarily gain a Shield.
  • Can be unlocked at Level 16 by learning the Norse Force! Talent
  • Mount

o   Go Go Go! (Z)

  • The Vikings gain increased Movement Speed for a few seconds.
  • Trait

o   Fast Restart

  • Death time is reduced for The Lost Vikings.
  • Heroic Abilities

o   Play Again! (R)

  • All Vikings are revived and teleported to the summoning Viking.

o   Longboat Raid! (R)

  • Summon a Longboat and go on a Viking Raid!


  • The Lost Vikings start without any basic abilities and function differently. You can choose to unlock extra abilities by selecting various Talents throughout the duration of the match.
  • Olaf – Has lots of Health, regenerates Health quickly, and charges to Slow enemies.
  • Baleog – Deals splash damage to enemies behind his attack target.
  • Erik – Moves faster than the other Vikings and has a longer attack range.
  • Each Viking can move, attack, and be killed separately. They will also receive individual respawn timers upon their deaths.
  • Use the activated Talent hotkeys “1”, “2”, and “3” to select and control the Vikings individually, or press the “4” key to guide them as a group.
  • When using the heroic “Longboat Raid!” [R], all of the Vikings need to be near each other to perform the action.
  • When grouped, the Vikings can break the chests on Blackheart’s Bay very quickly.

Infinite Crisis MOBA Game Announced


BURBANK, Calif. – March 25, 2013 – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced Infinite Crisis, an all-new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Turbine, the award winning studio behind free-to-play online games including The Lord of the Rings Online™. Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play game that features a deep roster of DC Comics characters and is scheduled for release in 2013 for the PC.

Infinite Crisis is a new entrant into the wildly popular MOBA genre that delivers a heart-pounding competitive player vs. player battle experience set in the legendary DC Multiverse – a world in which familiar DC Comics characters have been reimagined in startling ways.  Featuring a wide variety of DC Comics heroes and villains, Infinite Crisis puts players in control of twisted incarnations of their favorite characters throughout the Multiverse such as Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman, playing in league with well-known characters including Green Lantern and The Flash.

“We are thrilled to bring Infinite Crisis, a truly competitive experience featuring the DC Comics lore and characters, to the MOBA genre,” said Martin Tremblay, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.  “Turbine is a pioneer in online gaming and combined with the amazing world of DC Comics, they are executing on a game concept that expands the MOBA genre.”

“The Turbine team is very excited to reveal Infinite Crisis to the world and extend the MOBA genre with new features,” said Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer, Turbine.  “We are utilizing years of experience in the online game space to deliver innovations to the MOBA genre with a game that features fast-paced action, a major story arc, destructible environments, catastrophic events and a deep roster of iconic DC Comics characters.”

For more information or to sign up for a chance to participate in the beta visit www.infinitecrisis.com.