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Colin McRae Dies in Helicopter Crash

BBC News is reporting that famous rally driver Colin McRae was killed today in a helicopter crash. McRae was the spokesman and featured driver in many video game titles such as Colin McRae’s DiRT and Colin McRae Rally 2005. Police are...

Ratchet & Clank Demo at Gamestop

Joystiq is reporting that the Ratchet & Clank demo disc is available at Gamestops around the country today. You can gain this cool treat by plunking five dollars down and pre-ordering the title, which is set to release on October 4th.

Halo 3 Believe Commercial #2 has the next in the series of Halo 3 commercials. This one is entitled, ‘Diorama’. As cool as the diorama is it doesn’t leave me with a good feeling about the fate of the Chief.

Spartan Armor on Ebay

eBay has in it’s many auctions, a full Spartan suit of armor from the Halo universe. This is one nicely crafted suit, not just a vacuum formed knock-off. If someone would like to donate this to the GamingShogun, he would be your best...

FASA Studios Closed

Mitch Gitelman at the official Shadowrun forums has announced the official closing of FASA Studios, the fine folks that brought us the Mechwarrior, Crimson Skies, and Shadowrun titles.

Brandweek Lays Out Halo 3 Marketing Plan

Brandweek has a great article detailing the five phase marketing plan set up by Microsoft/Bungie for Halo 3. Here is the brief rundown: Phase 1: Starry Night campaign. Phase 2: The Halo 3 beta. Phase 3: Iris, the alternate reality game in the...