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New Man of Steel Trailer

DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures have released a new trailer for their upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel. I was apprehensive at first, however this looks pretty interesting. Trailer

Cool New Pacific Rim Clip Released

Here is a new teaser for the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro giant monster movie, Pacific Rim, showing the initial attack on San Francisco by what appears to be a gigantic sea monster. Pacific Rim shows off mankind’s struggle with these...

Evil Dead Movie Poster Released

This posted up over at Yahoo! Movies and then GeekTyrant. I am in geek love with the franchise and an avid horror movie fan, so I wanted to make sure you guys didn’t miss this. Here is the new poster for the upcoming Evil Dead film, which...

EVIL DEAD Red Band Trailer

From producers Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi come the red band trailer of their upcoming EVIL DEAD remake. Instead of some campy hijinks, this time around it looks to be a balls out horror film. Enjoy! Trailer